The Best Lipgloss of Them All

I’m not a lipgloss girl. The stickiness, gloopiness, hair-stuck-to-the-faceness, it just doesn’t do it for me. However there is one exception to this rule that I have brushed on before, but never given a full rave. It is the Clarins Instant light Natural Lip Perfector, nothing revolutionary going on here as I’m sure you have heard of this product before, but rightly so as it’s amazing! The formula is what I would describe as a ‘bloss’, a mix of a balm and gloss. It is everything that a normal lipgloss isn’t – it’s moisturising, once it wears off my lips feel soft plus it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave that yucky bits at the sides of your mouth (bonus! lol!). Unlike most glosses, the Clarins one comes in a squeezy tube, which I actually prefer – it makes the product more sanitary and means you don’t end up with a ‘sticky gloss wand in the hair’ moment (and trust me that does happen, in fact many things get stuck in my hair, most recently including a pair of headphones…..).

I own the shade I own is 02, Apricot Shimmer. Although it looks like a pretty opaque peachy nude in the tube when on the lips the colour comes out only very slightly. There are some slight shimmers in the formula, but this just adds to the pretty sheen on your lips and it’s barely detectable. Some days I just throw this on my lips alone, but when I’ve got a bit more time I pop this over a lipstick; it works fantastically with MAC’s Myth or Shy Girl underneath as they really help to bring out the glosses true colour. 

Although the gloss now retails for £15, I found it on for £13.50 with free delivery! God I love that website, it’s where I buy all my Xen-Tan from FYI 😉