The Non-Budget Polish It’s Worth Saving Up For

YSL Polish

Nail polish is nail polish at the end of the day. But we’re all beauty junkies here and in the presence of friends I’m sure there’s a fair few of us that can admit that we may have paid over the odds for a bottle of the good stuff on more than one occasion *cough* CHANEL *cough*. The colours, the fancy bottles, swoon. Up until a few months ago I hadn’t truly found a high-end lacquer that warranted the purchase price and that felt superior to my usual Essie/Barry M/Rimmel numbers, until I stumbled across YSL’s offering. Now here, ladies and gents, is a pricey polish that’s worth saving up for. Here’s why.

Firstly, the brush rocks. It’s one of those ‘slightly curved, serves up just the right amount of product’ brushes that glides on without a stroke to be seen and nuzzles in nicely to the cuticle. Secondly, the shade range. It’s not the first place I would browse usually when heading to the YSL counter, but actually the colour selection is vast and varied with everything from everyday neutrals to slightly more out there options (Bleu Celadon, I’m looking at you). But really what’s all about is the formula. All that I have tried and tested could easily be one coat wonders if time was an issue, they paint on without any pull and man do they last. I always think that talking chip-times is toughie, because depending on what you do with your hands it’s different for everyone (that sounded saucier that I intended it to!). Personally I do the washing up about three times a day sans gloves (I know, I know) and go glove-less for pretty much all cleaning activities meaning that polish can sometimes last just a measly day without polish. But these fare well. Paint ’em on Monday and by Friday things are looking in need of a refresh.

They go by the full fancy sounding name of YSL La Laque Couture Lasting Nail Polish and will set you back £18.50. Ouch. But next time you fancy a treat (and common sense is wavering), these are polishes that are well worth a pop…