Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

Sometimes when something drops through my letterbox it gets swooped into my everyday routine quicker than you can say “I love my postman”. And yes I really do. That was the case with Alpha H’s Absolute Eye Complex*. I was coming to the last few squeezes of my Lierac DioptiCalm Anti-Fatigue Eye Balm and with my usual stockist FeelUnique no longer selling it (LookFantastic do have it in stock if you fancy a try), there was soon to be a big eyecream shaped hole in my heart. So I cracked it open immediately and after road-testing it for the last month I’m  finally ready to put fingertips to keyboard and declare my love for it…

The Absolute Eye Complex definitely falls into the ‘gel’ category of eye treatments and is a clear formula that sinks into the skin almost immediately – no sticky residue here – in fact it works nicely with a slick of concealer over the top. Hyaluronic Acid pumps moisture into the area and peptides firm surrounding skin. It’s always a toughie to say whether this lives up to its dark circle busting and fine line reducing claims as time is the biggest teller of that one. But patting on this twice a day, drinking more water than a camel and getting a good eight hours of sleep her night is making me look less ‘baggy’ than before. It’s not without its faults though – the plastic packaging means you can’t see when you’re nearing the end, and as it applies at its best when it’s been in the fridge, I’m now developing quite the beauty counter on one shelf much to my boyfriends confusion. But if you want something cooling, soothing and damn nice to apply – then this is your guy.

I’d say my ideal eyecream combo would be the Alpha H during the day or as almost an eye serum in the night, then with the Lierac in the evening either on its own or layered over the Alpha H for some extra oomph. Sounds dreamy – my eyebags are shirking at the thought. 

*PR Sample


  • Millie

    Great review! Thanks so much for the recommendation! 🙂 ♥

  • Maria

    I actually got this free with Liquid Gold, thought nothing of it at the time, but now I love it! Perfect when you wake up but I find it can be a bit tightening? Maybe that’s because its for wrinkles though. I probably wouldn’t buy it on its own but would definitely go for an Alpha H gift set if this was included!

  • Francesca

    I got a sample of this free through WIMH, but gave it to my Mum as I’m not huge on eye creams and I think the BalanceMe Wonder Eye Cream is fantastic, but maybe ill have to steal it back 😉

  • Sounds like a nice treat for the eyes, I really like the new packaging design Alpha H have created, much sleeker than the old style.

  • I’ve never used an eye gel but this makes me really want to try one!! I keep a ton of skincare in the fridge too, it’s the best for sleepless nights!

    Gem x

  • Ali Rose

    I’ve been looking for a great new eye cream so I might give this one a go!

  • kramer.anne

    Girl, your writing style makes me fall in love with you

  • It sounds lovely!

  • Andrea

    You have the old packaging,it has been in a tube instead for quite a while now.

  • gigi

    I love gel formulations for eye creams. this sounds awesome! thanks for the fantastic review! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Rebecca

    sounds like a really good eye cream, i’m always suffering with under eye circles, so might give this a go.


  • EH

    Sounds amazing, especially after Ive had a few days with no sleep!


  • mrs_kaplan

    you should get a mini fridge for all your “better when chilled” beauty products! thanks for the review!

  • jess

    this sounds great i love eye creams, at the moment i am working through the origins ginzing 😀

  • I’ve always wanted to try something from Alpha H and this sounds lovely. This may just be the product to make me take the plunge! xxx

  • BeautyAndTheMinibeasts

    Great review Anna I am so tempted by this one. I am almost out of my Avene soothing eye contour cream so may give it a go next! Another one to add to the list : ) x

  • Kenza

    I may have to give this a go, seeing as I’m on a hunt for an eye cream to battle my serious dark circles!

  • Tamara Lois

    Ha! Every word makes me love this post even more, but in all seriousness, does this really work? Girl constantly suffering with tired eyes over here *points to self*

  • Carrie

    I tried a sample of this last year & I definitely think it helped my dark circles. I purchased some recently which was the old packaging where you could see how much was in it, it’s a shame they changed that. I love this & the Alpha H Liquid Gold.