Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine

Makeup is makeup. No matter how much you dress it up and stick a cherry on the top, it all serves the same purpose (for me, making me less likely to horror young children). So what then possesses one to stride in and throw down enough notes to secure a well-made Zara purchase on a lipstick? Easy. Tom Ford. Two words that when whispered together in the same sentence as beauty have women falling a little weak at the knees, twitching to get their swatch on and loosen their purse strings that little bit more. It’s been two years since Ford turned his hand to makeup and the stand out success of his range has without question been his much coveted and ‘TF’ signatured lipsticks. Known for their rich pigment and ‘expensive car door’ smooth click close; for the first time since its launch he’s taking a new direction with lip colour and chartering into sheerer territories. I’m puckered up and ready to get on the case…

Welcome the newest addition to the luxe lipstick rank, Tom Ford’s Lip Colour Shines; a semi-transparent, high-shine veil of colour. Heading up the lucid lipstick pack, these cushion the lips with a balm-like texture while delivering an unexpectedly nice coat of colour. Nothing too opaque, but it packs a juicy finished pigmented punch. Offered in 10 shades, I’ve been toying with Insidious*, a rosy apricot from the romantic colour family, which is also occupied by a handful of petal pinks and peaches, if subtle is more your thing then there’s three that fall into the nude category or for a wash of bold but sheer colour see the duo that make up the vivid description. Longevity is never going to be a sheer lip products biggest feat, but the slightly thicker texture than usually seen in these types of formulas means they hang around for two hours or so before the delightful task of digging out of your bag and reapplying in front of a no doubt fully-absorbed audience needs to occur. A contender to the CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine people’s choice sheer lipstick winners crown? Most, definitely.

The Lip Colour Shine’s entered onto counters and online last week and one case of gossamer, glossy colour will set you back a cool £36. A naughty pouty treat for oneself? Oh yes, if your bank balance can stomach it.

*PR Sample


  • Katie Hello

    Suits you so much! Gorgeous colour.
    Katie xx

  • I don’t think any other lip product makes me as giddy as Tom Ford’s Wild Ginger. Insidious looks absolutely lovely on you though and looks perfect for more low key lip days. I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend the entire day restraining myself from hitting up the Selfridges website…

    • Haha stay away 😉 There have been so many mentions of Wild Ginger, I think I may have to look into this purchase…. 

  • Catherine Westcott

    I bought Ginger Fawn from the original lipstick collection. It’s by far my favourite lipstick ever. The packaging is to die for, only thing that puts me off is the $65 price tag. Yikes!

    • Ah gawd – the price tag woah!!! Ginger Fawn is such a stunning colour though :) 

  • KittyMakesUp

    I have Cherry Lush from TF and I have to say the formula is like nothing else! Exited to get my grubby mits on one of these! xx 

    • Haha – go, go go ;) 

  • Amy

    I know a lot of people rave and rave about TF lipsticks and I am ever so slightly intrigued as to what the hype is all about. 

    However, I think that if I did pick one up on a whim I’d be feeling the guilt for quite some time for forking out £36 for a lipstick. 

    Maybe one day…

    • One to stick on the Christmas and Birthday lists for sure!

  • I always enjoy your writing 🙂

    • Well that’s very nice of you to say, thank you :) 

  • omg!! this looks like a beaut… fab post as always :)) 

  • Oh this looks fab, I got “Frolic” over the weekend, I think you’d like it’s peach tones too 🙂

    • Ah gawd, adding another one to the list ;) 

  • Maddy Cane

    I really want some of these it is just the price …. :/ xxxx

    • I know! One to pop on your present wishlist :) 

  • gleepface

    I liked the expensive car door description. My purse strings are feeling a bit slutty right now. Might have to wait til I spot an offer or something though, goodness knows I’ve bought enough in February already!

    • Haha this comment made me laugh!!! I think I’m always suffering with slutty pursestrings ;) 

  • I get these for £12.60 ;-P

  • jess
  • wow! soooo adore your writing style!! thank you – you and your posts are part of my everyday mini pampering routine! honestly! xx

    • Ah that’s so lovely of you to say – thank you :) 

  • Pippa Jones

    The packaging is so sleek and pretty. Quite a hefty price tag. Lovely colour tho. 

    Pipp xx

  • gigi

    these tom ford products are so expensive. love the color of this one though thanks for sharing hopefully some day I will actually get to try some of their products! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

    • Definitely – one to pop on the present wishlist ;) 

  • Ariane-Jane Bueno

    what a beautyful lip stick. I like the natural finish and of course tom ford’s design

    • The design?! Swoon! 🙂

  • This is a lovely colour on you. But oooooouch at the pricey tag. I love high end but even I don’t think I’d shell out that much :(


    • One to pop on the present wishlist ;) 

  • sara

    Ahh, it looks so good on you! I have his lipstick in Ambition and blush in Flushed, I love them.

  • Seana Monahan

    this is stunning! haven’t ever tried the brand but now im tempted! x

  • Decisions Decisions

    I often think about products this expensive “yes, but I can use them as nightstand decoration” ohhh dear.

    • Haha – very good justification there 😉

  • katherine.parkes

    love the shade/finish! x

    • Pretty, right! :) 

  • Kristie

    This is darn pretty. Lately, luxurious packaging has been my guilty indulgence. The weight, feel in your palm and beautiful lines give me a thrill. Sigh.

    • Le sigh! 🙂

  • oww these look lush!!!

  • Millie

    This colour is gorgeous! I really want to try Tom Ford products, but the price puts me of a bit! 🙂 ♥

  • Ooh this one looks amazing, expected it to be very scary bright red-orange, but this is just lovely! Will keep an eye out for this one ;-). xo

  • Priscila

    Holly molly, my heart just stopped! Let me get my defibrillator..

  • ooo looks pretty on you! I’m just going to ignore thee fact that this exists… Don’t know if my bank account can handle a sudden obsession with these, LOL. 

  • Beautiful color!
    <3 Rubiiee

  • Katie Fawcett

    The Tom Ford stuff is gorgeous! It’s a shame its so bloody pricey!

    Katie xo

  • Was not expecting it to be so subtle. I need to seriously consider before adding this line to our site– it make take over my entire wishlist!

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  • This color looks so ridiculously stunning on you. and I think I need it. Calling local TF counter now….

  • I love your writing style! There’s nothing better than a luxurious lipstick in my opinion. I need to schedule some time for a trip to Selfridges for a serious TF swatching session.

  • Whoops that comment below just published before I’d signed in! x

  • Mirifique Beauty

    I have read a number of reviews and a lot are saying that they are no better than Chanel Rouge Coco lip shines. Thing is, Tom Ford has really copied Chanel here to and added a hefty price. If i’m paying £36 i want to see the wow factor and i havn’t so far with them. He does some things very well though, the quad eyeshadows are supposed to be amazing. I will pass on the lip shines and save my money for the new ones  Chanel are releasing very soon with 30% more pigmentation. Look on in envy Tom      

  • Raluca Xo

    It looks soooo pretty!! <3