NOTD – Nails Inc Porchester Square

The other week I welcomed a new nude nail polish into my subtly hued collection – Nails Inc Porchester Square*. My colleague was wearing it for the whole of last week and not a day went past where I didn’t chip in and ask her what it was, so finally I caved and lacquered up my nails with my latest nude offering.

Now this isn’t going to blow anyone’s minds here, it’s a straight up greige with a hint of lavender, but I find it extremely flattering against my skintone and it’s definitely up there with my top 10 nudes (yes that list does exist!). It has more purple in it than Essie’s Chinchilly, and is slightly more grey than my other Nails Inc favourite, the limited edition London shade, I’d say it was most like Essie’s Lady Like but a tad lighter. The formula goes on well, just two coats and it’s opaque enough for my tastes. My only problem with it is the lasting power. I don’t know if I’ve been spoilt with the killer combo of OPI’s Nails Envy, Essie polishes and the Seche Vite Top Coat but it just didn’t have the longevity that I was used to – two days and it started to chip off, which is such a shame as it’s such a gorgeous colour! But I know that won’t stop me using it, I’m very tempted to stick a glittery ‘ring-finger’ accent on over it – how very festive of me!

Nails Inc Porchester Square can be purchased from the Nails Inc website and costs £11, not bad, you know what I’m like with my ridiculously over-priced polish – I love ’em although I think I would rather another Essie to add to my white lidded collection! Have any of you tried this? What’s your favourite nude colour, I need to add some more to my list!

*PR Sample


  • Amelia L

    This looks lovely! The colour is right up my street 😉 I love how they named the polish after places in London!

  • Anonymous

    hmmm I am still on the fence with Nails Inc polishes. Whilst I like them I just don’t think they warrant the £11 price tag TBH I just feel like they don’t have the same high end feel as with other higher end brands and I have been bitten by the Essie bug and don’t think I could cheat now haha but this is a gorgeous colour and I agree the Seche Vite is bloody marvellous x 

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  • Amy Vintis

    Very lovely colour, but I agree with Becky, I can’t justify the £11 price tag. It’s very flattering on you though!

    Amy xx

  • Sarah @ mulberry please

    Although it’s not from Nails Inc, one of my favourite nude shades is Dulce De Leche from OPI, it’s sort of a pinky lilac, but applies really nicely, and doesn’t chip (on me) for at least 3 days, that’s with OPI Nail Envy as a base and top coat. I did a blog post on a nude nail yesterday, using OPI Care To Danse, the most beautiful sheer lilac colour.. you should take a look. I absolutely adore it, I’m even rocking the glitter ring finger ha! Xx

    Check it out here:

  • i adore your blog!! This colour is gorgeous and i love how cute the names are xoxo

  • Sheila

    have this on order – other favourites would be OPI skull and glossbones, Essie Jazz, Essie Fed Up, OPI Barefoot in Barcelona, Essie topless & barefoot (though the streaking makes me grrrrrr!)

  • Freya – Fashionable People

    I love nude nail varnishes! But OPI do a few and they are all gorgeous, I love this one though!

  • LeanneOCD

    I love this colour. Have to say, it looks fabulous with Nails Inc Electric Lane holographic topcoat over it.  Other fave nude/neutral polishes are Spehora by OPI Metro Chic and OPI You Don’t Know Jacques.

  • Labeauteobsession

    Such a gorgeous colour!  I think Nails Inc polishes are expensive but of good quality!  x

  • Ayesha (Realm of caged roses)

    Great colour, its very sophisticated. I think it would look good with a lime green ring to contrast. Fab post x

  • Anonymous
  • I’ve been looking for a nice nude for ages and this one looks fab! I like nude beige by models own too xx

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Such a pretty shade, this kind of colour is perfect for that time of the year ! xx

  • Sasha Glasgow

    So glad to see what this colour looks like on nails. Girls! This exact polish is in this month’s Latest in Beauty box so you can get it for £8.95 plus some other beauty samples! Bargain. You can thank me later!

  •  I love this colour! So chic and easy to wear! I have a Zoya hich is very similar and I wear all the time.. I even like it for toes (I saw a girl wearing it and it looked amazing!)

  • I’ve always loved this colour, but never gotten around to getting it because I think that there are tons of colours similar to this out there!

  • Such a pretty color, looks lovely on you!

  • Anonymous

    I had the same on my nails this week. And unfortunately it doesn’t like washing up and general nail battery so it chipped after 3 days wear. Not too shabby though. 

    It’s a gorgeous colour and one that goes with anything. 

  • Gem11

    Lovely! Can’t decide if I’m more obsessed with nudes or neons at the moment 🙂 

  • Michwooldridge

    Zoya 3 new nudes collection are looking good. – I have just ordered them on line, so need still to try them on my nails!

  • Michwooldridge

    I have put Porchester square on today – like it a lot,but may be too cool/ grey for my olive skin! – will decide in a couple of days when I have tred it?
    I have put it on my toes, too, with neon ” Portobello” from nails inc, as a tip on the big toe. – I have used seiche vite top coat ( which I adore) and Nails inc Kensington caviar base coat.