Magic Nail Polish Remover?

Sounds pretty fabulous doesn’t it? A ‘magic’ nail polish remover that rids your nails of polish in just one second per nail! This Magic Nail Polish Remover is Bourjois first foray into nail care products and boy has it received some hype – all it takes for a few particular ladies to give it a rave (namely anyone on my Blog Roll) and then I knew I had to get my hands on it as well! And you know what, I’m going to be joining it’s appreciation club too as this product is rather marvellous!

It’s not often that I use a product once, then rush to get my camera to do a post on it immediately, but with this I bucked the trend. In essence it sounds more fancy than it actually is, as all the product consists of is a piece of foam with a hole in it in a pot soaked in nail polish remover. Without sounding too graphic (ahem), you pop your finger in the hole, give it a twist or two, and when you remove it the nail polish is completely gone, that’s the magic you see! One second removal is perhaps a little optimistic, but four seconds yes. You could easily remove all your nail polish from your fingers in under a minute, fuss-free, no cotton wool involved which makes it a great option for travel. It also smells rather lovely, a scent described as ‘vanilla and red fruit’, but I would class it as an overall fruity whiff. It’s packed with sweet almond oil too which adds a bit of nourishment to the process and also the scent.

Now this product is not completely unique, I have seen similar things stocked on Boots shelves, albeit in very 80’s packaging. However I guess the main selling point with the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is that it’s paraben and acetone free and leaves your fingers smelling lovely, plus it’s larger so I can imagine you can get more uses out of it. How long it will last I’m not sure, only time will tell, I’ll have to keep you updated on that one.

At the moment it’s exclusive to Boots and costs £4.99. I searched high and low for this product and couldn’t find it, even in some of the larger Boots stores in London, so I ended up ordering from the website (link here) and having it delivered to store. I’m so enamoured with this product I’ve ended up ditching my usual liquid nail polish remover (for my fingers anyway) and this now sits proudly in my manicure kit, much less messy and so much easier to use! Have any of you guys managed to get your hands on this elusive product?