Lazy Locks

I wholeheartedly admit that my late-night reading sessions of Emily’s and Leandra’s blogs have resulted in a somewhat unhealthy obsession with a quest for lazy locks. They don’t half like to bleat on about their barnets, and I bloomin’ lap it up. The duo are locked in a pursuit for a short and messy chop with an air of French girl cool, and I’m tagging at the back desperate to join in, wielding scissors in one hand and styling spray in the other. After my most recent restyle I’ve been left with a long-ish length that I still find difficult to mould into anything that resembles some kind of shape. So I’m thinking shorter, choppier with that tousled ‘I haven’t touched it, I swear‘ look. The hairdresser’s appointment is booked, so in the meantime I’m gathering the tools for my ‘cheveux paresseux’ – thanks Google Translate

First up, is Living Proof’s Prime. Yep hair primer; even your mane’s getting in on the prepping action now. Apply on damp locks after washing and spread from root to tip to weather proof your style and hold it for longer. After using this a few times I’m initially impressed; it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly it does, but it just makes my hair that little bit more manageable. Added bonus: I’m finding that I’ve been able to increase time periods between washes, and for someone who used to scream the house down as a child at hair wash time, that’s a good thing. Bumble and Bumble’s latest release has also joined the styling ranks – Semisumo, their low-hold, high-shine pomade. I’ve never used such a product before, but was an advertisers dream, when I saw Leandra’s video. SOLD. I’m still learning the ropes with this one, but I’m crossing my fingers for glossy, well-held tresses.

So with my arsenal of style aids ready to spritz and smooth into action I’m ready for the chop. Ok, the appointment isn’t for a month, but hey I’m prepared! Unkempt, yet highly tended to locks will be mine…