January Favourites

Well January has whizzed by rather fast, hasn’t it. So the whole waking up to do Pilates each morning vow has been well and truly broken, but I’m still slipping a slice or two of lemon, lime and ginger into each pint of water that I drink, and that’s something, right? Rubbished resolutions aside I’ve discovered some pretty kick-ass new products in January, all of which were noted down in my trusty pad to secure their place in this video. There’s an eye makeup remover that defeats waterproof mascara, non self-navigating cream eyeshadows that actually stay in place, my bedtime beauty product of choice and even a read thrown in there.

Select to ‘Watch on YouTube’ for all the extra links, bumf, info and the name of the rather fabulous if I say so myself, red lippie I’m sporting (which by the end of the video is smeared all over my teeth, but lets just ignore that) and let the monthly round-up commence…


  • Beautiful dreams- Carys

    The estee lauder products look gorgeous, I love the colour 🙂 Cant believe how fast january has gone either !

    Beautiful Dreams

    • It’s whizzed by! :) 

  • uftade_34

    i seriously need to get and try Clarins products
    such a great and useful vid. like always ^^

    • Ah thank you love – glad you liked it :) 

  • A great video! I would love to try the creme eyeshadows!

    • Thanks! :) 

  • Julia Jones

    YES! i will definitely be trying the make up remover because i have noticed that my mascara never seems to fully come off. I was surprised when the Chanel one (also separates and in a similar shade) didn’t do that so I’ll give Clarins a go! 

    • Ah really, the Clarins one is the dawg when it comes to getting off waterproof makeup! :) 

  • mollyox

    i always want all of the products that you mention!  especially the cream eyeshadows. and i cant believe how fast january has gone! xxx

    • Haha apologies to be adding to your shopping list 🙂

  • Pippa Jones

    Oww dr jart! Such an amazing company. I love this bb cream. 

    Pipp xx

    • It’s wicked isn’t it :0 

  • The Mac palette just looks so pretty. I never use BB creams only on holiday, I may have to try grab this in Boots and see how I feel! Thanks lovely xxx

    Em x

    I’m ridiculously addicted to list making too haha!

    • No worries love! ;) 

  • Dixieisdead

    I love these videos but wish you’d occasionally list the items in a blog post 🙂

  • Anna, what foundation are you wearing here? Are you wearing a BB cream? The one you talk about in this video? I love the finish.. and the colour is just.. WOW. Me want it too!!! Thanks 🙂

  • I’ve been meaning to try that BB cream for ages and this has given me that final push into getting it!

    P.S. love your videos 🙂 would be nice to see a non-beauty favourites pop up one time just because I love to be nosey haha

  • I don’t know why that comment has just left me looking nameless, apologies!