Holiday Essentials To Grab Now


It’s very rare that I ever go on holiday, which is not strictly true because I’m off on a short break tomorrow (but it’s up to climates even colder, so it doesn’t really count, I’m talking the hot ones here), but if I do it’s around September time. No kids, cheaper rates and all that. By then the shops are back to stocking hats, scarfs and wooly coats and I’m left pondering if anyone will notice me bulging out of my bikini that I’ve had since I was 18. I’m not letting that happen this year, so I’ve started early. I’m off away at the end of September and I want my suitcase to be filled with a kick-ass wardrobe that I haven’t owned since my teenage years. Feeling my pain? Here’s some poolside picks that I suggest picking up now while you can…

ASOS Drape Beach Kaftan – kaftans and cover-ups are always the first thing to go, so I pounced on this one. Light and baggy, it’s basically see-through, but heck you’re going to be on the beach – who cares? Great to throw on when things get a bit nippy; speaking of which…

Monki Bikinis – this one goes out to all the fellow small breasted ladies out there. Though we may not have much in the cleavage department to offer, we do get the change to wear ridiculously unsupportive bikinis and this one from Monki is exactly what I’m talking about. I actually really like the bottoms – they’re like big grannie panties which somehow look ok and are very comfortable indeed.

ASOS Straw Fedora – when it comes to holidays, I do like to sport a good hat. Being a naturally pale and interesting type the rays don’t agree with me all that well so I take any form of protection I can. This one isn’t too big, or too small and surprisingly hugs my huge circumference of a head quite well.

Warehouse Canvas Shopper – I always struggle with beach bags as lightweight fabric totes remind me of my teenage years when I dragged all my books to school in one, but actually this manages to slip through the net. Slightly rigid and in a non-garish pattern, the lining inside means it will be easy to brush all the sand out of at the end of the day.

Models Own Nail Polish in Beach Bag – boy was this a hard one to get my hands on. Not strictly a fashion find, but one that I just know I’ll be wanting to rock when the time comes for me to jet off – plus it’s called Beach Bag. Could it be anymore summer holiday appropriate?

Speaking of packing, if you’re off on your travels soon then you may find my ‘Holiday Packing’ playlist handy – it’s an organisational freaks dream with print off checklists and everything. Bon voyage folks!