Five Ways To Upgrade Your Pineapple


If you stumbled across this article in hope of discovering new ways to incorporate pineapple into your daily meal plans then allow me to point you in a different direction because today I’m talking hair pineapples. You know the ones that you whip your locks up into immediately when you walk through the door? However if you came looking for a picture of a lady looking lovingly at a pineapple then you’re in luck. When I mentioned my inability to be in the flat for five seconds without grabbing a band and doing a little twist and secure in a Weekly Vlog, there were more than a handful of you in full agreement that pineapples seriously rule; whether you hair skims your shoulders or derrière. So with pineapple fever spreading one messy bun at a time I thought I’d share five ways that I like to spruce mine up to make it more ‘outdoors’ friendly…

Backcomb Baby. Ah the trusty backcomb. When it doubt – reach for the backcomb, or something like that. A bit of gentle teasing at the roots helps things to look a little more profesh and polished and depending on what levels of back and forth you go to, voluminous. A bit of hairspray to hold it all in place and you’re done. My favourite tool of the trade is the Denman Dressing Out Brush; I’ve had it for years and it gets the job done without things feeling too tuggy.

Pin It Down. Whenever I watch tutorials online of how to perfect your pineapple (or titles to that effect) the professionals who know what they’re really talking about always secure things with pins. Now my hair weighs probably that of a small dog and so whenever I attempt to bobby pins things up, they drop out before I’ve even walked out of my bedroom door. But these twirly pin things – I’m sure that’s their official name – that I picked up from Boots serve a similar effect of conserving whatever shape you’ve created, while holding my small dog hair on my head. Plus, once twisted in it looks like your bun is defying the laws of gravity without any support.

Turn Up The Texture. I don’t like things to look too sleek whenever I attempt an up-do, so this is a step that I employ a lot. If you balk at the thought of backcombing then you can add a bit of somethin’ somethin’ with a texturising paste. I remember using these when I was younger and every time my hair would descend into a do that looked like I hadn’t washed it for seven weeks, but things have advanced and now the styling putties out there give hold and piecey-ness with just the right amount of grit. The Bumble & Bumble Texture is my personal favourite.

Pretty Plaits. If you’re nibble fingered and a Pinterest fanatic then you’ve probably got this step down already. Unfortunately I am neither of those things and I think even Mark can beat me in a plait-off. However one move that my bumbley hands do seem to manage is the ‘plait band’; where you take a high pony and before you twist it into your pineapple you take out a section, plait it, then wrap it round the base one you’ve done your bun thing. Neat and easy.

Scrunchies and Gems. There’s nothing quite like putting a scrunchie on it to jazz up proceedings. And what about those twist-in hair gems that you always end up having to get cut out? I jest, I jest. Of course, unless you’re on your way to a ’90’s themed party then obnoxious hair accessories are a completely valid suggestion. Don’t forget your glitter hairspray too.


  • Nicole

    Haha! I’m definitely one for the pineapple – I try to see how long I can make without doing it after I arrive home, but it never extends an hour! x

    Nicole |

  • Karen

    I want to eat a pineapple now 🙂

  • I love plaits, chic-est way to keep the hair out of the face.

    Anonymous Beauty Blogger

  • Hahaha love this blogpost, you’re so funny and I love the way you write. Adore your blog Anna! And yes I am very familiar with the pineapple hair look on the daily. xx

  • Emily Golding

    HAHA this post was fabulous!!

    Emily xx

  • Manouk

    Hahaha I saw your tweet last night. I was very confused but it makes sense now lol

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • This is very funny! Love the bit about the scrunchie and twist in hair gems 🙂

  • Natalie B

    Loved this and oh my did I used to love the glitter hairspray! 🙂 xx

  • Leannemariexo

    ooh glitter hairspray… the memories. Along with a body glitter roll on and bright blue and purple hair mascara! – God I was such a cool kid.

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie

  • I used to love my glitter hair spray! Great tips, I hadn’t thought to try a plait in my pineapple! x


  • LOVE this! I opt for a quick pineapple most days! Perfect!

    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  • Haha awesome post! Love the photo 😀

    Ashley |

  • hahah i thought this was a post about how to use pineapple in a hair mask! love your humor here! but so true about the ‘pineapple’ when you get back home!

  • I always go back comb crazy and pin it, makes it look so much better!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • alice bea ☮

    had no idea what to expect form this post!

  • nueyork

    I really did think this post was going to be about pineapple!

  • Dagny Stefansdottir

    Hahaha you are one funny girl! Nice tips!

  • This made me giggle, love the pineapple photo! But i definitely agree with everything you just said
    Mahsa xx

  • Megan Hobson

    i agree, there’s nothing like coming into your house and going straight into the messy bun hair-do!

  • Came for the possibility of cocktails or desserts, stayed for the fact that my hair looks like pineapple right now. I think layers make it harder to do a successful bun.

  • Eleri Roberts

    Loving these pineapple perfecting tips VDM! But I love the photograph even more haha! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • A 90’s themed party sounds like a fun idea Anna!
    I always put my hair up when I’m at home, but wear it down when I’m out, haha.

    Style Affinity

  • I wondered why you were on about posing with a pineapple the other day haha. Loved this! Definitely need to experiment with plait more 🙂 x


  • i do enjoy a gravity-defying pineapple myself, not sure i can still after lopping my hair off but backcombing is always a win

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • I got my hair cut and my pineapple isn’t half as good now, i’m gutted


  • Chantal

    Cool post, very unique, never seen one of these blog posts before haha. This was very handy Anna 🙂 x

  • This is probably the funniest pineapple post I’ve ever seen, haha 🙂
    My hair also is small dog-like in weight, so I never really bother with doing my hair up. Even though I really want to 🙁
    I must give those Spin Pins a try then. Thanks for the info!

  • Hahaha when I was this on my bloglovin feed I was baffled as to what this post would be about. Pineapple hair is a must as soon as I walk in the door, a pick velvet scrunchie is my accessory of choice (just as vile as it sounds!)

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • What a cute post! I serisously thought it was about pineapples…I never knew there were such things as hair pineapples!

    Love the tip on plaits! I love braiding my hair, even when I have no where to go haha 😛

  • love the picture! thanks for sharing. it really helps for bad hair day!


  • Tamar

    I was actually invited to a 90s themed party a month ago. A bright green scrunchie – and of course a tattoo choker! – really completed the look.

  • Alice

    Great ideas! I contantly have a pinapple on my head and am so unimaginative with my hair oops!

    alicekatex ♥

  • Ellen Findley

    Spin pins are legit. I was skeptical until I got some for myself. I’m a fan.

    Also, I completely unironically bought two scrunchies back in December. It is one of the best hair decisions I’ve made to date.

  • To be honest, I’m terrible with hairstyles. My hair is so straight, it never does what I want it to do. The Bumble and Bumble Texture looks like a great addition to me! x

  • Well your pineapple looks amazing. The one on your head, that is. xx

  • merukhaan

    love this post! check out my blog xx

  • I’m so proud that I can do a teeny tiny baby pineapple with my hair again. Since I cut it short last year, I missed this hairstyle a lot. Looking forward to doing a proper full-grown pineapple again! Loved the introduction of your post, even though I was looking forward to some pineapple recipes there 😀

    xx Carolin

  • lisa robb
  • haha such a fun and useful post Anna ! 🙂

    love from France, Victoria

  • Haha perfect! If only I didn’t just chop my hair off and can no longer have a pineapple 🙁 lols

  • M Kel

    I’m currently growing out my hair, so I’m looking forward to trying these when I have a pineapple again!

  • You’re so cute! Love the cover photo. xo

  • C Matthews

    Love this! Makes me feel better that I’m not the only one throwing my hair up the moment I get home (I have a TON of hair that grows too quickly for my liking). I find it as satisfying as slapping on a sports bra, haha.
    I have the mini Spin Pins and I only started using them a few months ago. I love them! They had been previously sitting on my dresser (IN the package) for over a year while I longingly looked at them thinking, “Yeah, like those are really going to work, you gullible numpty.” – facepalm moment. Where have these been all my life?! Love them with a half up style with a small, messy bun and some backcombing too, or a chic-but-backcombed low, behind the ear bun 🙂 xx

  • PeonyandPeach

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s hair goes straight into a pineapple the moment I walk through the door! I’ll now definitely be trying out these ‘outside friendly’ versions, especially the 1st one. Thanks for the tips!

    Giveaway on my blog!

  • My go-to updo when I’m at home hahaha! x

  • Sapna Dosa

    I love the pineapple with curly hair! It’s my go to style! Glad i am not alone. X

  • Sapna Dosa

    I love the pineapple! It’s my go to style! Glad i am not alone. X

  • wldflwr78

    I have fine wavy hair and boat loads of it! When I was younger I always wore my long hair up. Seemed almost like a waste to have such long hair. Then one day I just couldn’t stand having it up. It’s heavy and it pulls. No matter how I try to do it I end up pulling it down bc my “hair hurts”. So now I rock wavy crazy hair in the down fashion every day..*except for workouts that is.

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Got to love a jazzed up pineapple. I love a half up pineapple, adorned with clips and scrunchies, the inner kid in me adores it.

    Sophie x

  • Lizzie Wilson

    Want a scrunchie so bad x
    Lizzie’s Corner

  • I love pineapples and I love this post.

  • I wish I could get my hair to twist up on my head like a pineapple! It never works. lol.. Maybe I should try again…it’ll happen eventually right? 🙂 Such a cute post.

  • Kristine

    I always used to backcomb like hell to get volume, but it was super damaging! So now in apply a volumising mousse onto damp hair, focusing on my roots, and then blowdry my hair upside down. Works a dream! x

  • I’m one of those unfortunate baby hair sufferers so pineapples are strictly home-alone-only!

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • L&L

    Love this post! I’ll try it next time I do my own lil pineapple ahah x