Holiday Beauty: Hand Luggage

So through the magic of Youtube scheduled videos here is my latest offering, which is the first of my two ‘Holiday Beauty’ videos. Quite a few of you were asking what beauty bits I was going to take on the plane with me in my hand luggage so here it is! Fair enough, I didn’t exactly pack light, but I ended up using most of it on the flight here the other day – if you want to see what I reached for the most, check out Sunday’s ‘The Weekend Post’. Major props to the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Mask and the By Terry Baume de Rose, no surprise there, but my skin, lips and cuticles have never looked so nourished! For all the extra links and info just select to watch on Youtube – hope you like it!

Absolutely loving my vacay so far – the weather is an absolute beaut, which makes a change from the dreary UK – hope it’s brightening up for you guys! I got my Sister to take some outfit photo’s for tomorrows Style post and they have turned out amazingly if I say so myself, I think she may have kicked my Dad off of Chief Photographer’s duty. Keep an eye out for that tomorrow – until then au revoir! 


  • Dionne

    Well wouldn’t you know, the weather has actually started to brighten up a bit in the UK. Yesterday it managed not to rain and have blue skies all day! 
    Great video as always Anna & enjoy the rest of your holiday xxx


  • cescafrancis_x

    This is going to be soooo useful when I pack for my holidays.. even if it does make me want to buy everything you have 🙂 looking forward to the style posts tomorrow 😀

  • Charlieschoice

    I seriously need everything your little bag contains. All those products are gorgeous and my skin could definitely benefit from that origins mask!

  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    Great video Anna!  Thank you for your “Holiday tips”, love from France! 

  • Softcherrycandy

    ah vivianna! i always look forward to your vids xx

  • Naarii Naarii

    Thanks for the tip on the Origins mask! I’ve been looking for an alternative to the Sisley mask that Lisa Eldridge used in her long-haul flight video and this seems perfect. Great video as always, and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday 🙂

  • Hi hi fit you really use your eyelashes curler in the plane?? you’re amazing 😉

  • Shelley Portet

    Can’t wait to try out the origins mask, sounds fab!! 

  • Ana

    Haha poor daddy! He did an amazing job with the pictures 🙂 can’t wait to see how your new ones turned out though! Loved the post x

    Lots of Love, Ana

  • Aww..I so wanna be you right now. Florida´s beautiful…. Packing my in flight stuff always makes me aware that I´m really going away xd…and I get all nervous. 😉

  • Falyn83

    Love your videos and blog! Love from Vermont. xo

  • ARachelsays

    “See ya later alligator” would be a doubly appropriate send off for this post.  🙂  Has anyone suggested tasting alligator to you and your family yet?  Looking forward to those pictures! xx 

  • Lorna Patrick

    I really want to try that origins mask! looks lovely 

  • Emily B

    I love watching these videos!

  • Jenna Butler

    the best mini antibac gels to get are from bath and body works in the US, i stocked up on them on my trip to florida 2 weeks ago and bought 15 as they were 5 for $5 and they look and smell like they should cost $10 each soooooo lovely!!! you will love them xx

  • louisehowarthruiz

    Really interesting! Quite useful as I’m going away next week so thanks :)x

    Summer Lovin’