Get Ready With Me: The Malta Edition

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Well this one does what it says on the tin. While I was in Malta last week I set up shop with my camera, trusty tripod and a bit of help from good ol’ LP and filmed the process of me desperately trying to turn a sweaty beach look into something a bit more presentable for party time. I know, I stayed up past 10pm *pats self on back*. With the weather being hotter in the evenings than it is all summer over here I stuck for a skirt/shirt combo that allowed a bit of breeze in, paired with some sea scrunched locks and a bronzy makeup that was lightly toasted on all levels: complexion, eyes and lips, check. Plus – I used a pigment for once and mastered a trick that stuck the shimmer in place all night and didn’t leave me with a glitter ball complexion. Score.