The Weekend Post #55: A Good Read

In past weeks I have become slightly obsessed with transforming the function of our coffee table from occasional footrest and free paper dumping ground into ‘cool book’ placeholder. I’ve swept away the month old Evening Standards, hidden the Xbox controller and am slowly replacing both with pages of goodness of my choice stacked high. But I’m not going all Hemmingway on your ass, I’m talking pages packed with my favourite topics – blogging, beauty with a scattering of style. I’ve found the Urban Outiftters book section to hold some absolute gems and as I’ve spent a large proportion of this weekend packed tightly on trains I’ll be taking a bit of a time-out and curling up in the window seat getting my teeth into some of these beauties.

First up, a magazine. I have a bit of a penchant for high quality, hefty and heavy and slightly hard to find magazines, I’m not sure why – they just tempt me. Whilst browsing the shelves at a well stocked WHSmith I noticed, Suitcase Magazine. A quartley travel and fashion focused mag with a bulky beauty section thanks to Amelia. All in all a good read that I’ll be picking up again in three months time. Blog Inc by Joy Cho is a purchase I mentioned in my latest haul video. I’ve passed the halfway point and despite a slow start that focused on beginning a blog – a bit late for me almost three years down the line – I’ve finally had to pick up a pen to write down a few of Joy’s tips. A book packed with tips by the bucketload, is The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art by Sharmadean Reid. I was wary that this could have been a regurgitation of what is freely available out there on nail blogs, but the step-by-step breakdowns are really handy and I’m left feeling inspired. I purchased my first ever set of nail wraps the other day and now I’m eyeing up a nail art pen and striper set. The final read in my coffee table quartet Style Feed: The World’s Top Fashion Blogs by William Oliver, is probably the most coffee table-esque book of them all. Easily digested in just a few hours, visually appealing and interesting interviews with some pretty darn successful bloggers. Leandra Medine, swoon.

So those are the latest additions to my wannabe cool coffee table; but my book haul didn’t end there. Oh no. The Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory From Your Favourite Sensitive Movie Dude is winging its way to me in the post right now. Who says I don’t have literacy taste?


  • Zoe Newlove

    Love a good hefty magazine, I need to get my hands on the Suitcase mag. Love is a staple I always purchase, time to get something new! Great post xxx

  • Ooh I love this little assortment. I’ve not stopped going through my hummingbird bakery recipe book… Technically not a book.. But that is living on my coffee table right now!


  • Maddy Cane

    Love the look of all these colourful books stacked up! I really want to check out the WAH nails book, it looks really nice! xxx

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    I got the Blog Inc book for Christmas and only started my blog last July so can’t wait to get stuck into that one!


  • magickruby

    They sound good! I love the WAH nails book! I am thinking about buying the blogging book:)! xxxxxx

  • rebeccalouiseee

    If I had a coffee table I’d definitely already have my Bobbi Brown, Lauren Conrad and Wah Nails books on it, along with my Terry Richardson Lady Gaga book as it’s just packed full of photos. I’ve been meaning to pick up this Blog Inc book, I started over a year ago but I’m sure even the first part will have bits that will help me! I also fancy picking up one of Jemma Kidd’s books, Liz Earle Skin Secrets, the Cosmo Beauty magazine if I can find it, maybe even Allure which will be even harder to find. Ok now I’m turning my imaginary coffee table into a bookcase oops!

  • Katie

    I really want the Facehunter book for my windowsill, which is were I keep these sorts of books…

    Katie xx

  • Have just ordered Blog INC can’t wait to give it a read! x

  • NatalieMorgan

    I am one of those people who pick up magazine after magazine, for their feel & appearance & will happily sit and look @ them for months, before reading them!

    Have subscribed to Allure, hoping that will turn up soon for great beauty content & just brought Blog Inc for my Kindle. Thanks for the recommendations! x

  • katherine.parkes

    bought Blog Inc myself and can’t wait to read it! also really want to subscribe to allure after reading how much you love it 🙂 x

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I love the UO book section as well, I really want to read that Blog book!


  • I really want to check some of these out! Thanks for the ideas!

  • I got Blog inc, for my KOBO but I wish I ordered the book, just so I could read it right now 🙂