A New Lick of Paint

Oh dear, there I go breaking the number one rule of beauty blogging: ‘Thou shalt not use a new product until it has been photographed’. Darn it. But when the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Stay-on Shadow Paints* arrived at Chéz VDM, how could I resist a play? These actually made an appearance pre-Christmas, so in I bundled them into the makeup bag and off I lugged them around on my festive travels, and after whipping them out for a number of occassions, including NYE, I have to say I’m very impressed…

My bugbear with creamy eyeshadow formulas is that they usually crease like a wotsit on my lids, are difficult to apply and don’t last. And as cheesy at it sounds all these problems fall by the wayside with these newbies from good ol’ Estée Lauder. No creasing, nada – even with no primer to be seen. They apply cleanly and evenly with a flat eyeshadow brush, blend out with a fluffy one and last the whole day (or night, in my case) without any touching up needed. I have the shades Steel, a gunmetal grey that has remained untouched (silvers will never ben my thang), Chained, a warm brown with bronzed shimmer and Pink Zinc, a champagne gold. On first impressions I thought Pink Zinc would be ‘the one’, but after getting a little blendy with Chained (see photo above, complete with hairy nose close-up, gotta love macro) it’s the clear winner out of the three. Two things to note. These paints have an almost cream to powder texture, so after applying to the lid get blending immediately cause they dry damn fast and once it’s in place it does not move. I learnt this the hard way. Also because of the dried-down finish, it looses some the wet-look shimmer it has when it first applies. Just a warning for diehard sparkle lovers.

The Estée Lauder Pure Colour Stay-on Shadow Paints are out and about at counters or Estée Lauder online now and will take you back £19, pricing them a smidge higher than a MAC Paint Pot but just under a CHANEL Illusion D’Ombré. My advice? Want a ridiculously large colour range? Go for MAC. Super shimmery? Plump for CHANEL. If longevity is your desire? Estée Lauder. Then all that’s left to do is paint by numbers.

*PR Samples


  • Francesca

    These are all so gorgeous! I have both the MAC and Chanel ones but find they don’t really do what I want them to, these look perfect 🙂 you look lovely too!

  • Selina

    Hi Vivianna, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you for all the effort you put into this blog. I honestly check your blog everyday sometimes even before I get out of bed. You are a breath of fresh air to read and I will definitely be checking out these eyeshadows soon. Have a great day 🙂

  • Anna

    It looks so lovely! Can’t wait for those to come out!xxx Anna

  • Emilie Garnes

    Wow! I have to try these, looks absolutely gorgeous! xx Em

  • Claudia

    ohh, these look gorgeous! I have a problem with creasing too, so I’d really like to give these a go.
    would it be possible to get a close-up look of Pink Zinc on your eyes? I’m always so tempted by the lighter eyeshadow colors 🙂

  • oh… Chained ist absolutely lovely… I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on it here… And I love the macro 🙂 Your eyes look beautiful.

  • whateverzoewants

    Can’t wait for an amazing drugstore dupe on these:)x

  • jhon baraham

    Happy New Year..

    Very Useful information, this is both good reading for, have quite a few good key points and I learn some new stuff from it too.

    McDesert Safari

  • These look so lovely! I have a massive problem with shadows creasing on me, so these look perfect. And I have no problem seeing used make-up in photos, just shows you’re actually trying and testing things!

  • Ellie Smith

    These look beautiful! The Chanel ones are on my shopping list but I think I might swap it for these now. I know what you mean about silvers, Chained is such a beautiful colour, it looks amazing on you!xx

  • Bella

    Oy, telepathy. I just bought two Benefit Creaseless cream shadows (RSVP and Birthday Suit) and two paint pots (Painterly and Constructivist) this morning, and now you come with this. I’m going to pretend that the ones I’ve got are just as cool ;). Lovely post, and I really enjoy your blog too: it’s like hanging out with a girlfriend in her boudoir :).

  • joysteib

    Such gorgeous colors and so beautiful on you!!! Would love to try them out but joy”old” boy has handcuffed my hands from the bank book for a while!! HAHA!!! Not for long after seeing these!!!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Those look lovely, I really like the look of chained. But I hope this new release won’t mean the double wear cream shadows will be discontinued.

  • OMG, that eyeshadow just made for you! I think it’s just last glossy touch in makeup 4 u, since you are not an eyeshadow fan:)

  • They are gorgeous!

  • Millie

    Such gorgeous colours! I love to use cream eyeshadows so these are things I may have to pick up in the near future!! Great eye makeup too by the way! 🙂 ♥

  • MCC

    I really liked the look! I love cream products, no falling out and you don’t need a brush (yea)! Just one question, is the shimmer like sparkle/glitter or a nice pearly finish? I’m not a major glitter fan and the channel were too sparkly for me. Would that be a good alternative?

  • Jo Mc

    Thanks for sharing this! Im not a big fan of cream eyeshadows but this looks devine! 🙂

    Jo x

  • Great post, Anna! I wonder if it would last on my oily eyelids…

  • jess

    i love products like these, they are so easy to apply and last on me all day 😀 reat post 😀

  • Andreanne X

    That sounds so lovely! I have no problem with photos of used products, I don’t understand why it’s a big deal to some people! They look just as wonderful to me x

  • Really lovely post! The cream eyeshadows look like fab colours!

  • Liora

    These look amazing! Chained looks like my perfect colour!

  • Beth Bradley

    These look amazing Anna!

    Beth @

  • katherine.parkes

    loved this! your writing style is second to no-one 🙂 x

  • Louise Amelia

    Excuse me while I go spend all my money.. Oh dear, oh dear..

  • Jill

    I never understood the rule of not breaking into a new product before taking a photo… It’s far more interesting to see something being used and how it will actually look for most of the time! Love the copper tones of the shadow x

  • These are pretty! I tend to stray from creams because of how easily they crease but maybe I’ll have to try these if they don’t 🙂

  • I’m hearing some great things about these, they look stunning. x

  • Kirsty

    I love Chained its a perfect night out eyeshadow with a red lip!

    I have just started a blog and would love if you came to check it out!

  • Ali-Rose

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Quite expensive so I’m going to try and recreate something similar using the naked palette first but if no luck I might have to go out and get for myself 🙂

  • I tend to break the same photographing rule, but I don’t mind as sometimes pictures of used products (especially gels or creams!) look far more interesting 😉

    These look really gorgeous! Estée Lauder always has the best quality, last year I tried out more of their products and they keep surprising me..

  • Looks stunning on you! xo

  • These look GORGEOUS! I may have to treat myself to one of these if I get the job I want! 😀 X

  • Alice Byers

    Are these possibly to replace the double wear cream shadows? I recently bought one in a sale somewhere for £9 and absolutely love it. If these are similar, I’m definitely interested!