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‘What is your job?’ is probably in my top 5 most asked questions to me, so it was about time I sat down and had a little chat about it. My official title is a Beauty PR & Editorial Assistant, so I do a little bit of PR (mainly for bloggers and online media), but more on the editorial side of things, which is basically a lot of writing for various outlets – blog posts, newsletters, all that kind of business. I am very lucky to be doing something which is really my ‘dream job’, but a lot of bladdy hard work went into it! Work hard, keep focused and you’ll get there in the end! If anyone has any questions do pop them below and I will do my best to answer 🙂


  • jopalrose

    Great post. I did wonder what an editorial assistant did an dnow I know! All the hard work pays off if it’s the job of your dreams! Hope you have a lot of success 🙂

  • I want to get into Fashion PR, but there’s a big hoo har with my uni application, not sure if I’ll get in.. If I don’t I’m definitely going to try for an internship. Was there any particular website or company you went through to get yours? You literally have the best job!

    Natalie x
    Trying To Make Fetch Happen

    • Thanks hun! If you look at the link I put in the video that should answer your questions! x

  • Kate

    That sounds a fabulous job! Do you work from home then?

    • Thanks hun! I wish! Sometimes I do, but I’m mostly in the office x

  • Nicola

    I heard you did a video about it, so i can’t wait to watch that! Sounds so intersting, thats also like my dream job so i might find that really interesting 😀 

  • This is what I’d love to do when I graduate so it’s really nice to hear someone’s personal experiences with it – especially as you had an unrelated degree like I do. I’m in my second year at the mo and would love some work experience over summer although I can only work for 2 months really – how close to summer do you think is a good time to be emailing PR companies? xxx

    • I would say about 2 months before – hope this helps! Best of luck! x

  • Clay

    Such a useful post ! Really enjoyed watching the video as well, thank you for doing it ! xx

    • No worries hun, pleased it was helpful x

  • Anonymous

    They say if you enjoy your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. For the most part that’s true, like you say there’s always the slog to get you there. Great video x

  • KayleighJohnson

    Love this post. I graduated in Journalism in the summer and you have my dream job. I can’t wait to have a job I love and you inspired me with this video. Would love for you to have a read of my blog, we seem very similar.



    • That’s great – best of luck hun! x

  • Jade Stobbs

    this is such a wonderful video. i myself am not wanting to join beauty pr as a career but it’s great to see what goes on beyond the companies, and the effort people put in these days especially to include bloggers! you come across as such a nice person, and i love your accent. 

    p.s. definitely agree – working in a bar definitely makes you appreciate bar tenders more. i tip so much more now i’ve experienced it myself. hope you’re well.jade –

    • So pleased that you found it helpful!!!! x

  • What qualifications/training do you need for this kind of job?
    Do you have any tips on trying to get into PR?
    Love the blog x

    • Jacqueline Berry

      Watch her video it answers you questions, the link is:

  • Alvina nosikovsky

    did you do an internship before you got this job? 🙂

  • Susiewalters

    Is is Joliebox you work for?

  • annamarie

    hey anna, I’ve almost finished my first year of uni studying fashion buying/marketing. I love the course but feel I have so much more potential within the beauty industry, blogging and PR. I’m undecided to drop out and focus on a beauty blog. What would you recommend?

  • Alanah

    What did you study in uni? x