The Bold Feline Flick

These ‘Trend’ posts I do, they can be pretty testing, you know! All in the name of blogging eh? Sometimes it all works out and I fall in love with a new weird and wonderful look and other times it can all end up a little ‘meh’ – but isn’t that they beauty of it all? (Excuse the awful pun). This makeup definitely leans more towards the later category, but that’s not to say all hope is lost, there’s just perhaps a little room for improvement. But here’s my take on the feline flick that popped up all over the AW12 catwalks, most notably the lavish Lanvin models.

The idea was to create a full-on feline flick that rounded over the whole eye socket and winged at the side. As this look was completely out of my everyday comfort zone I had to dust off some products at the bottom of my beauty booty and pulled out the L’Oreal Superliner*, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Perversion* and the one and only matte black eyeshadow I have – Blackout from the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette*. Lets just say – things got messy. I started by going mad with the L’Oreal liner, tracing the outline and filling in with the liquid. I then begun to pack on the Blackout eyeshadow to really get it dark and to stop the eyeliner slipping all over the place, and to finish I placed the Urban Decay liner just along the lashline to black-out any bits of flesh still popping through. Sounds simple, but t’was not – I must have used about 20 cotton buds doused in Bioderma to clear up this mess. I think I’d recommend something a little creamier than L’Oreal liner for re-creators – perhaps a MAC paintpot or a Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and have cotton buds on hand – and lots of them.

So my lines could have been a little more defined, the socket more blackened and my flicks elongated, but for a pretty much eyeliner virgin like myself it ain’t too bad – C+ for effort. I think I’ll try and refine this look and I could definitely see it working with some black glitter pressed over the top for a NYE party. A bit of glitter sorts any makeup disaster out. Anyone else dare to flick?

*PR Sample


  • MariaWellstead

    Oooh I love this kind of look. The glitter idea is definitely a good on. Glitter eyes and Glitter nails and then some more glitter?!

    I always have a bit of a wing but I prefer to start with a matte black shadow and a teeny tiny brush. A little bit of blending is always required and then I just use L’Oreal perfect slim pen to define a bit more by my lashes. I might have to do a blog post about liner because I love it so!

    Maria x

  • Gillian

    This looks really good on you!
    Gillian x

  • Hannah Coogans

    I would definitely give that more than a C+ hun! That looks amazing! You are so talented and are great for trying new things out! You are my favourite guru out there! Love from Australia 🙂
    Hannah xxx

  • wow that looks amazing, would love to see what it looked like with your eyes open.

  • I love your trend posts! This looks awesome and you’re right – very NYE! xx

  • Rebecca Penfold

    I am not without winged liner and I do like this look… it isn’t my style. A little too 60’s!
    Yes, a gel or cream liner (with black eyeshadow packed on over the top) would probably be the best way to go about this look and glitter would definitely be a great idea for festive parties! x

  • Lisa

    Oh dear….

  • Tammy

    I actually think it looks good on you.

  • man you’re a babe. I wanna see it with your eyes open now though! <3

  • I would really recommend going for a gel liner (although I did sell my Bobbi Brown one in a blog sale as I hardly ever used it!) for this sort of look! I think you did really well for your first go! x

  • I’d love the see a pic with your eyes open!

  • Emilie Garnes

    God I love this! I think you did great and you inspired me once again, got to whack out my blacks this weekend 🙂

    Em xx

  • I think it looks lovely! Edie Sedgwick would be proud 🙂 I actually wore some winged liner today after seeing your v early post x

  • Beth Bradley

    Gorgeous Anna!


  • Cara

    Can you please do a tutorial on this? 🙂

  • I love love love when you do heavy eye makeup!

  • This looks amazing – so different from your normal look! xx

  • Luxe.

    Cat-eye liner is my eveyday do to make-up look, I always feel a little bit Bardot with it on! Yours looks gorgeous!x

  • Lolaz

    I have to say that this is my weakness when it comes to applying makeup and eyeshadow as well…I rather just go without. The most I do is curl my lashes and apply mascara…but you did do a great job, congrats on that!

  • JoySteib

    You look sooooo beautiful and quite “sexy” I might add!!!!

  • thebeautyheroes

    it really does not look good ! and definitely suits you ! xx

  • Alexandria Gaines

    Holy cow that’s a dramatic look! I don’t think I could pull that off, anything dark around my eyes makes me look somewhat dead..

  • joysteib

    Wow… bold and daring!! Absolutely suits you and so becoming!!!!!

  • Laura May

    I enjoy doing this look, however I find it quite messy as well! Good job!!