A Touch of Luxury

I will admit that aside from tinted moisturisers and cream blushers (post coming on the latter soon), another little side-obsession I have is candles. I’m still in my ‘Yankee’ phase and happily enjoy burning my mega 16 ounce Christmas Cookie candle which fills my room with it’s sickly sweet fumes, however I fancied something a slightly more refined, spa-like even, for pampering evenings. The obvious candle choice for this kind of activity is Diptyque. Originating from Paris in the 1960’s and created by 3 world-famous  artisans, these candles can be pretty costly but after seeing them pop up in a few others favourites I decided that it was worth taking the plunge. There are a few Diptyque stores in London, but your best bet is to look in your nearest Selfridges or Space NK, which is where I got mine from. After having a quick sniff of the range I decided that my first Diptyque candle (yes I’m already planning my second purchase), would be Baies. It’s one of their most famous scents and is a delicate blend of rose and blackcurrant leaves, but to me it just smells fresh, really like my local Space NK store actually! Although when it’s burning the scent of rose comes out and my room smells nice and subtley girly. I can already see that this is going to be a bit of a ‘never-ending’ candle! I burnt it for a fair few hours the other night and the tiniest amount of waxed melted! As I said I’m already planning my next purchase so if any of you have a particular obsession with a Diptyque scent then do let me know below!


  • Hannah Linehan

    I am obsessed with candles! I have so many Yankee Candles! Maybe I can get one of these for my birthday 🙂

  • amy.jenkinson

    You’re so bad for me!!!

    I want everything you post!

    Try the Yankee Mint White Chocolate candle, it’s so gorgeous.

    Hope you’re ok and that you had a lovely weekend with Marco!

    Amy xx

  • Nicola

    I really want some Yankee candles! But this sounds great too, im relaxed just looking at it! 

  • Belfast Blogger

    I’m so intruiged to try a Diptyque candle… The Valentine’s day ‘Roses’ one is on offer at the minute on and I’m sooo tempted to purchase it… Although I think my boyf might kill me for spending £28 on a candle! Descisions decisions 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s my all time face candle! My last one got lost in shipping when I’d only burnt it a handful of times 🙁 can’t wait to have it again.
    Figeurine is also a cult fave! Xx

  • I love this post! I’m a huge candle fan haha! Might have to purchase myself one of these! xx

  • Glitterishallsorts

    I Think diptyque products make wonderful presents because they’re so luxruious and people always seem to love them! I’m always thrilled when I receive one 🙂

  • Amy Pocock

    The Rose Diptyque but boy was it good! I saw you at #ZOMG but you left before I could say hi. You looked fab though! 

  • Really like the sound of these! x

  • Ree

    I know we sell these at work! I show them to customers all the time but never considered getting one myself. Now I think it’s time to 🙂

  • You should try Mimosa! I have it and it smells just great. I’m addicted to diptyque..

  • blondie294

    I’ve seen these dotted about at events and they just make the whole room smell so fresh and not an overpowering ‘candle’ smell either! xx

  • I LOVE scented candles and i think they add quite some luxury into a room! LOOVELY post hun! 🙂

  • Zoe

    These sound really nice. I saw them in Space NK at the weekend but didn’t really look or smell!

  • Abi

    But they are still about £40…

  • I always always burn Vanilla Cupcake by Yankee, but i recently picked up one called “Seychelles”  from The White Company. It’s completely diffrent, i.e. less sweet and more of a clean, perfumed smell (but not overpowering and no hint of alcohol), it’s very spa-like and so fresh! It’s nice to have a super girly-sweet option and a more sophisticated option…because we all like to pretend sometimes 🙂 xxx

  • Bretters Writes Beauty …

    Love pink sands by yankee … REALLY nice fresh vanilla/rose scent!

  • I’m still exploring all the Yankee candles, loving the Vanilla variations at the moment but I think, I will treat myself to a Dipytque. Yours sounds lovely:)

  • Jade Stobbs

    hello!  just letting you (and other readers) know that buyapowa currently has a co-buy for these candles. here: xx (jade, a little lipstick)

  • Cassandra Padgett

    you must be doing quite well at your new job. you deserve a treat! 😉 love the blog! found it a few weeks ago and i watched almost all the videos in one sitting. my husband loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Hi 🙂 I don’t really like candy-like smelling candles! I really enjoy the Aromatherapy Associates’ ones, but I’m currently obsessed with NEOM Luxury Organics… I’ve already tried 3 scents and they ALL lovely… and totally SPA like 😉 (and natural & organic too!!)

  • I love that you posted this! I’ve been seeing these candles every where lately … then I saw the price tag and was curious to see if they were really that great! I’m all about home fragrance so this definitely sounds like a future purchase! :) 

  • Clay

    I am a big fan of candles as well, they really do change the atmosphere of a room ! Looking forward to your cream blushers post ! xx

  • katielouise.evans

    Will definitely be picking this up soon, have never tried the Diptyque range before. Anthropologie have a lovely range of candles!

  • Hayley

    I have the diptyque candle in amber…..gorgeous smell! Really soft, kind of powdery and girlie! The perfumes are lovely too! Xx

  • oddinary

    Try Mimosa! I love Mimosa much better than Baies!

    • Mimosa smells so gooood!

  • Rebekah Coote

    Ah I love scented candles, but the man does not. They give him a headache (rather selfishly) My candle burning is greatly restricted, but I otherwise love to check this out.