Dot To Dot

As a general rule I like to have a rough idea of what the landscape of VDM will look like for the next week. I sit down on a Monday, notepad in one hand and scribble down what I fancy popping up on the blog for the next seven days or so. Sometimes I stick to the book and sometimes I don’t. Today is an example of when I don’t. After trying something a little different nail-wise last night, while keeping one eye on lacquer activities and the other on Mad Men; I put a snap on Instagram which seemed to go down rather well. Cue me barking instructions at the boy while we had a bedside photoshoot at 11.30pm last night, both clad out in pyjamas followed by a 7am blog writing session which cumulated with today’s original post being scrapped. But when the creative juices are flowin’, there just ain’t no stopping them. Here’s what all the fuss was about…

Now I can’t take all the credit for this one – this look has been popping up all over my Instagram feed and I’m sure I saw it gracing the nails of a celeb on Daily Mail of all places (I’m trying to go cold turkey and it’s not going too well), but lets call it ‘dot to dot’. A nudey nail accented with a dot of gold at the base; simple and subtle just how I like it. For the base I used what is probably my favourite dirty-toned shade of them all – Nails Inc Porchester Square. Whenever I coat this on it never fails to please. Now the dot was a little more tricky. A stick-on gem would be good, or an opaque gold polish, but seeing as my stash failed to deliver on both those counts I went for a blob of OPI’s Bring On The Bling applied with the end of a bent out bobby pin. Resourceful, eh? A slick of Seche Vite Top Coat lastly to ramp up the gloss and you’re done.

The boys retort on this one? “I’m not gonna lie babes, I’m not too keen on the diamanté”. Diamanté? It’s bobby-pinned on polish. It’s art, daaaarling.


  • Very nice naildesign.

  • Katie Hello

    Such a nice design!
    Katie xx

  • Rebecca Shaw

    I would never have thought to use a bobby pin like that, going to bear that in mind! These look lovely.

  • Ellie

    This looks so pretty! Love the boys comment haha they just don’t get a beauty artists work! 

  • ohhhh very swish, definitely going to be trying this out.

  • mollyox

    this is so simple but looks great! xxx

  • i did this as soon as I saw your post with the new Maybelline Colour Show in Latte (which by the way, is right up your street in the whole Nude category! amazing colour!! please do try it) with Orly’s Rage used as the dots.! Thanks VDM!!! XXXX

  • i did this as soon as I saw your post with the new Maybelline Colour Show in Latte (which by the way, is right up your street in the whole Nude category! amazing colour!! please do try it) with Orly’s Rage used as the dots.! Thanks VDM!!! XXXX

  • Chelsey Westby

    Very simple yet it makes such a statement, definitely one I will be trying out in the future I think. The boys comment at the end is brilliant, exactly the kind of comment mine would say. xo

  • gleepface

    This is fabulous, I only just did my nails last night and already I’m feeling inspired to get out the acetone (got some serious glitter going on) and have a bash at this!

    Genius idea with the bent out bobby pin, I must say.

  • I love this! Simple but effective. Might try and recreate it tonight 🙂

  • I LOL’d reading this!! So funny!! Turned out beautiful, the blob really looks like an actual diamonte

  • 5thavenuemelbourne

    I think I need Nails inc in my life. Ahh the pain of living down under! thank goodness for online shopping 😉 gorgeous nails  x

  • Maddy Cane

    Looks really great and your boyfriend is so funny! xxx

  • Chloe Salmons

    They look SO nice!! You’re nails are the perfect shape too – jel 🙂

  • Looks amazing and so easy to do – I know what my nails will look like for the rest of this week! x

  • Yu A

    Genuinely thought they were ‘diamante’ studs on Instagram last night! Love this look Anna 🙂

  • Kayla

    I thought they were gems when I saw the picture on instagram. Love this look, and I’ll definitely be giving it a go. I don’t have any decent nude colours though. x

  • Ha! Classic man response. Love this idea and it seems infinitely achievable – even for a nail art phobe such as myself

  • Divs

    Love it. I don’t have same colours but I am gonna try wid other shades. Lets see how it looks…

  • Wow this looks really great!!  That Porchester Square colour goes really well with your skin tone (lucky ducky, it would look awful on me I am far too pale!).  Tempted to give this a try myself with some other colours though!

  • Pippa Jones

    Aww your partner is rather funny! I think the comments like that at the bottom of the post make it more complete post! 
    Really do love the design even if its is simple, it is very pretty. the colours very much compliment each other too:)   

    Pipp xx

  • hahahahaha to your boy’s comment. 
    your nails look so sweet I love them 🙂

  • sarirah

    Simple and very pretty. I like. 🙂

  • I love this! I think it’s really chic! I love the colours you’ve used, and I like how it doesn’t seem as time-consuming as other nail art, while still looking like you’ve made an effort! Loved this post!
    Eleanor x

  • Paris Grace

    I love this! Its really cute! I will have to try this out on my nails soon 🙂

  • Bonnie

    Love it, will be trying this out verrrry soon. Btw I’m on the hunt for a new foundation as my Chanel Prolumiere has just run out. I have REALLY oily skin, but sometimes dry patches too so looking for something which isnt too mattifying, good coverage whilst keeping the oil at bay! I was thinking maybe the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundatiom.. Any suggestions/reccomendations? Would be much appreciated 🙂

  • Beautiful! 😀 If you want to make your ‘art’ a bit easier and less messy – try ‘blobbing’ out your glittery colour onto a piece of tin foil and dipping your bobby pin in that. No mess up the side of the pin and on your fingers then when you dip it in the bottle 🙂


  • BeautyandKittens

    I Love This 😀 xxx

  • hahahah great post, you nails look fab

  • and kate

    I love this idea!
    It is so unusual but looks amazing.
    Loving the colour combinations as well.
    Kate xo

  • Crystal Ike

    Loving this nail trend! The nude color really suits you as well 🙂
    Sending love from the states,

    Crystal’s Beauty Corner

  • Jasmine

    I absolutely love this look! On my blog I’m going to try to make a Nail Of The Week page and this is definitely going to be my first post!
    Boys are so silly :’)

  • Rachael_schreyer

    i think you mean “it never fails to please”

  • Decisions Decisions

    This is brilliant and the idea of using a kirby grip? Amazing!

  • Anna Garcia

    Awww I love it!! I definitely need to try this out 🙂

  • Nicola
  • Anna you’re great I am trying to quit Daily mail cold turkey too!
    and I am soo trying this tomorrow

  • love it…haven’t been able to get my hands onto a gold sparkly polish but i do have some rose sparkles in my kitty and will definitely try with that…lily pebbles from whatihheart today too wore them during her Paris trip and i am assuming the credit goes to anna!!


  • Honey And Sea Salt

    This is so cute! Definitely going to do this next time I paint my nails 🙂

  • Clara

    very cute   and could be fancy or sporty depending on the colors used   thanks

  • Zoë Baldwin

    Great idea for a simple nail art look!

  • Ale

    ;p lol daaaaarling