Backstage: Orla Kiely AW13

Florrie White using Bobbi Brown: The Orla Kiely woman for this collection is sort of a ‘done Secretary’. Our first reference was Bridget Bardot – that ’60s emphasis on the eyes, groomed, but with an effortless feel. I wanted the models to look like they had applied the makeup themselves; it’s a full makeup, but very free at the same time. Not all the same shades were used on the all models, everything’s applied on an individual basis – I wanted to team to feel at ease with their instincts and go with what they felt right. My favourite product from the look is the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks, out in the UK in March. So blendable and pigmented. I used Golden Pink in the inner corner and Bark to get the winged shape of the eye. I then built up the colour using shadows from this palette we made up for the show, containing: Cocoa, Hot Stone, Blonde, Rich Brown, Taupe and Mahogany, the combination we used depended on the models colouring and eye shape. I wanted to keep the waterline clear to keep the empahsis on the shadow, but really layered up the mascaras. I first put on Everything Mascara, then applied Extreme Party Mascara just to the outer corners – almost building it up to look like they had eyelash extensions on. We toned down the cheeks from the original trials we did, so today I’m just doing a light blush, using a trio of Desert Pink, Desert Rose and Nude Peach depending on the girls complexion with the Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose on the cheekbones to tie-in that pink inner corner highlight. For lips I added an undone hue patted in with my fingers mixing Pale Pink and Beige Gold Lip Colours. I think I’m going to grab the models just before they walk to apply a dusting of blush to the temples – I love that finishing touch!

Defined eyes, naturally pinched cheeks and a natural nude colour on the lips – the three makeup rules that the lady herself preaches – Bobbi would be proud. This was the first time the Bobbi Brown team had made-up the models for a LFW show and a lovely team they were too; plus I think I’ve found a new makeup chum in Florrie. Definitely worth the 6am wakeup call.


  • mollyox

    all the makeup looks amazing, i love the finished look xxx

  • Denise F.

    Wow wish I were there…

  • Maddy Cane

    Looks like you are having an amazing time! Loving all these reports! xxx

  • Orla Kiely has definitely been one of my favourite shows that I’ve watched. You’re so lucky that you’ve had the opportunity to go backstage on these shows! The makeup is amazing… and I want that lip palette haha. 

    Hannah  – A Subtle Difference xx

  • Katie Fawcett

    Love love

    Katie xo

  • Martine Doiron

    Wow! It looks so amazing to be there! I love the makeup look in the last picture!

    Martine 🙂

  • Carreen Cole

    Anna, I am just so jealous that you get to do this stuff! 
    I am a Freelance MUA here in the States and I would just die to be a fly on the wall backstage at these shows! I guess I need to have my own successful beauty blog, huh? 😉 Thanks for taking us with you! 
    BTW, I DO have a FB page, I would love it if any of you would join me on there to talk all things cosmetics 😀

  • Danessa

    I tried the shimmering stick in golden pink. I loved it! It’s a product u would love!

  • Pippa Jones

    The model has a lovely finished look, The artist hand is rather full on with make up musta been a busy day for her. Lovely post anna.

    Pipp xx

  • Big Fan of Bobby Brown cosmetic range. i find it more earthly than any other range..useful compact info…loved reading it