Camera Love

Today has been a very relaxing pyjama-kinda day. As lame as it sounds I have really enjoyed playing around with my new camera, so I thought I would share some snaps. I’ve had a few questions about what camera I use, so let’s address them 🙂 The camera I use is a Canon EOS 600D and for lenses I switch between a Canon EFS 17-85mm for everyday shots and a Canon EFS 60mm for macro pictures. Someone also asked what flash I use and although the inbuilt flash on the Canon is alright, I tend to use a Canon Speedlite 580EX flashgun. I will try to do a review of the camera when I have used it for a bit longer (and know more about photography), as all I can say at the moment is that is lush 🙂 I did try to upload my MAC Lipstick Collection video today, but after the upload failing twice, it is now telling me that it’s going to take 18 hours to finish! Doh! But hopefully Youtube will stop throwing a wobbly and the video will be up soon! 


  • clairabelle0306

    Wow !!! You look amazing hun, stunning, you could seriously be a model, fav camera 🙂

    • Oh wow thanks Claire, that is such a lovely comment to leave 🙂 xx

  • You are so pretty! That bottom left picture reminds me of Miranda Kerr.

    Hope Youtube lets you upload soon. I need something to watch on this Sunday! 😀

    • What a compliment, I absolutely LOVE Miranda Kerr, so thank you hun 🙂 Yes Youtube is still being a bit of a beeyatch, but I will keep trying for you 🙂 xx

  • Excited to read a review on your camera, i’m looking to get one at the minute. 
    Aww i was excited to see the lipstick collection video. Hopefully it will work tomorrow, i’m going shopping on tuesday and I have a huge amount of thing to b2m. 

    • Ohhhh I will try and get the video up asap hun, Youtube is just being a bit temperamental at the moment 🙂 Lucky you, having stuff to b2m 🙂 xx

  • Emma I’Anson

    Love the photos sweetie 😀 you look great. I am considering purchasing this camera. My old canon just doesn’t seem to be doing what it used to. A review is a great idea
    Love love, xoxo Emmy

    • Aw thanks hun! I will try to pop up a review soon 🙂 xx

  • Lauracharlottechelsea

    Babe, you look goreous!
    Honestly Stunning 🙂

    btw; the lipstick turned up on sat morning, thank you so much, LOVE IT 🙂


    • Aw thanks Laura! So chuffed that the lipstick turned up! Pleased you like it! xx

  • Anonymous

    Loving the pictures – amazing quality and you’re looking gorgeous as ever! XX

    • Aw thanks hun! Pleased you like the quality! xx

  • Wow, Vivianna, the pictures are awesome! I  usually play with my Canon 400D so I can imagine your equipment as a very pro one!

    Love the colour of those pictures, especially the collage!
    Do you know a similar program for PC? 
    By the way, I do not get tired of saying you are so stunning…Love, Catanya

    • Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment hun! When I used to have a PC, I used to make collages in Paint (not idea, but did the same job) and I think there are some free programs on the internet if you do a quick google 🙂 xxx

      • Thanks so much! I will do some research. I will let you know if I find something intersting!

        • Yes that would be fab hun 🙂 xx

  • Love the photos! Your camera looks amazing!

  • I’ve been having a PJ day today too! I’ve been considering getting this camera for a while now so I’d definitely love to read your review. You look gorgeous in the photos! 🙂

    Gem x

    • Gotta love the PJ days 😉 Will try and pop up a review soon love so hopefully it will help you make up your mind 🙂 xx

  • Soph@Beautycfw

    You’re such a stunner! Never knew about the Collage Creator Application, shall have a look. xx

    • Aw cheers Sophie, it is so easy! Makes collages so quickly! xx

  • So jealous! lol you look lovely in the pictures xx

  • You look great! I finally figured out how to work my camera yesterday lol. I use the Canon EOS 500D. I’m loving my pictures now! Canon <3 xx

    • Aw thanks hun! Yeah it’s all a bit fiddly at the beginning, but once you get used to it the pictures are amazing! xx P.S) <3 Canon too xx

  • you’re camera looks so lush! 🙂 hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

    • Aw thanks hun! I had an amazing weekend just chilling, hope you has a lovely weekend too xx

  • Mspurplemakeup

    You just look soooo gorgeous on the first photo of the collage. It’s been a total pj day for me too apart from when I walked the beast. I hear you on this camera. Still deciding what to go for! X

    • Aw thank you Mercedes 😉 Ah you have to walk Willow, but you gotta love the chill days! Will try and pop up a review soon love, so hopefully it will help you decide xx

  • Vivalabree

    Gahhh, beautiful camera! GORGEOUS!!!
    I can't wait to see your camera review!
    Check out my super old post about photography @ if you want. :]

    Btw follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)
    xoxo, Bree

    • Thank you hun! Will try and pop up a review soon hun 🙂 Thanks for leaving your link, will check it out when I get home xx

  • S Cookson

    you look beautiful in the pics 😀

  • Aw, you’re so cute!! Glad you’re having fun with your new camera! One day…I think I’m gonna try to invest in one! Ooh! I have a mac…I’ll have to look into making cute collages like the one you’ve shared. 😀

    • Thanks chick – I’m having so much fun with my camera 🙂 xx

  • kallie

    You look like Adrianna Lima on the bottom left hand pic. Stunning.
    Can I ask whats on your lips and cheeks? Is the lipstick Hue, by any chance. You look so fresh.

    • Aw thanks hun, that is so nice of you to say 🙂 On my cheeks I have MAC Melba and on my lips is a MAC lipglass in 2N, which was limited edition but is actually a really similar colour to MAC Hue Lipstick. I actually did a video tutorial on the look, so look out for that as it will be up soon xx

  • rcb38

    Looking very Megan-Foxesque in some of those photos hun 🙂 Think I shall pop off to check out your lippie video xx

    • Oh wow thanks hun! What a compliment 😉 xx

  •  Seriously cool camera, the photo quality is amazing! Also, how insanely blue are your eyes? You pretty thing you! x

    • Aw thanks hun! That was such a nice comment to leave 🙂 xx

  • Ara77

    Great camera, the quality of your pictures is amazing! And you look gorgeous in them as well!!  any chance of a tutorial on the look you’re wearing for the collage photos?? are you wearing makeup at all?! lol it looks so pretty and natural!    :] x

    • Aw thanks hun! I’ve actually just filmed a tutorial on the makeup that I was wearing here – it’s called the everyday makeup #2 🙂 xx

  • Amy Barber

    Love the pics. I just bought a Canon, but trying to find out how to get it to focus when I put something near the camera, if you get me? haha. xx

  • Please PLEASE do a review soon!