Clearing Out Makeup: The Rules


Yes, yes – little ol’ me is bleating on about clearing out, decluttering and storage again. I am like a broken record. But seriously I do love a good tidy-up at the weekend and a few Sunday’s ago when unpacking post-NYC turned into a huge makeup rejig and a bag of clothes for the charity shop later I had learned a few somewhat comical lessons about the whole thing that I thought I would share. If you’d like to see the steps I do when I complete one of my mega clear-outs that goes on for hours when I think it will take about 30 minutes then you can check those out here, but if you want to hear how my last one fared then continue on…

Lesson 1 Why so many glossy red lipsticks? When clearing out my makeup I realised that there were a lot of items that I couldn’t tell you when I last wore, but was keeping them in my possession because they were pretty. Case in point: a MUJI drawer full of glossy finished bold lipsticks and glosses which I never wear because I love my red pouts matter than matte. Don’t worry these will be re-homed to my lippie loving mate, Lauren.

Lesson 2Not having too many brushes is a good thing. Though the amount of times I’ve used a brush that’s previously been dipped into a dark bronze, into a lighter colour and accidentally swiped a much deeper colour than I intended over my lid is quite high, I’m always happy with my streamlined brush collection because it means that it doesn’t take too long to wash them. One episode of Parks & Recreation and it’s done. If you’d like to have a gander at how I wash mine then check out here.

Lesson 3Why must the room get so messy before it gets tidy? Please tell me I’m not the only one with this, but the room has to get about 24 times messier than it was before I started before it reaches the ultimate level of tidiness. It begins to look like you may never be able to see the floor again, but I assure Mark whenever he pops his head round the door looking bemused that it’s organised chaos and I know exactly what each pile contains. It stays like this for the first five hours of cleaning, before it all falls back into place in the last five minutes.

Lesson 4I live for the day that we own a tumble dryer. Seriously. After unpacking we ended up with two clothes airers full of washing and still the washing basket is full to the brim. Do I need a bigger washing basket or a third airer that will make our front room even more harder to navigate and look like a laundry? I’m not sure.

Six hours, one bag of clothes for the charity shop, a bag of makeup for friends and family and a hoovered room later the clear-up was complete. Until next time – I swear my stuff multiples behind my back…