How To Squeeze a Desk into a Very Small Space





I love interiors. Every month when I pick up the latest addition to my ELLE, VOGUE and Allure stash, a copy of ELLE Decoration always comes home with me too. I flick through the pages, ear mark ridiculously priced lamps which I will never own and ponder if I’ll paint every single room in my dream home magnolia or cream. It’s about that point that I stop, realise that I currently reside in a tiny 1-bed flat that came fully furnished to someone else’s *cough* interesting *cough* tastes and the magnolia/cream debate is a long way off. Almost two years in to living here I’m finally working out how to squeeze pieces in that make living easier and more functional without it looking like a furniture shop and my first stop was a desk. It’s taken me a while to get it right, but I think I’m just about there. So here are my top tips for how to squeeze some working space into a very small space. A weekend project, instead of post, if you will…

The smaller, the better. When looking for desks and measuring them up for size I found most to be utterly humongous. I found it best to look for laptop tables which tend to be a lot smaller in depth and therefore easier to get into your allocated space. In the end I went for IKEA’s Vittsjö Laptop Table, which really does just have enough space to fit your laptop on – don’t be fooled. Another reason I went for this is that it’s glass, so frame-aside, it’s like it’s not even there. 

Leave no space unused. The mini shelf in my desk is used to store my headphones and hard drive and directly underneath it there there was a huge gap to the floor that just collected cookie crumbs and had things spilt on it. But recently I’ve stacked up some mags to create a makeshift platform and now rest my printer on there which really does make the whole thing look properly profresh and home-officey.

The no-clutter rule. Previously I had a five-drawer MUJI tower on my desk that was filled with bits and bobs that I never even used – post-its galore, pencils, a rubber, a stack of pink envelopes and a load of other stuff that I have no idea where it came from. So I’ve downsized to a simple desk organiser that forces me just to keep the basics, a photo tacked up on my wall, a lamp, a candle (of course) and a fake flower in a very, very thin vase. Done.

Double-Up. The flat came with a sofa that seats two, uncomfortably three at a push, so seating when people come round to visit is a little unappealing – the floor? Our bed? The loo? So making sure that my desk chair doubled up as a lounge chair when people came over was important. The IKEA Nils is perfect and even has my own bottom indented in it because I reside there so much.

Fellow itzy, bitzy, teenie, weenie flat occupants I hope this has come in handy and actually I’ve just treated my similarly small outside area to a bit of a Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Changing Rooms-stylée makeover (who remembers that?! ’90’s kid alert) which I’ll be popping up sometime this week. I’m blaming my recent trip to IKEA, normal beauty programming will resume once I’ve assembled all my purchases…


  • love this blog post, very useful for us, students ! 🙂 I really enjoy your desk area, pretty and functional !
    lots of love from France Anna,

  • Anna Blush

    Love that desk! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done outside, interior (or exterior in this case) is the best, can’t wait to decorate my own place one day x

  • I love that desk! Your taste in interiors is amazing!! 🙂 xx

    Soph |

  • I like your Organisation and good use of space. Plus your designs are the bomb !

  • ns510

    All good Anna, personally I love awesome interior decor peppered in with beauty posts – my kind of read! 😉 Love the space, the glass top and cozy chair really makes a difference!

  • EvaBBlogt

    Looks lovely!
    I loved Changing Rooms, remember Handy Andy? Great stuff!

  • Bella

    Love this post!!! But er, hope your *cough* landlady doesn’t *cough* read your blog!

  • I love the lamp i have one similar but in black and a bit smaller. Good idea putting the printer under the desk, i was just trying to figure out where to put mine.

  • nueyork

    I had this struggle in my old bedroom. You’ve really made good use of the space!

  • love everything, especially the gorgeous flower! 🙂

  • Great tips !

  • elza

    this is a post i’ve been waiting for ! thanks x

  • Love it Anna, this post is fab! xx

  • Line

    This is perfect! I have the smallest apartment ever and I clutter so much – if you can do it I can as well!

  • This is actually perfect as I’m just in the process of house hunting and decorating. I really like that desk as it’s small, but as it’s so open it also doesn’t feel like it’s taking any space of the room.


  • Manouk

    I remember from your vlog that your desk is next to the trash can. I found that quite funny haha!

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • Ahhh this is so good! I’ve been trying to get my head around how I’m going to fit a desk into my depressingly tiny apartment and these tips might just do the trick! Thanks Anna 🙂 x

  • Nicoco Chanel

    Ah, I was considering that printer not too long ago. Went for its baby sister though (the XP-312). But I seriously love that desk – if I didn’t have one I loved I would be all over that. Glass and acrylic are such good space illusionists.

    Do want that chair though, I hate my computer chair at the minute. So not comfortable.

    x Nicole Isabella

  • Daniella




  • Lorraine T.

    I love your desk organizer!!!

  • emiller1233

    Where on Earth is your desk organizer from!? I love how it holds pencils!

  • Absolutely love this post. I’m tempted to fit a desk into my room for all my blogging things, I never got round to it during my GCSEs and now I’ve left school I’ve cosnatntly put it off. We’re also currently creating offices, and I’m totally digging that Desk Organiser, wheres that from!?

    Brook |

  • Great advice, will definintely come in handy when we go to Uni!

    ExploringWardrobes // bloglovin

  • thanks for the recommendation! I just mentioned in my video today that I’m looking for a desk and you’ve solved all my problems! A trip to IKEA is in the agenda this week!

  • I genuinely need to enforce the “no-clutter” rule. I have so many silly things in my office that haven’t been used in months that are just taking up space. Unused, unopen stationary everywhere! I love the minimalist aesthetic, but I may be too much of a hoarder to embrace it for myself – I think decluttering is a good medium ground.

    Izzique | For beauty, DIY, and lifestyle

  • I’ve been eyeing this desk for a while but I ended up getting a different one. Probably because I am used to having a drawer in my office desk. Glass desks are the best for small spaces, thanks to their ”not even there” feel you mentioned.

  • Looks like such a good solution, I love your set up! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Abby Evans

    I was recently forced to do this and I try to live by the no clutter rule, but I must admit it should be a lot easier than it actually is!

  • UGH! I think I need to adapt the No Clutter rule. LOL I think that getting my room cleaned and organized is definitely the most important thing on my To Do list for this coming week. 🙂 But I love the look of your desk.

  • I love this post. I love this desk, it is so pretty and I am buying it when I move into my next place! 🙂

  • Very informative post, thank you!

    x Francesca of

  • Love the set up! I would love to have a small vanity! My bathroom can’t handle any more makeup. 😉

  • Arianne

    That’s cool. It really is nice when your space is de-cluttered. it allows for more inspiration to flow 🙂

  • I’m just jealous you have a lovely little flat, I’ll be stuck in a dorm next year at university.. ugh. I cannot wait to have my own house at some point.

  • Love the setup! IKEA is such a lifesaver, isn’t it? The idea of doubling desk chairs as lounge chairs is brilliant! I need to get on that – I hate my desk chair anyways. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    Marianna |

  • Love the set up. I’m the same, the area I have to blog in is very small.

  • That desk organiser is great, so good for cutting down on clutter, plus it looks good too!

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life

  • I’ve been contemplating getting that desk for my apartment as my dining table (also provided by my landlord) is being doubled up right now as a desk, which is such a nightmare having to constantly interrupt work and clear the table to eat then get everything back in place to resume work…. I was scared it would be too small as my bf uses a keyboard with his laptop, but it doesn’t actually look that small from your photos… It may have to be purchased now.

  • Farzana

    I have the same exact chair and desk combo!

  • emilie

    ikea is the best. i love the nils chairs. so practical. and if you ever tire of the slipcovers you can always buy new & fancy ones from bemz or similar.

  • Changing Rooms what a flashback ! Loved that show. Great tips for making use of space I’ll be using this in my new place 🙂
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Joanne Laide

    Where did you get that lamp- I need it in my life!!!

  • Janine Maral

    Amazing and compact desk area!

    Janine Maral from

  • I love the idea of having a desk, but a glass one that kind of just floats and doesn’t add clutter. Perhaps you could come give my desk some tough love? haha
    I really like the lifestyle/apartment posts so I’ll be happy to see the rest of your Ikea goodies!


  • Wills

    The professional manner in which you execute your work and communicate your love for all things beauty is rather inspiring. Such quality content! One can tell you work very hard!!

  • This looks so cozy and cute, love it!

    L&L –

  • I love the lamp! Where is it from?

  • I definitely need a new desk, mine is very impractical so it gets little use.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  • Maria

    Thanks for the inspiration, the desk delivers what you proposed and is now incorporated into my tiny apartment as well and I finally do have the permanent workspace I was longing for for a very long time. Greetings from Vienna.

  • Precious Wonders

    I’ve been trying to do the same thing for a while, so found this very useful thanks!! Such a great post. Heading to IKEA asap. Love the idea of a laptop table.