Cream Blushers

For the past few weeks I have been going through a major anti-powder phase. In fact I went away last weekend for 3 nights and completely forgot to take a powder with me! Madness I know, as my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural is usually such a staple in my makeup bag. I have instead been preferring to skip powder, leaving the skin looking so much more glowy and natural and using cream formulated face products instead. That means cracking out my Chanel Tan De Soleil bronzer and Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Cream highlight, and for blusher I have been using 3 on a constant rotation.

First up on the left is my most recent purchase, the Stila Convertible Colour for lips and cheeks in Gebera. I had umm-ed and ahh-ed over this purchase for a while and after swatching a few of the shades in my local Boots and ruling out Stila’s other popular shade Lilium for being too pink, I picked up it’s more peachy counterpart. The formulation of the this cream blush is very thick and creamy and it leaves much more of a glow to my cheeks than my other top picks. I actually love it for that and it’s slick consistency makes it great as a lip colour too! The brightest pick of the bunch is Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels in the centre of the picture. I think I mentioned this in one of my more recent videos and unfortunately it’s no longer in stock on their website, but if you see one hanging around then nab it! It’s the definition of a ‘peachy-pink’ and is much more of a classic cream to powder formula on the cheeks, making it a good choice for oily skinned gals or perhaps those of you who haven’t tried cream blushes before. Something in the middle of these two formulas is the Jemma Kidd Blushwear Creme Cheek Colour in Paw Paw. Although it may have a stiff consistency in the pan, it blends really smoothly into the cheeks and gives a gorgeous peach glow.

One of these had been a guaranteed ‘slap-on the cheeks’ everyday for the past weeks, it’s safe to say I’m well and truly having a blush phase! Any more peachy-pink cream blush recommendations? Pop them below!


  • Hannah

    Oooo I do love Topshop cream blushes!


    • Anna

      i have just found your blog and boy do i love it. 
      Great review ! 
      i love the Topshop cream blushes .

  • I’m on the hunt for a decent cream blush! May give one of these babies a go! x

  • Aoifecullen

    ELF’s cream blush in Heartbreaker is amazing. It’s not exactly a cream, more of a mousse but always seems to finish dewy. Definately worth looking into! x

  • Nicola

    I have Topshop Head over heels and was unable to find it on the website, i hoped it hadn’t been discontinued! Oh no! But i love the sound of the Stila’s one but i’ve never seen this in my boots, going to have to ponder a little harder next time, love the sound of it! 

  • makeupbyhollie

    I want to add a few crem blushers to my collection will have to give these a look out for

  • Sundari Uthayakumar

    lovely! would have loved to see swatches of these as I’m looking for a gorgeous dewy cream blusher either way, great post 🙂 will check these out! xx

  • Amy

    Have you tried any of the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges? I have Powder Pink and I love it. I’d wear it every day if I didn’t feel guilty for neglecting my other blushers! 

  • Ella

    High five by topshop is a lovely blush, quite pink in the pot, but on the cheek it gives a lovely glow x

  • Amy Pocock

    Max factors Creamy Blush Miracle Touch in ‘Soft Pink’ is lovely! 
    Amy x

  • Crisitna Florence Galati

    I’d love to try the stila one! i recently bought a cream blusher by illamasqua, it’s a really hot pink one, but i can’t say i love it! it’s too “creamy” ..however it’s great used on my lips!

    ps. don’t know why my name is written wrong! 

  • I’ve never tried a cream blush even though I keep going to buy one and never do! Really want to now though after this post! Pretty much love the look of all of these so I’m gonna have to check them out! xx

  • Marissa Roberts

    Another fab blog post!! I’m a massive fan of the Maybelline Dream Touch Blush (I’ve got both the pink and peach colours). It adds a slight shimmer onto your cheeks and also blends so easily! I even add it as a highlight to the middle of my nose 🙂 x x

  • styt

    its coming the spring soon and i can see bright coral blushes being really popular

  • Boscy

    I only own one cream blush, Topshop Neon Rose, but it’s a little too bright for my liking, really. Would love to try Jemma Kidd PawPaw. What brush do you use for cream blush, though? I never seem to find the right one and am currently using a MAC 187 for my Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow, but it just doesn’t feel right. HELP. x

  • WhatRebeccaSaid

    Great post!:) x

  • niks_123

    Just went on the Topshop website and it’s in stock again! Haha – I’ll be picking it up soon 😉

  • xoxpinkypwincessxox

    Your blog had a little makeover! It looks lovely. 🙂 x

  • drivelhead1807

    I have to second the recommendation below for Max Factor’s Miracle Touch cream blush, it’s lovely and works well as a lip colour too I find! As a new follower to your blog I must also compliment you on it and your video entries in particular. You’re so natural in front of the camera!

  • the topshop blush looks really nice, i’ve read other positive reviews on this product before ..tempting!xo

  • Anonymous

    I actually have the Stila Duo which has both Lilium and Gerbera in it and they’re both beautiful and I use them a lot. Another favourites are my Becca Beach Tints – they’re more like a creamy liquid and are really long-lasting and look amazing on the lips as well. Guava is a beautiful bright apricot colour, worth a try 🙂

  • you should try m.a.c’s ladyblush! (:

  • Love Cream Blush! You would love the Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush! <3 its amazing 

  • Deniz

    I love bobbi brown pot rouge in powder pink, i’m sure you’d love that, too (;

  • I love the Maybelline Dream Touch blushes, fab quality for the money!

  • Max Factor do nice cheap cream blushes! Give a really dewy finish but seem to last well. Must get me more in fact.

  • Sarah

    the topshop one is back in stock on the website and in store! ive just bought it 🙂

  • Can’t get enough of cream blushes!

  • beautyandablogger

    Such a big fan of Cream Blushers, especially for Summer 🙂 my favourite is Ladyblush by Mac but the old formula which sucks abit! Nars do nice cream blushers too! xx

  • Makeupbynadia

    Total and utter RAGE, my make up bag was stolen with my Topshop Head Over Heels and it seems to be discontinued I can’t get my hands on it for love nor money. Most beautiful cream blush ever.

  • Makeupbynadia

    Well scratch that I’ve just read the other comments and see that the toppers one is back… is made!

  • Lucy “Wolfie”

    i keep having moments between buying a cream blusher and being petrified of sticking my nail in it! X

  • one thing: i LOVE Gerbera by Stilla! One of my favourite cream blushes too!! 🙂

  • I’m not feeling powder at the moment too! One of my favourite cream blush is the Jemma Kidd one as well, but in the shade pomegranate 🙂 Do you just use your fingers to apply the blush or do you use a brush? xx

  • They have a secret stash of “Head Over Heels” in the Topshop Manchester Arndale. There were at least 10 when I was in there on Monday for anyone who is interested!

  • Jess

    Urban Decay afterglow! I use it everyday in ‘score’! It’s amazing!

  • Sophia Moir

    GOSH Peachy Keen cream blush!


  • Anonymous

    i really want to get round to trying the topshop cream blushes, they always seem to come up in blogs 😀 x

  • Just wanted to say, in the least stalkerish way possible, I saw some of your video’s on youtube and somehow procrastinated my way onto here and you’ve inspired me to start my own blog! 

    I’m really interested in fashion pr, and even though my 1st post is, admittedly, slightly random, i think blogging is the way forward (think I’m probably about 4 years behing the rest of the internet…)
    Anyway thank you, and love the make up advice 

  • Clay

    I love cream blushers they look amazing on the skin ! Loved your post and I am definitely interested in purchasing some Topshop ones ! xx

  • Now i definitely want to try out the topshop cream blushes. 
    Nyx cream blush was one of my january favorites, 
    check out my blog post @ <3

  • Andrea

    I would recommend all of the cream blushers that Topshop have in at the moment, I bought all 4 the other day and love them all! I also have Head Over Heels, wish I’d bougt 2 now as it’s such a lovely colour for summer x

  • Andrea

    Forgot to say, Illamasqua ones are amazing too, have you tried any? x

  • Not a big fan of cream blushes but I wanna try the Stila Convertible ones!

  • Anna Lock

    I love “Ladyblush” from Mac:)

  • Arena17_2003

    Ahh, I’ve been looking at Stila Gerbera for a while now, and after seeing you wearing paw paw I now want that one too! Which do you prefer? Does one seem more orange than the other? I would love to see some fotds. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I can’t use cream blushes because of my skin :/
    Really nice shades!

  • Jeni

    I love a bit of blush. I’ve done a review of the No7 Vital Brights Cream Blush on my blog xxx

  • Afroditi Rou

    i love blush !! i have never tried cream blush due to my oily skin but next month i m visiting london so i m definately going to check those top shop blushes!!every one is raving about them!let’s  hope there will be some interesting colours available!! xxx

  • Guest

    I would love it soooo much and be so grateful if you could check out my new blog which I’m incredibly nervous about (lol!) My first post has been a whats in my bag which I hope you’ll enjoy X

  • Jesse

    Definitely get Dixie cream blush by Illamasqua, I use it on everyone! It would look stunning on your skintone and you get so much product in the pan x

  • Joanna

    Cream blushes are my favvvourite! Love the finish so much better than powder blushes! You should check out ladyblush by mac! its a gorgeous pink thats quite subtle on the cheeks :) 

    Jo x x

  • sophia cook

    I just purchased topshop head over heels, it is so pretty i dont want to touch it
     haha what do you use to apply your cream blushes? 

  • Scarfyko

    I’m also into cream blushes at the moment. Illamasqua ‘rude’ is fantastic. Also MAC’s ‘posey’! Just ordered a few Jemma Kidd cream blushes because they were on sale and I heard they’re great.

  • Lisa Stenberg

    I love the Clarins new Instant Light blushes. Especially the “Vitamin pink” one. It matches so good with the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in rose shimmer!

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  • Emma Delfosse

    I own the Stilla Convertible color in Petunia and absolutely love it! It is my first cream blush and I’m definitely pleased with it!

  • Wendywoo293

    Mac cream blend something special is my fave!!! And lady blush too! 🙂 x

  • Camila

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