Laura Mercier Lip Glacés

I cannot even count on all my fingers and toes the times I have raved about the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector Lipgloss. Not your usual lipgloss fan, for me these tick all the boxes I want in a gloss – not sticky, a hint of colour and actually pretty moisturising on the lips. A few weeks ago I found a cheaper dupe in the form of the Bourjois Effet 3D Gloss, (post here), although the Clarins still pinched a victory due to it’s extra balmy formula. Well now I think the Clarins may have met it’s match – the Laura Mercier Lip Glacés. Think Clarins, yet a touch thicker and in a much wider range of colours, I think I might be onto a winner here.

Now the purchase of these two glosses was purely down to my friend Siobhan (check her blog out here), over she came wielding the Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Bare Naked, singing it’s praises and willing me to go and purchase it. Although I didn’t get that shade, it has been added to the list for future purchases, and of course I went for some peachy lip offerings instead and got the shades Bare Peach, above on the left and the limited edition Orange Tulip on the right. Now these tick all the same boxes as the Clarins Natural Light Instant Lip Perfectors, but they do differ on a few points. First up the smell – the Clarins is sweetly vanilla scented whereas the Laura Mercier is a strange mix of vanilla and aniseed, it’s a scent that I actually quite like, but it’s worth pointing out. Also due to the fact that that the Laura Mercier has quite a bit of pigmentation in it, they are slightly thicker. Now I’m not talking a MAC Lipglass ‘I’ve got paste on my lips’ formula, but just a tiny bit of stick that means the gloss stays on your lips for a good 2-3 hours. The Clarins is only available in 3 shades, but with the Laura Mercier there’s a whooping 30+ shades to go for, and as with their whole range the colours are subtle, wearable and neutral. For my next purchases I’m eyeing up the shades Bon Bon and Petal and Bare Naked of course. At £18.50 the Laura Mercier Lip Glacés aren’t the cheapest glosses around, but if you fancy a pigmented, non-stickly gloss in a gorgeous shade then these might be worth checking out.

I’m always going to be a fan of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors, in fact the shade 02 is a permanent fixture in my carry around makeup bag but for a change and a flush of colour I’ll be using the Laura Mercier Lip Glacés on my lips; especially in the upcoming Summer months, if they ever arrive! And if you want to see what these look like on the lips keep an eye out for upcoming videos and posts, these haven’t left my lips since I got them! Any other shade recommendations?


  • I am obsessed with my Clarins Lip Balm so i need to give these a go! Bare Peach is looking beautiful! xx

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been such a non-lipgloss fan for a long time that I’m pretty sure I only have one lipgloss left (which I barely even use). Having said that, you’re really tempting me to give them another try. I suppose not all glosses are going to be the same formula so it’s worth shopping around. Ah, these days I worry for my wallet, there’s a space.NK  store around the corner from uni. :p x

  • I love the look of these, they look great and the colours are gorgeous! xx

  • Zara

    I love Laura Mercier Lip Glacés.  I have them in the shoes Babydoll which is a really pretty shimmering baby pink and Pink Tulle which is a Mauve pink, both are so pretty and I love wearing them!  It took me a while to figure out the scent but to me they smell like custard haha! :) 

    • Zara

      Shoes? whoops, I meant shades.  Currently looking at Shoes on ASOS though!! :) 

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ve developed a problem where I seem to have an OCC obsession of applying mine every hour 😛 Also I really don’t know how it happened but somehow Orange Tulip is now smiling at me on my desk. I could’t resist!!xx

  • Charlotte Hoedemakers

     I really want one of these, the only thing that puts me off is the price tag! Lovely colours though!

  • Oh my godd, I need Bare Peach! Am getting this next time I’m near Space NK! Such a summer shade..

  • styt

    this sounds interesting, i’ve never tried laura mercier products but they always get good reviews. my day will come lol xxx

  • Laura Mercier products are a delight to use and great quality. i am loving their oil free tinted moisturiser and i am looking forward to try out their mineral powder foundation too, which will probably be better for my skin during the summer~
    Thanks so much for sharing~x

  • anna

    They don’t sell it where I Iive which is a big disappointment but hopefully they will once come to their senses and realize that Laura Mercier is desperately needed in the south of Europe …
    If I ever come across a counter I will have a wish list ready full of your recommendations !!

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    This product sounds amazing ! xx

  • Beautiful colors. Ill need to check them out

  • Sabinaa_g

    These colours look amazing. I can’t wait to see the Orange Tulip on lips.
    And then in my purse… 😉
    Great blog!

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  • Jade

    I’m so glad you’re getting right into LM products – don’t hear about them very much, and the brand is just amazing. I’m obsessed… My next purchase is going to be one of the second skin blushes, but it looks like a gloss might be on the menu as well!!

  • Allthingskimloves

    those look really pretty, but for some reason no matter how pretty they are I always find myself leaving them in storage unused.   I guess I am just a balm girl. 

  • Gem11

    Ooo, I’d love to see a picture with them on to see how pigmented they are. I’m not a fan of glosses but reading about you rave about them is slowly making me want to invest in a good one x 

  • meritxell ferrer trasobares

    I’m in love with Orange Tulip!

  • Anonymous

    Anna, I saw these today and it took all the will power I possess not to stop and swatch them all!  I remember you had the Secret Concealer on your Laura “Shopping List” a few weeks ago and I wanted to let you know I just posted a ramble about it on my site if you’ve yet to try it. In which case you should do so immediately! For real.

  • Hi, I got the Laura Mercier Lip Plumper in Peach Glow, I match it with my Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Peach Whisper.. They look absolutely fantastic together, just give you a beautiful coral look