You Guys Are Naughty….

Yep, you all deserve a thorough ticking off, well perhaps those of you that recommended the following product to me! I read all my comments, some make me laugh or go ‘ah that’s nice’, but the one’s where people recommend things, I always etch those on to my mental shopping list 😉 Sometimes they sit on that list for months, other times they niggle away till I purchase and that’s what happened with this. Yes I caved and spent a ridiculous amount of money on a glorified nail polish base coat – but hey, I blame you!

If you read my ‘Natural Nails nails post, then you would have seen how I have been rockin’ the plain nails recently. I haven’t actually worn nail polish for almost 2 weeks now! Although my nails aren’t in awful condition, they are quite prone to breaking and flaking (ew), so a ridiculous number of you recommended me the OPI Nail Envy. This is supposed to be a treatment for your nails which hardens and strengthens them, ‘restores them back to full health’ I guess you could say. It’s a clear polish that you layer on daily then take off at the end of the week for longer, stronger nails and then can use as a base coat when paired with coloured polish. After a bit of googling, I have seen some ridiculous effects with this – people claim to have what can only described as talons after using this for around a month! Others have complained about yellowing nails so I will be careful to remove it and start afresh every week. The only downside of this is that it costs a whooping £18! I know you can get it imported from the US on ebay cheaper but I needed some instant nail gratification so I picked this up from Boots. So thank you everyone for the egging on and I will be sure to update you with my thoughts soon 🙂 


  • Ow can not wait to see if it works! Hope it does may invest in this if it does 🙂 My beauty blog is xxxx

  • I think i might also have to add this to my shopping list…

    Tahira x

  • Rosanna van Dijk

    definitely keep us updated, I am desperate to sort out my flaky (eek!) nails!

  • Gréte T

    If you end up lovin’ it then I will buy it as well. So definitely keep us updated! 🙂 kisses from Estonia!

  • Yikes, £18 is a lot! I haven’t worn polish since New Year but that’s only because I’ve been so busy revising for uni exams – so not really through a conscious decision, I just haven’t had the time lol.  I’ll definitely be painting them for the weekend though xx

    • Very expensive, but I’ll keep you updated 🙂 xx

  • Sophie neal

    I use Sally Hansen miracle strengthener – I swear by it! Its around £9 so a little cheaper, but I havent had any trouble with it. I love it! xxx

    • Might have to give that a go! xx

  • Anonymous

    Eek that’s a lot but could potentially be worth it. Looking forward to hearing the results. x

    • Will keep you updated 🙂 xx

  • I usually use Mavala 002 base protective coat (i think this is the name!) and it works great for me! I had gel nails last year and when I removed them, my nails were like paper 😉 and I kept using that base coat (and my beloved OPI nailpolishes) and my nails are pretty strong now 😀 no gel required 😉 Have you ever tried Mavala?!
    That being said, of course I’d love t hear your thoughs on Nail Envy (since I love OPI!) 🙂 xx 

  • Kate

    I get mine from a seller called*sallybee* on eBay. Bought Nail Envy from her many times and never disappointed.  She charges around £13 which is a bit more bearable. Worth it though as this stuff is literally amazing. Talons is the word!

  • Laura

    I really need something like that. If only it was cheaper.
    Ah well I shall add it to the list of things I can buy when I win the lottery.
    Love your blog btw xoxo

  • Looking forward to hearing whether it’s worth the £18! As a side note, my nails were in an awful condition last month, so I picked up some sainsbury’s own hair, skin and nail tablets on the off chance they might help the peeling/breaking/horrible colour. I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin, but my hair growth is a lot faster after a month, and my nails are amazing now! all for under a fiver 🙂

    • Good idea – will give that a go! xx

  • Ellysmakeupbag

    I always had the worse brittle nails that never grew, this product is a miracle it makes them strong and long, now i have my shellac on, but when i have bare nails i ONLY use this and its the best!

    • So excited to see if it works on me! xx

  • Farzana

    Glad you caved in sweetheart, it's amazing! 🙂 x

  • I got Nail Envy in the mail last week haha, mine was only £11 from a UK seller though 🙂 so far I am loving it! xxx

    • Eeee I’m liking it so far too! xx

  • Its such a loverly polish though : ) xxx

  • pumbush

    i defiantly need something like this! might have to invest xx

    • I’ll keep you updated 🙂 xx

  • Nail Envy is a lot cheaper on QVC, I shop online so I don’t have to watch the shows! I also get my Liz Earle from there as the sets are amazing value for money 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love this stuff. You can get it on Amazon for about £12 but having used it for 2 months now I would pay full price for it. It doesn’t do much to start with, you’ll see improvements within 2 weeks but its after the month mark when it really starts to make a difference! My nails have never been as naturally long without breaking or peeling and they are in the best condition they have ever been in. The natural white tips are much whiter and thicker too! Keep going with it you’ll love the results! I did a little review too if you’d like a read: 

    • So excited to see if it works for me 🙂 xx

  • Abby Smith

    Never heard of this but it does sound amazing! I now blame you for me wanting it so bad 😛 

  • Amy

    £18?!?!?! Holy moly it’d better be good for £18! 


    Worth trying this out, thanks 🙂 Will add it to my mental wish list xx

    • Haha sorry to add to it love! xx

  • I’ve never seen it around before but I’ll keep an eye out for this now. Thanks!

  • Charlotte’s Obsessions

    This is far more than a glorified nail base coat! This is simply amazing, I can not put it into words! It is worth every single penny and MORE! x

    • So excited to see if it works for me! xx

  • Cheryl Richardson

    Oh no! £18 on just one bottle? QVC have the best OPI deal on Nail Envy:
    This might make you a bit sick!
    OPI Twice the Envy £16.77 
    OPI Matte Nail Envy Duo £16.75 
    OPI Perfect Partners Nail Envy and Avoplex Duo £19.00 
    OPI Nail Envy & Maintenance Nail Envy Duo £18.25 

    I bought the Twice the Envy set to get the original and matter version. This is the only base coat I use and I love it. The matte one especially because you’re nails genuinely look naked, not just shiny naked.

    I’m tempted to get the Avoplex duo set next time, but I won’t be buying anywhere else – nowhere does them at these prices.

    • Haha next time I’ll give that a go – thanks for the tip! xx

  • Rachel Bell

    This stuff has literally saved my nails more than once, good choice girl 😉

    • Excited to see if it’s gonna work for me 🙂 xx

  • Anonymous
  • Miss Melissa Wiseman

    I have to use this 24/7 due to years of having false nails . . . and I LOVE IT !  You can find it cheap if you shop around . Defo go for the Avoplex set as the oil smells yummy .

    x .

  • Ria

    John Lewis have a promotion on currently where you get the Nail Envy with a RapiDry top coat (full size) free. Just saw this online yesterday for anyone looking to buy!

  • Lucy

    I really want to try this but I’m always put off by the price. Although I have probably managed to spend more than £18 in cheaper options that didn’t work already:P Such amazing logic…
    You’ll have to let us know how you get on with this 🙂

    Makeup for Biochemists


  • Silvia Quirós

    I didn´t know this nail polish in partiuclar, thanks for sharing!

  • Jessheath1

    I have this an it’s working wonders on my nails.  Goodbye weak flakey nails. x

  • ella gauntlett

    cant wait to see the results! xxx

  • Zoe

    I want this, but it’s just so damn expensive!!

    • I know – that put me off for ages too! xx

  • Natasha Davies

    Your nails just looked perfectly manicured a naturally flawless ^U^ I can never get my nails all the same shape … soooo frustrating !!! 

    But shall have to pick up Nail Envy now >U< 

    • Thanks hun! All down to a bit of filing here and there 🙂 xx

  • MDR Make Up

    I’m so excited to see how it turns out!! 

  • Gem

    This sounds fab! I’m considering getting it but will definitely wait to see what you think of it first, £18 is a lot for a nail product!

    Gem x

    • Will keep you updated 🙂 xx

  • Xobrunettebarbie

    Wow pretty cool! 


  • Mariana

    I got this as a gift a long time ago, I wish I would’ve used it properly so I could of gotten some of the “talon” effect haha.

    • Haha! Yeah it’s good so far 🙂 xx

  • charlotte_queen

    ahh i’ve been tempted to get this for ages but its a bit pricey at around 22$… my nails are pretty fragile so i may try this out sometime soon! keep us posted on how it works for you! 

  • The Revitanail also works similarly to the OPI nail envy… I used to do 1 week of it every few weeks just to keep my nails healthy 🙂
    Ps: I keep a mental shopping list too.. and I can tell you that the products you recommend are always at the top of this list! After your Jemma Kidd guidance I am always going to be keen to see what you advise 🙂 xx

    • Will keep you updated hun! xx

  • Jo

    I’ve also been enjoying wearing natural nails, but uh the are definitely suffering like yours. I actually have OPI Nail Envy at home, I think I’ll start using it again after reading your post – thank you for reminding me! xx

    • Yes do – it’s working for me so far! xx

  • Tash

    This is my favourite base coat! 


    • Yay! Hope it works for me 🙂 xx

  • Jennifer

    I have bottles and bottles of this stuff everywhere. Pretty much every time I buy a kit from QVC, they put a bottle in the kit so if it is something you end up liking, sign up to QVC because it can work out pretty bargainous. I have spend under £30 before and got 3 bottles of colour, a shatter, nail envy and a travel tube of avoplex oil! This is the kit but I got it when it was the TSV and it was done in 3 auto delivery drops so you ended up with 3 versions with different colours. You are meant to use Nail Envy every other day so you bottle should last a little longer. You can put it over polish too.

  • Cristina

    Hey Vivanna!!! 🙂 Love your blog! Could you please do a video o a blog entry on how you do your nails? On your manicure routine from start to finish! hehe

    thank you!! xoxo

    • Kassandra O’Brien

      I would also love to see a video blog on a manicure routine.  Your nails always look perfect!

    • Will try and do this soon 🙂 xx

  • Dragon Mommy

    Interested to see your review on this… my nails are in bad condition at the mo and I am yet to find something that can help them.

    Holli x
    Enter my giveaway!

    • Will keep you updated 🙂 xx

  • I’ll have to give this a try! I know Butter London has something similar called Horse Power that I’ve used before and LOVE! I always get comments on my nails and how they look like I went to a salon so you may want to try that as well? 🙂

  • Hannah Wood

    I love how to blame your commenters for making you buy this! Well now I’m blaming you for making me buy it! :) 
    Managed to get a Mini version from Ebay to try it out! Here’s to healthy nails!

  • Kassandra O’Brien

    I naturally have nice fast growing nails.  But one problem I have always had is if I paint my nails too often they will start to peel and break.  I have never found a solution for this so in the past I would just paint my nails occasionally instead of all the time.  A few months ago I thought I’d give a base coat a try.  I picked up Essie’s protein base coat.  The results are remarkable!!  My nails NEVER peel anymore.  I can wear polish continuously for weeks with no worries and the staining from dark colors has been reduced.  Anyways, I am definitely going to try this one as well, but I just wanted to pop this up here in case this one doesn’t work out for you the Essie protein base coat is another option to try.

  • Sophia Moir

    Yaay, glad you like it so far! Your nails look lovely 🙂 I know it’s £18 but it does last for ages!


    • Thanks hun! I’m the second week in now and I couldn’t recommend it enough! x

  • angelamarie_beckett

    Oooh i might have to invest in this FINALLY if you have good experiences with it 🙂

  • louweevil_bella

    Try Rimmel’s ‘nail rescue’ clear polish. I have the bad habit of picking of my nail varnish some times but this stuff sorts out my nail problems cause by that within a few days (though it recommends you use it for two weeks i never need to). 

  • Holliegalvin

    I picked this up a few days ago and just wrote a post. Its definitely working wonders for my nails and have never seen them as long! I went for the matte version as it works as a great top coat too:)

  • Freya

    You should buy it on amazon, it is only £8 so you save yourself £10. Also, seche vite i only £5.50 instead of £10!

  • Giulia Viti

    If you’re ever in the mood to try something different, I recommend Dior’s crème abricot! It’s darn expensive but it’s a real pleasure to put it on and you do see the effect in the time of few days 🙂

  • Have heard that it`s the only thing that can really make your nails grow.