Freckled Fingertips

One thing you can never call Illamasqua’s latest offering is, ‘boring‘. Whether it’s preaching  the ways of teal lipstick, acid green lipgloss or reversed white flicked liner, you can count on their collections to be bold, brash and most definitely not afraid to be different. I have to say I’m quite behind their latest smorgasbord of new products released as part of their Spring ’13  ‘I’mperfection’ line. The nature inspired range was created with the idea of proudly showcasing your beauty, warts and all, hence the clever play on words – I like. In their supporting imagery birthmarks are left uncovered, natural complexions bare and there’s a heavy emphasis on freckles which brings me to the product that I got most in a flap about; deemed by their creative team as ‘freckles for your fingertips’…

Inspired by the irregular markings on bird eggs comes five limited edition Speckle Nail Varnishes: Fragile, a powder blue, Mottle,  a pastel green, Scarce, a baby pink, Speckle a lavender lilac and Freckle*, the one I’ve been giving a go, a soft neutral (for a closer swatch on it on the nail check here). The beige base colour is flecked with sage and emerald green matte glitter particles of the small and large variety. From a distance I see uniquely freckled fingertips but when inspected up close it can have a bit of ‘is there something wrong with your nails’ look. But forget the macro inspections and just take it for what it is, a souped-up glitter polish; I quite enjoyed rocking something a little different on my talons. In terms of longevity, I reported five days of wear with minor chipping, but as with any glitter polishes reserve an evening in front of the TV for its removal (I will not be defeated by darn glitter polish).

The Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish along with the rest of their new products will be trickling onto counters and online on 31st January with a bottle of the spotty stuff setting you back £14.50. With the eggy vibe around these polishes I can’t help but think they would have made a fab Easter release. Me and my waistline would much prefer a Mini Egg-esque nail product than a Thornton’s egg from the Easter bunny (if I tell myself that enough times I may start to believe it). Either way it’s a kooky little idea, will you be showcasing the speckle?

*PR Sample


  • Ellie May

    Omg I love this look, it reminded me of mini eggs straight away! I have never tried an illamasqua polish but this has tempted me as it is so different! x

    • Haha when I saw it I immediately thought of mini eggs – food on the brain eh ;) 

  • This looks so beautiful, especially the blue one I’ve seen on other blogs. Need to order on when it’s released!

    • It’s released today – happy shopping! :) 

  • KLG_Hair

    They are so pretty, and unusual! Love the mini egg vibe they have.

    • Haha LURVE the mini egg vibe ;) 

  • Laura Carless

    Such an interesting texture! Like a matte version of glitter! 
    Laura xx - Black & Gold

  • Rute Lopes

    This is so original, I love it… the texture is amazing

    • It’s pretty cool to look at in the bottle too :) 

  • Katie Hello

    Amazing! I may need to ask for one of these for my birthday…
    Katie xx

    • Haha good idea to add them to you birthday list 🙂

  • I think these are adorable, love them and will be wearing them come Easter time for sure :p

    • Me too :) 

  • Beautiful dreams- Carys

    All of the colours look so pretty 🙂 I always love waiting to see what illamasquas next campaign will be !

    Beautiful Dreams

    • It’s always different – that’s for sure! 🙂

  • naomiglinn

    They look divine!!! And quite original as far as nail varnishes go!! very tempting indeed!

    • They are ;) 

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    This looks beaut Anna! I like the look of this stuff… may purchase the lilac/ purple shade in this range…. But do i need another nail varnish…. ?x

    • Ah you always need another nail varnish ;) 

  • Pippa Jones

    Aww i seen this in another bloggers post. I really want it. There has been differnt brands that have try to make this kind of effect. But i think this one does it the best. Such a lovely colour! 

    Pipp xx

    • I agree – they always do something completely out the box! 🙂

  • mollyox

    ive seen so many people talking about it, and i really want it! the colour is soo pretty xxx

    • I love the fact it’s still pretty neutral too :) 

  • Lilywhiteenglishrose

    gorgeous colour! i love the other pastel shades in the range 😀

    • The blue is GAWJUS! 🙂

  • I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I read he title of this post but I like what I see.  I have been in a bit of a nail polish rut these days and only wearing grey, dark blue and classic red.  I think these would be a nice change.  Not too bright but still interesting.


    • Haha! Something a different for you then :) 

  • I’ve seen so many people talk about the I’mperfection range, I’ve definitely got my eye on Mottle and Speckle..

    Natalie | Trying To Make Fetch Happen

    • I love Speckle!!! 🙂

  • Ulrichabodenhoff

    ooh how adorable!!! 🙂 how many layers are you wearing in the picture? :) 

  • So gorgeous, love the speckled effect. Sometimes having perfect nails if it’s a fairly casual day or bold outfit makes me feel a bit too “done”. These are a statement but underrated at the same time!

  • Emer

    great blog post, so tempted to get the lilac speckled one now! perfect for spring. Damn you Anna in enticing me to buy things with every blog post! hehe xx