Lets Get Glossy

Last weekend over a belt-bulging burger, me and one of my best mates Lauren discussed life, love and long-wearing lipstick. Lauren is my bold lip buddie – she’s always rocking the red lacquer – so with her in tow we both felt it completely necessary to crack out the colour for a casual trip to GBK. While we chomped away, her lipstick stayed intact (one of the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte ones – I think someone may have been ready my blog, eh Lauren?!), while I despaired at having to reapply mine a total of five times while we were out to avoid the porn star liner look as my lippie wore away (Illamasqua Magnetism I’m looking at you). Our natter moved onto to her favourite long-lasting formulas and being the brave lip one out of my mates, I listened up. So the next day her top pick, YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Lévres Glossy Stain in #9 was purchased (and with my Boots points too – score!)…

The YSL Glossy Stains are a pretty unique formula and a class example of a brand identifying and gap in the market and going for it. A shiny finish, liquid lipstick that’s long lasting all wrapped up in the fancy dancy packaging we’ve come to expect from YSL. The idea is you layer on two coats form the heart-shaped applicator – the first dries matte and stains the lips, and the second gives the glossy finish. I gave this a go, and to my surprise it worked. It feels almost like skin on the lips, not a horrible gloopy finish at all which I half expected, and most of all it lasted. For a peek at what it looked like, check out Gemma’s photo here. I did gobble my way through a ginormous amount of food at Wahaca (god help my waistline at the moment), so it did require a quick touch up to revive the colour in the centre of my lips, but I think without the feast it would have lasted the whole evening no worries. I would suggest using a lip liner with it, I went for MAC Cherry Lip Pencil, just to neaten up the edges, but if you’re a more expected bold lip wearer than myself with a steady hand, just throw it on straight from the bud-like applicator.

A Glossy Stain will take you back £22.50 and there are a whopping 26 shades to choose from – how is one to pick? From reviews I’ve read, the neutral colours don’t seem to work as well in this formula, so stick to the boldies and be brave. So cheers Lauren – lets get glossy (and more importantly, long lasting!).


  • Since these launched, I have gone to the YSL counters wherever I am and had a play with them. I want one so badly! But for me it’s justifying the price. They have such a beautiful colour range for them as well 🙂 I think eventually I will treat myself to one, but maybe when I have got enough points either on my Boots card or Debenhams card! I agree though about the shades, and I find that with a lot of high-end lip stains. The darker the colour the better the pigmentation and lasting power, and the paler the shade the less you get from it in all respects! Great post as always 🙂 xo

  • Bengisu

    I got no 7, Coral Aquatique 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it! Love the scent, and the finish, and the weirdly cold formula that glides on beautifully!
    I think this is also a great product for someone who doesn’t like lipsticks and prefer glosses but wants an opaque finish. Cause I’m among them, obviously. 🙂

  • uftade

    i cant wait to try this

    gorgeous color


  • I love the packaging of YSL, I do refer matt lip glosses though, I don’t mind non matte lipsticks, but there’s something about having shiny lips and lipgloss that remind me of being 13 :s
    Daniella x

  • Eleanor

    I have GOT to get my hands on one of these! Chelsea from Chealseawears has the plum coloured one and it looks beautiful on her, so many to choose from! Well worth the price tag if they last so long though, that’s my only usual gripe with lipstick – it’s so high maintenance!
    Eleanor x

  • Beth Bradley

    These look amazing! I’ve never bought a YSL lippy and don’t know if I’m brave enough for red but give me a pink and I’m there!

    Beth @

  • Alice

    Have number 15 and I love it!

  • Katie Fawcett

    I really want some of this lip stains, I’m sure Fleur from FleurdeForce was raving about these before too. The YSL packaging is so chic, I love it.

    Katie xo

  • Holly Stewart

    I LOVE these!!! Have 10,12 and 15, best lip products ever 🙂 definitely last ages x

  • barb brussels

    this looks like some serious stuff!

  • Nancy

    I have that shade, it is amazing!

  • Luxe.

    I love YSL lip products, their lipsticks are my favourite x

  • Angela

    Love YSL lipsticks but never tried this one before, great review!

  • Claire

    Arrrrggg Anna you’ve done it again, something else to add to my already ovverflowing wish list 🙂

  • thebeautyheroes

    it sounds like the perfect lip product !! xx

  • I tried it and yes the results are great but I do prefer my classic lipsticks and lipglosses 🙁 I actually have a (french) blog post about it too 😉 Great review anyway… XoXo

  • Hannah Embleton-Smith

    I’m dying to try this; beautiful colours and packaging!