Disappointing Products

I try to keep the negative Nelly posts to a minimum at VDM. Seven days of posting a week just doesn’t seem like a lot when you’re sitting on a stash of kick-ass beauty buys that need to be shared. While the filtering process of products is a long, lengthy and highly involved one as to whether they make the cut (you can often find me testing eyeshadow palettes on different eyes, which I have been known to forget while toddling around on my daily chores), if something isn’t making me weak at the knees then more often than not it gets lobbed into ‘the bag‘ as it’s famously known in my friend and family circle, for them to have their wicked way with. So before you know it said disappointing product is shipped off to a new loving home. But I’ve been making a conscious effort over the past months to keep products that haven’t floated my boat in my grips and here’s my latest ‘not bad, just not great’ collection.

Select to watch on YouTube for all the extra info, products and usual bumf or to turn on the interactive script which is always rather entertaining. Next stop tomorrow? Who knows, but the rave train is back.


  • Katie

    Just about to watch the video. I think it’s good to talk about bad products sometimes, as it stops me from going out and buying products that are going to be rubbish.

    Katie xx

  • Faith Summer Mitchell

    I can’t agree more about Moroccan tan! I heard such good things about it and I’m so dissappinted, literally just posted a review saying the same haha…weird! Also I got the maybeline fit me foundation in the same shade and it is far too dark for me yet perfect for my mam who’s a mac nw 30/35 so perhaps the shade below would be better? Xxx

  • Good to know! I was about to go and buy the Xen Tan! x

  • Abbie Woodnutt

    Ahh I was going to try the Benefit They’re Real Mascara but, having very straight lashes, I won’t waste my money! Like you, I need a mascara that will hold curls, and I think it’s a little bit overpriced! x

  • Liparazzi

    Ahhh so disappointing when products don’t live up to what you expect. Love your honesty though and always enjoy your vids whether they’re positive or negative xx

  • Zoe

    I bought the FitMe as well, but being acne prone I kept reading people saying that it made them break out… so I couldn’t use it for long enough to really test it out. I was just too uneasy.

  • Zozo The London Lipgloss

    the thumbnail cracked me up, also, love these kinds of posts – i was thinking of doing one myself. sometimes products that some people love, other people hate, and that’s just natural and part of the whole beauty thing! i sometimes love to read these more than the ravey hearteyed love ones! great work annabanana xxx

  • MCC

    Hi Anna! The cetaphil works GREAT with the clarisonic. I have been using it for years and it is just amazing for sensitive skin. Also I would love to see a new makeup storage video since you have changed apartments (the background images during the video made me very curious)! XX

  • I usually put in a tonne of online research for I take the plunge with a new product so posts like this come in really handy – probably more so than the rave reviews. Thankyou!

  • NatalieMorgan

    love your videos & posts Anna, looking forward to watching this one!

  • Kimiya
  • leetal

    what’s on your skin? it looks extra nice and fresh! LOVE

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I love a good negative video every now and then just to know of what to stay clear of! I agree with that mascara, I was so disappointed great video


  • Ellen T

    I quite like hearing about products that just aren’t cutting it so I know what to be weary of while out shopping! Thanks for filming this 🙂

    xx Ellen

  • At least we know now. Thanks!

  • OBbeauty

    Try putting cetaphil all over your face like a normal face wash and then washing it off water or wiping it off with a washcloth – it works much better like that!

  • Zoë Baldwin

    I’m surprised you didn’t like Lucas paw paw Anna! It even made it in to my favourite lip products of 2012! Maybe that’s because I’m a bit biased and Australian 😉 My blog is if you want to have a read 🙂