Palettes, Pro Brushes and Loud Pouts

Five Things

It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away:

1. A NEW YSL Foundation?! Apparently so. There’s no official word on it yet, but it’s been on my mind since spotting it on Stylist Beauty Ed, Samantha Flowers’ Instagram a few weeks back. It’s named Fusion Ink and is due to launch in July and I reckon with a name like that we’d be looking at something with some pretty hefty coverage. I’m v.intrigued.

2. The brow palettes to end all brow palettes. It reminds me of the time I really wanted the Bobbi Brown BBU Palette, a makeup-artist edition featuring every single shade of concealer/foundation/corrector that Brown makes. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Brow Palette is exactly the same, but for brows featuring 12 pans with 22 shades and primer meaning that every single hair colour is catered for. There is no way in hell that I need it, but I sure do want it.

3. No makeup & red lips. So perhaps no makeup is pushing it a tad, but really I’m talking a bit of concealer, a brush through the brows, a curl of the lashes and a heavy layer of a full-on red. My favourite at the moment? Bite Beauty’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Clementine, as pictured. Quick, easy and impactful all at the same time.

4. MAC Sable Eyeshadow. I remember Laura bigging up this eyeshadow years ago and though I’ve enjoyed it, I never really feel head over heels in love with it. Until now. There’s something about its violet-y undertone that just calls out to my green eyes. It’s not too shimmery, plus looks stellar with a peachy colour on the lips and cheeks. What’s not to love? I layer with a shedload of mascara and call it a day.

5. The airbrush effect. Amelia has been raving about the Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 for yonks now and it’s long been a feature on my shopping list, but after finally caving in I can confirm that all the raves are well and truly justified. It just sweeps on coverage with minimal effort, de-caking heavy formulas and building up sheerer ones; I’ve yet to discover a foundation it doesn’t work with. Full review coming soon.


  • Anna Blush

    Fingers crossed for an amazing high coverage foundation from YSL, I’m excited! x

  • I love the ‘no makeup, red lips’ thing! It really suits you 🙂 xx
    Soph |

  • MAC Sable is definitely on my list! I just got a Pro card so I’m planning what eyeshadows to get to fill up a palette!

  • Love the lip colour, and the foundation sounds amazing – I can’t wait! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Line

    I will forward to the review of the Sephora Pro Airbrush. It sounds amazing! 🙂 x

  • I’m definitely going to have to go to Sephora to pick up that brush!

  • Ooh the new YSL foundation sounds v. interesting.

  • Abi Thrasher

    new YSL foundation..very interesting! x

  • The new foundation looks just like the glossy stain! I thought some new colors were out! Sounds intriguing though!

    Friday Shopping! | TheConscienceFund

  • That Bite Beauty’s Lip Crayon just looks phenomenal on you, Anna. So beautiful. Loving the pose as well 😉 I’m really intrigued by the Sephora brush now.

  • I love the bold red lip with minimal makeup look – it looks great on you and perfect for if you are in a rush xx

  • emiller1233

    I’ve been wearing just Sable on my eyes recently too, I love it!

  • Daniella

    awesome palettes!



  • Ooh, that new YSL foundation does sound amazing! Thanks for tempting me, Anna! And loving bold lips on you 🙂

  • Chelsea Leigh

    I love wearing minimal makeup and a bright lip! So pretty!!

  • Samantha Calder

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  • That YSL Foundation looks like something I will check out! Amelia has such great suggestions, that brush is something I want!

    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • Now I really want to try that Sephora brush! It sounds amazing.

  • Miss_M

    I just bought the Nude palette from the MAC Pedro Lourenço collection and Sable is one of the colours in it. I’m not normally into dark browns, but I’m really anxious to try this colour and see how it matches my green eyes 🙂

  • Sybil Mae

    I feel the same way about that brow palette! I saw it and was like “YES!!” but all but one duo would just go to waste!

  • Sarah

    I feel like you don’t need that Bobbi Brown brow palette unless you are a makeup artist who works on models/celebrities/etc. with a wide range of skin tones. $250 for a palette is insane!

  • Grace And Clair

    I have this Bite Beauty crayon and it’s so beautiful (:

  • Manouk
  • laurenaalice

    I really want the Sephora Pro Airbrush 🙂 it looks amazing for giving you flawless skin. Great post! x

  • I want MAC Sable!! I have green eyes too and usually wear a lot of brown eyeshadows so I’ve been looking for shadows with purple undertones to mix it up a bit!

  • Next time I’m at Sephora I am definitely going to have to look at the Pro Airbrush! Love the Bite crayon on you!

    Kendal //

  • lisa robb
  • I love the no makeup and red lips look!

  • Abby Evans

    I love the red lipstick! I was just at Sephora today and picked up one of the Bite Lip Crayons and was very tempted by the Sephora Airbrush. Great Post!

  • nueyork

    Everyone needs to stop raving about the Pro Airbrush, I’m getting so jealous hearing so many great things about it!

  • Lizzy

    That red lip looks amazing!

  • lc

    I have a few half-French and French friends who rock the ‘no make-up apart from red lipstick’ look. Literally no make-up though. I think it depends on person to person but it’s a pretty gorgeous look with a bit of a tan.

  • I have ‘sable’ and have never been that enamoured with it….I shall give it another go! now that you’ve recommended it! 🙂

    Lis x

  • I’m sooooo curious about the Sephora Pro Airbrush #55! I’m just not sure about the price..