The Best of 2012 #2

It feels like another day, another favourites video these days. But I ain’t complaining, “bring me more“, I yell out loud as I scoff down on my Youtube subscription feed. This time it’s the turn of my body, hair and skincare winners to take centre stage and once again its an  obvious picking. I won’t ruin the (non) surprise for you, but I’m sure you’ll be able to play the guessing game once again as you watch through. As people have already requested in the comments, expect to see a disappointing dirges video pop up soon to even out all this raving.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links, descriptions and product bumf and I promise that next time I’ll have a little something different up my sleeve…


  • JoySteib

    I have tried the Soap & Glory 3 in 1 Daily Detox (Plum) and Soap & Glory Clean on Me and I am in love with them!! I can’t wait to try other Soap & Glory products as well. My next purchase to try is the Bioderma which I am dying to test out from all the talk and I take all your recommendations seriously and know you won’t lead me astray!! Thanks again for sharing all of your favorites for 2012!!!!!!

  • babywarren

    You don’t have to find something different to talk about 😉 This way we know you really enjoy the stuff! Oh..I’d love a “disappointments” video too!

  • Hi Anna ! I just wanna say i love your blog, you’re doing such an amazing job with it, it’s really my beauty shot each day to drop by and enjoy the new post. I had a little question, i’ve wanted to buy the Emma Hardie cleansing balm for sooo long but i’m afraid it’s a bit rich for my skin type. I have a combination skin with some oily moments in the month…

    Could you give me your opinion since you’ve tried it and seemed to have enjoyed it. (sorry for my english, it’s a little rusty, i’m from france).



  • Kirsty Hill

    I love soap and glory bodycare it’s my favourite! 🙂
    I have just started a blog and would love if you came to check it out! :)

  • Millie

    Great video! I will definetly have to try some of the products that were featured as they all seem amazing! I hope you had a great new year and that 2013 brings you all the luck and happiness you deserve! 🙂 ♥

  • Beth Bradley

    Can’t wait to watch this. You’re recommendations are always great Anna!

    Beth @

  • Francesca

    Definitely want to try out some of the skincare stuff you mentioned! Great video 🙂

  • Siddalee

    Amazing!! So many products I am dying to get my hands on and try. Can’t wait for more in 2013, keep up the great work!

  • Emma (

    I love your hand writing. 🙂 random but I had to tell you. x

  • Denise F.

    Your handwriting!!!!<3

  • Ellie

    I don’t have much of a budget but I always trust the products you recommend so I want to start investing in some 🙂 – Personally, I would love to see a video or maybe just a blog post on blogging, and how you have set yours up and everything. I love your layout and for 2013 I wanted to start my own blog but I don’t really know where to begin! I’m sure there are other people on the same boat so if you did make a post/video on this I would be very grateful 🙂 – All the best for 2013 x

  • Nathalie Jamar

    your hair looks great in this video! Making me want to make my ombre more obvious. Love hearing about your favorites – especially skin care!

    thanks for sharing!

  • Suzie959

    Hi Anna… you mentioned you said you think you’ve found an eye make up remover slightly better than Bioderma. What is it? I’m finding that for some mascaras Bioderma’s not doing the job! Thanks, Suzie

  • Abbie Woodnutt

    Definately want to try out some of the things you mentioned! x

  • Lucy

    Can’t wait to try the molecule 1 perfume, sounds amazing!