Vivianna Does Hot Weather

A few things to point out before we get to the nitty-gritty. One – this outfit contains no Zara, hurrah! Two – I’m in Florida at the moment (if you haven’t gathered already from my American fast food filled Instagram). Three – my Sister took these photos for me and I could not be happier with them, my Dad has officially been demoted and my Sister has replaced him as Chief Photographer ‘when Anna wants to pose around’. And finally, please do excuse the pasty legs, I’ve scrubbed off all the Xen-Tan and started afresh, despite the fact I know it’s going to take at least 2 weeks in the sun to get even a hint of colour! Le sigh.

The title of this post, although basic, could not be more appropriate. I’ve had a quick whizz back through all my past OOTD posts and all but one includes a pair of black jeans –  I think it’s fair to say they are my comfort blanket when it comes to style. But in 32°C heat, jeans just don’t cut it, so I’ve had to whack my legs out. I still haven’t let go of the black thing, but Forever 21 Black Denim Shorts and a Black H&M Boobtube have been making up the base of my outfit most days. But the star of the show has to be my newest purchase, my H&M Sheer Printed Kimono-style Wrap. The pattern is what can only be described as sliced precious gems, and is quite a brave step for a usually neutral lover gal like myself. But I found it in the H&M Sleepwear section and for the bargainalicious £19.99   just had to pick it up and I have to say I think it’s my favourite thing from my holiday wardrobe – who cares if it’s supposed to be a dressing gown! Haha! Paired with my Aldo Sandals, Topshop Boho Bag and Necklace and H&M Cuff and Rings this has been my go-to outfit so far.

Expect to see some more Style posts coming your way – the hot weather and my capsule holiday wardrobe has got me all inspired again. When the weather heats up what is your Summer uniform? Would you wear a dressing gown as outerwear? Both important questions to ponder…


  • jessicafrench

    ohh anna you look beautiful! you lucky lady, have a fab time xo

  • Looking good, lady! That kimono is beautiful – it looks more designer than H&M. 

    Hope you’re having a fab time. I love Florida, I’m very jelly x

  • SiobhanBentley

    TOO PRETTY eyes unable to process this post

  • Ana

    You look stunning, it’s such a gorgeous outfit! The kimono is perfect for the summer weather, i need to stop by h&m and get one for myself! 🙂

    Lots of Love, Ana

  • ooo your making us all jealous! you look lovely hope your having a great time! xx

  • Lovely outfit, and your sister is just a fab photographer- they’ve come out amazingly.
    I love the plain outfit with the lovely Kimino, the print is amazing.
    I hope you’re having the best time, and manage to get some real sun to your legs xx

  • The kimono looks gorgeous & chic!! 🙂 I really want to buy, but no holidays planned yet. xx 

  • Beth

    love love love your outfit! hope you’re having a lush holiday xxx

  • Just purchased that Kimono, except now it’s only £9.99 on the H&M website 🙂

  • Sarah S.

    Creative to use the sleep shirt as a wrap! I couldn’t tell 🙂 I am usually more inspired by capsule (read: limited) wardrobes as well – they force you to get creative to change things up!

  • kendrarose

    Cute! I love your outfit! 

    Hope you are having a great trip! 


  • Georgia Tait

    you look incredible!!

  • Kellinas Thoughts
  • I can’t choose between the bag and the kimono. Gorgeous! Have a fab holiday!!!

  • beckysmakeup

    I love the Kimono I tried to pick this up in store after seeing your instagram on it. Its gorgeous! Your sister has def’ done a fab job!

    beckys makeup

  • Beth Bradley

    You look gorgeous!


  • Beautiful! Love your hair up in a bun

  • Sophia

    love this outfit! Can’t believe your kimono is a dressing gown ! Definitely doesn’t look like it! Ahh I sadly transition myself during the summer from shorts with tights then gently shorts with no tights and sandals! hahaa xxx

  • Scholar

    Outfit looks great – 32 degrees!! It’s raining and blowing a gale in the UK. Yep, British Summer Time. You can’t beat it.

  • Victoria Larroque

    yup, its like that here in Florida! lol, even when it rains..
    The outfit looks beautiful and i would have never guessed that was a dressing gown. 🙂

  • Lauren – Gotta Love A Trier…

    I want to go back to Florida sooooo badly now! 🙁

  • Lipssofacto

    That top photo is gorgeous!! x

  • phoebe

     just got this kimono thing too! I’m envisaging it over a bikini. Hope you’re having a good holiday!

  • Octoberchic

    Vivianna you look so pretty! I hope you have tons of fun in the States!

  • TattooedTeaLady

    You look so lovely. I love your style! The kimono-style wrap is gorgeous, and suits you perfectly xo

  • Lilylabyrinth

    I got the kimono too but in a slightly different print – totally not planning to wear it as a dressing gown!!! 
    Hope you’re having a lovely holiday 🙂 I’m off to Cuba in a couple of weeks and cannot wait!

  • cescafrancis_x

    Looooove this outfit! I have a similar kimono from Topshop but I wear it so much, I think another kimono is acceptable 😉 they are so perfect for summer! Love your bag as well.

  • Amy

    I’m feeling a pang of hatred that you’re in Florida, I’m dying to go! Loving the kimono, it’s styled in such a pretty way!

  • oh wow, does Xen-Tan take so long to tan your legs?
    I’m usually very pale but I’ve been unsing Clarins self-tanning products (I think I even remember you using their Tanning Milk for face & decollete as well, am I right?) for about a year know and the colour you get is great, natural and the most important thing: it only takes a few hours. currently I’m using the Clarins ‘Gelée Auto-Bronzante Express (Self Tanning Instant Gel)’ and I’m very impressed, you could give it a whirl if you’d like to see quick (and very nice!) results 🙂

    • Softcherrycandy

      hi claudia! I am very fair too, but cant get a hold of xen tan where i am! What do yo u think of the clarins self tanning gel? does it go a pure brown color or orange-y? xx 

  • sarah

    love this top!

  • mcb433

    You are soo elegant!! Hope you enjoy Florida! Its such a fun place!

  • Esme

    The kimono looks fantastic 🙂 Wouldn’t have guessed it was designed to be a dressing gown! So jealous of you being on holiday right now, I need to proper sun! 

  • Anna Pifferi

    The dressing gown as outerwear is reaaalllly nice!! LOVE IT! I remember that I had a hard time finding an outfit that I was happy with given florida’s humidity levels! but my go to outfit for summer is simple dress and sandals/wedges!
    hope florida is treating you well! 🙂

  • That’s really beautiful!

  • Karla

    I’m very curious where in Florida were you in the pictures. I moved to Fl. half a year ago and if I hear about a place that I know, I just get thrilled :)).  P.S. love the outfit!

  • megan graham

    You totally pull off the gown! I never would have thought it was meant for bed! Hope you are enjoying the States! You’ll have to check out California next 🙂

  • Paula

    I will be buying this kimono!

  • Gorgeous, I would never have guessed the kimono was from the sleepwear section lol

  • Israel Matthew

    That kimono is killer!