Five Product Face

Sometimes I ponder if I could take the title for world’s worst beauty blogger. I stick to what I know, heart my neutrals and more often than not I’m galavanting around make-up free or with a measly handful of products slathered on my face. Questioning aside I thought I’d share my über lazy five product face, which started off as a bit of a weekend foray and ended up being a combo which I pull out often, opting to spend my restdays barefaced instead. It’s simple – a BB which doubles up as a concealer and skincare trump card, a sprinkling of bronzer, something to fix my bushy brows, mascara and a lipbalm. Those who prefer a hint of colour may wish to swap in a cream blush to swipe onto cheeks and lips, or if you fancy a bit of sparkle to the eyes then take a champagne cream shadow and whip it over your cheekbones to work as a highlighter too. You get the jist; multi-tasking and natural ‘no makeup, really no makeup, ok a bit, makeup’. Yes?

Select to ‘Watch on YouTube for all the extra links and a near enough empty product description box. And say hello to my practically daily (shhhh!) quintuple product face regime…


  • Great video. This natural look suits you very well.

    • Cheers hun 🙂

  • I like and read your blog because you do what you like and what you feel suits you rather than copying trends and other blogger’s styles. Worst blogger my arse!

    • Haha thank you – too kind Julie x

  • makeupaddict-xo

    Love your picks – want to try the DR Jart BB cream! x

  • Maddy Cane

    Looks lovely on you and I love the idea of it being so quick too! xxx

    • Ah thanks! Oh yes, less than five minutes for this :) 

  • I love this video! I’ve started using the Dr Jart BB cream recently and absolutely love it! I think its going to be one of those products I always have in my make up bag! After seeing how much you use the L’Oreal mascara I really want to give it a go too! X 

    • Ah glad to hear you love the Dr Jart+ too!

  • This simple look, looks lovely on you and gives you a lovely fresh glow!

  • Millie

    Great video! I really want to try the Dr Jart BB cream! 🙂 ♥

    • Thanks hun! 

  • joysteib

    Such a simply but a fresh airy look!!  Love it!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Thanks :) 

  • yesimmustafa

    I think it’s great that you’ve found a simple routine that works for you and also looks lovely on you.  I think most people would love a simple routine that looks great on them.  I never wore foundation or tinted moisturizers when I was younger but as I get older and my skin tone becomes more uneven (I have good skin though) I find I need to use something to even out my skin tone.  I think this video is a great example of simple ways to achieve that look without spending 30 minutes to get there.  

    • Ah thank you!

  • Racheltwamley

    Beautiful x i love your natural looks x dont change

    • Thanks :) 


    I love the Dr Jart!! It’s perfect for everyday, and tbh, I wear it on nights out too!!  Love this post, pretty much what I wear daily too! 🙂  
    Anna x

    • Makeup twins! 🙂

  • Anna Belsham

    Not related to beauty but where did you get the owl dish in the first shot?

    • Urban Outfitters :) 

  • Jodie

    I saw this video and dashed to Boots to buy it! I’ve wanted it for so long.

    It’s such a simple look but its so nice.

    Worst blogger? NO! One of the best blogs yes!


    • Haha thank hun! Hope you get on with the BB cream!

  • You look great! I wish I had the skin for that little bit of coverage.

    • Ah too kind – thank you 🙂

  • gleepface

    Loved the video, I also generally only wear about this much makeup on a daily basis. Often none! I’m so lazy, and ALWAYS choose an extra ten minutes in bed over a full face of slap!

    • Haha sleep > slap any day!

  • Laura

    I really want/need to try the Dr Jart BB cream, it looks lovely on you (:


  • I love your tutorials Anna! You have honestly influenced so many of my makeup purchases lately! I’m loving it, but my wallet not so much… 😉

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

    • Haha thank you hun! And apologies to your wallet ;) 

  • Isa

    Can you pls list the products names and shades, my english its pretty bad and didn’t get the names 🙁
    Many thanks!

  • I’ve finally picked up the Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB cream after your ravings – and I love it to pieces. Even picked up one for my mum ha! xo

  • Gollygloss

    Your posts literally make my purse hurt but its so worth it! Have you tried the Nip + Fab CC Cream yet? it seems like something you would like! I did a review on it. I’m just starting out so would love it if you checked it out