Your Bare Leg Panic Over

I don’t quite know how this new-ish launch from Vita Liberata has managed to go pretty undetected under the rave radar because it’s bloomin‘ good. It’s their Capture The Light in Latte Light; a makeup/skincare/tanning hybrid that ticks all the boxes and has me wanting to expose flesh left, right and centre (oh er), just so I’ve got an excuse to use it.

It works as a tinted lotion that leaves everything looking sun-kissed with a hint of coverage that unifies it all up – I’ve fallen in love. It’s all the best bits of all my favourite instant tanners bottled in one: with the tint of the Rimmel Sunshimmer, the coverage of MAC Face and Body and the subtle glow of Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse Or. Four to six pumps do a limb and leave me feeling brave enough to bare ’em without any other prior tanning attention. I apply with my hands for the best blended effect and have no fear for it washes down the drain without staining your palms unlike others (yes I’m looking at you Sunshimmer) Think J.Lo-like. It makes me feel so kick-ass I’ve been known to apply it, whip on a skirt and stalk around the house just because which has made for some bemused stares from the neighbours.

Of course there’s a catch and as is an all too frequent occurrence in this beauty game – it’s price. At £29.95 from Cult Beauty for a not-that-beefy bottle, it pushes it into the more ‘special occasion’ barrier, which is a real bummer because if that wasn’t the case I’d happily slap this on everyday. But for now it’s strictly reserved for when the spring skirt comes out to play, which thanks to the lovely UK weather isn’t exactly everyday. *wallet emits a sigh of relief*

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