Laura Mercier Peach Whisper

Right so you know I jabber on about Laura Mercier all the time? Well prepare yourself for another unapologetically raving post as I’ve found another product that I’m in love with and I need to share!

Part of their new ‘Portfolio Collection’, the Second Skin Cheek Colour in Peach Whisper instantly caught my eye when I saw it on Laura’s blog. The next day I trekked down to my local Space NK and in an instant it was mine. No panic ladies as this is a permanent edition to their Second Skin line but if you’re a fan of peachy cheeks like myself, then this is definitely one to have a swatch of! I think I may be slightly in love with the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour line, a range of subtle, naturally enhancing shades that offer a fool-proof flush of colour to the cheeks in a long-lasting formula. Whereas my first Second Skin purchase Lush Nectarine had a slight golden shimmer to it, Peach Whisper is completely matte but bucks the usual chalky formulas and instead blends beautifully into the skin and offers a natural glow to the cheeks. In terms of colour this is a straight up peach, no pinky undertones here, and it pairs up perfectly with whatever bronzer I’m wearing. I’m not sure it has toppled Lush Nectarine off the top spot but it’s very, very close.

I find both colours I own to be extremely pigmented, 3 light taps into the product with my Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush is all I need to get a nice amount of colour to my cheeks, which for me justifies the £20 price tag. In terms of higher end blushers, I much prefer the Laura Mercier line to the other NARS ones I have tried – although NARS Madly has a special place in my heart. Have any of you tried the Laura Mericer Second Skin Blushes? Any colours I need to own?

P.S) In recent days I have also become rather Aesop obsessed, does anyone have any recommendations? Let me know!


  • Stop it. I can’t afford to keep buying everything you write about! lol x

  • Beth

    Looks awesome – love me some matte blush!! I have LM rose petal coming in the post – a matte pink – cannot wait for it to arrive!! You have me tempted to head in store and check the out!!

  • Liana

    I love lush nectarine as well! Lotus pink is another lovely one! The LM blushes are fab :)

  • this looks gorgeous. ive not tried any laura mercia products yet but i will when i have the money!

  • mj_estel

    It looks gorgeous! I think it’s quite similar to my Laura Mercier Rose Petal, but I can’t compare them cause there isn’t any counter in my town.
    It’s a pity I always have to buy Laura Mercier products just watching swatches 🙁

  • Beautyandablogger

    This one looks gorgeous – think I would prefer this to Lush Nectarine because it’s matte 🙂 Thanks! xx

  • Zoe Hodges

    oh wow, this is so gorgeous. i love this and the lush nectarine one, i may have a cheeky purchase of them both. xxx

  • I never tried the Laura Mercier products but they look amazing! thanks for sharing!

  • I bought the Lush Nectarine after your recommended it and haven’t looked back since, and this does look like my kind of thing! You’re such a bad influence ha ha! X

  • Gem11

    Looks gorgeous! This might have to be an online purchase for me as I don’t think anywhere stocks Laura Mercier near me. Rubbish! 

  • Anonymous

    I wish we had a Space NK near me! I’ve heard great things about this, although I think I may just be a teeny bit too dark skinned for it! xo

  • Anonymous

    i love it when you buy things

  • Kayti Clayton

    I love your reviews, but I wish you would also show swatches or perhaps a photo of you wearing the product. xx

  • Jennifers

    Thanks! I to love peachy blushes. I will have to give it a try. 🙂

  • bakoo

    I love your reviews too, but swatches would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • I looooove PEACH colour. This one is really beautiful!!

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I’ve been eyeing it up for a while now, think I definitely need to make the purchase xx

  • Ria

    Orange Blossom for a subtle peachy highlight (for your skintone anyway, amazing blush for paler girlies too!) or Lotus Pink, which is the PERFECT pink (same sheeny finish as Lush Nectarine) x

  • jessicafrench

    Yes its gorgeous!! I can imagine it looks stunning on you 🙂 xo

  • BooBooNinja

    I am intrigued by Peach Whisper. Would it be possible for you to post a swatch comparison of Peach Whisper vs Lush Nectarine?

    I was also wondering about using a synthetic (RT) brush on the powder blush. I was using my RT contour brush for months before trying a natural hair brush. I was surprised at how little excess/wasted powder “kick-up” I got with the natural hair. However, I still prefer the shape of my RT brush. Have you noticed a lot of “kick up” with your RT brush? Or do you have any tips for me?

  • OrangeMagnanimity

    Hey anna!

    I love your blog, it’s very inspirational and honest.  I was wondering if you could suggest a few blushes that might match my very pale skin, something to help give a bright yet natural glow? 
    I always flake before getting to the beauty counters because im pretty self conscious and feel intimidated by the sales ladies, so I tend to buy everything online.You really are a gem, thankyou xx

  • Honor

    Love your blog, I started my LM infatuation slightly earlier than you and have a serious crush for the three blushes I own:)  Next time you are at a counter, ou may want to look at City Pink, Lotus Pink and Violet Orchid. They are the brightest of LM’s blushes, but they are so natural on the skin, they will look specially good for summer…. 

  • Ela

    Someone else suggested a swatch comparison of Lush Nectarine and Peach Whisper? Laura Mercier is the best! x

  • Sophie Burke

    RE: Aesop, I really recommend their Grapefruit Rind Concentrate Body Balm. It smells incredible and isn’t too thick and heavy. It also comes in a really nice metal tube which feels really old fashioned!

  • Arena17_2003

    Comparison swatches, please?!

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Aww these blushes sound amazing, mental wish-listing ! xx

  • megan graham

    I definitely want to try out their blush! Laura Mercier is such a gorgeous brand. You have a great quality blog and YouTube channel :)!