The Weekend Post #7: The Blow-Dry

‘The Weekend Post’ series took a little holiday for Christmas but today it’s back with vengeance! I’ve had a nice and relaxing weekend, some nice lay-ins littered with a few champagne cocktails last night and then a pamper day today – it’s pretty much my perfect weekend! Of course I did do a bit of re-organising (as always) – god knows how I always find something to sort out. However after ‘batiste-ing’ by hair beyond it’s limits last night it was time for a nice wash so I decided that a little hair SOS would be my focus this weekend.

First up – the wash! For that I used the Bumble and Bumble Let It Shine Shampoo. I’m still in love with the Ojon Volume Advance range but I’m running a little low so I’m trying to ration it out for special occasions, but the Bumble and Bumble seems to be doing a good job of cleaning my locks. For conditioner, I used the Phyto Express Conditioner – this stuff is supposed to work a treat for extremely damaged hair so I was expecting it to be thick and butter like, however it came out quite watery but adds a nice bit of moisture to my hair and it felt pretty smooth afterwards. Thumbs up. Then I decided to go for the full-on, hour-long, arm aching bonanza that is blow-drying my hair. I usually just run my fingers through my hair and give it a rough dry which leaves my hair in an ok state and takes around 20 mins, but today I fancied doing a proper blow-out. I popped in some Moroccan Oil and the Lee Stafford Heat Protection spray and got to work with a large round brush and my hairdryer. I’m sure you know the drill – section up your hair and then run each section through the brush and roll the brush back down so it’s like your hair is sitting in one big fat curler. With my hair now in (desperate) need of a cut this is the only way to get some kind of shape in it. A bit of volume at the roots with some nice waves nearer the ends, I even styled it in a centre-parting! Woo too much change for one day, I need to sit down! 


  • Vivianna your hair always looks gorgeous no matter what you do to it! X

  • Jennifer Horsburgh

    When my hair gets to the lenght yours is at I will be fully content with it. Long hair takes so much grooming, and don’t get me started on hair drying it, my arms ache so bad afterwards! Beautiful as always lovely!xxx

  • Looks gorgeous! I much prefer my Babyliss Big Hair for this kind of thing, much less of a ‘bonanza’ that way 🙂 x

  • Fi

    your hair is LITERALLY incredible! phew.
    I’ve been eyeing up the Ojon range, worth the money?
    Looking fab anyway

    • Thank you love! Yes love the Ojon range xx

  • If I had your hair I think I would just stroke it all day. And probably tie it up in a ponytail so I could ‘accidentally’ whip people with it when I turned round quickly. Looks gorgeous 🙂 xx

    • Sometimes I do that – don’t tell anyone 😉 xx

  • pinkiepod

    ah your hair is fabulous! definitely the length I want to get to.


  • Hahaha oh yes the arm-aching bonanza everytime I attempt to proper blow dry my hair! Love pamper weekends xx

    • Me too – pamper weekends ftw! xx

  • Anonymous

    I just literally finished blow drying my hair.

    I had a pamper day also and used the Dove nourishing oil conditioner and left it in my hair for forty five minutes, rinsed it out and used my Loreal Hot Straight Hair followed by Moroccan Oil before drying…my hair feels amazing!

    Thanks for suggesting the Dove conditioner and the Morrocan Oil, I’ve only used them once but I’m so pleased with the results.

    I’m now off to make a Cuppa and watch Come Dine With Me..rock n roll!

  • Farzana

    Your hair looks beyond healthy! It's so glossy and sleek. 🙂 x

  • Nicki _ 96

    I always blow dry my hair, i need volume in my hair haha! It must be a nightmare for you to do your entire head. You looks so gorgeous on your photo! And im loving your new curtains(: 

  • Make Up by Marissa – Norwich

    I love blow drying my hair! (Definitely works out the arms!)

    I’d really recommend blow drying your hair upside down. It’s an age old technique but it really does a great job of getting volume in your hair! 

    I love your blog Vivianna!!! 

  • Wow, I never realised how long your hair was! The centre parting looks lovely x

  • Izzyroxyoursox11

    Arghhh! your hair is so shiny and gorgeous! 🙁 x

  • absolute dream hair! think it looks lovely in a centre parting 🙂

  • Ellysmakeupbag

    Your hair is divine, just like Rapunsel and it doesn’t look damaged at all, don’t cut it haha!

  • Your hair looks so lovely!

  • Aww, I’m completely sickingly jealous of your hair! My hair makes my face look like a box at the minute! 


  • Gem

    Your hair looks gorgeous Anna!! I’m so envious of your lovely long hair, I can’t wait until mine grows longer!!

    Gem x

  • Mushy

    Like the jumper in the pic. Is it from Topshop?

  • your centre parting looks really nice, ive been far side for years so feels wonky if i try it centred. whats the shorted your cut your hair? i think it would look really nice boob length or even collar bone length if you were daring x

  • Your hair looks great, I’m so jealous of the length!

    Mine needs cutting too, I’m so bored of it now. The centre parting looks really nice on you though. xx

  • Major hair envy! It looks so glossy! xx

  • Boscy

    Love your weekend posts. I generally tend to do lots of nice pampering things on the weekends (like taking Lush baths and cleaning my brushes) but as I'm reading this on the train I'm very much enjoying reading about your pampering in place of my own xx

  • jade hewitt

    your hair is too beautiful!!

  • awh you so lucky! if i blow dried my hair like this on a Sunday, my hair would be so lank, bed head and slightly greasy (from the product) by monday morn! oh how the other half live 😉 xxx

    • Haha! Dw mine looked well wonky by Monday morning too 😉 xx

  • Your hair looks gorgeous!
    I always sleep funny on my hair and it looks mad the next day! x

  • s-a

    love the hair!!! just wanted to ask if you might remember where the sweater you’re wearing is from please? looks pretty comfy:)

    • Thank you love! It’s from Topshop, post coming soon! x

  • Hi, my hair is not quite as long as yours.. but like you I try and take care of it.. As your not processing it or dying it do you think you need those more expensive shampoo’s etc? I ask, because I’ve been thinking of buying some those more expensive ranges, but wonder if it can do anymore than using something like coconut oil? Which is suppose be one of the best yet is fairly cheap.

    • Yes I have been liking Ojon stuff at the moment – but my one hair pick would be Moroccan Oil 🙂 xx

  • you like a proper model 😀 xx

  • kellykellitsa6

    love the centre-parting!

  • Chloe Knight

    Your hair is gorgeous, how is it so long! I’m currently growing mine but thinking about extensions until I get the length I want 🙁 

  • Your hairs lovely! Wish mine would grow that long 🙂

  • your hair looks fab! lovin the volume it has x

  • Anonymous

    Wow your hair is so long!

    Please check out my new blog when you get a chance. I have just posted a haul from today.

    Lauren x

  • Anonymous

    I envy your hair! It looks so healthy in comparison to my withered locks might have to give this a go! X

  • Your hair looks gorgeous! Really healthy looking.
    Makeup for Biochemists


  • Jodie Moores

    Your hair is beautiful, so long and it such good condition!
    i love it.. 

  • Guest

    your hair is gorgeous! wish mine were that long 🙂

  • WOW! Your hair is so nice and shinny! Lovely post

  • Abby Smith

    Your hair is so amazing!! Always looks so shiny. x 

  • I think I might need to invest in some high end shampoos and conditioners, your hair looks lovely! However, I have to wash my hair every day so it would get rather expensive! Maybe I should get some that does repair, like Moroccan Oil, and use it only at weekends or something?

    • Yes Moroccan Oil all the way! xx

  • Annie

    serious hair envy here! your hair is BEAUTIFUL! xoxo

  • heidi dowd

    Your hair looks absolutely fantastic! So glossy! 
    My hair is much shorter than yours, and I still don’t have the patience to blow dry it properly xx

  • You (and your hair) look bloody gorgeous! Check out my blog post Youtube Girl Crushin’ – you feature in it 🙂 xx 

  • Jaydee Ford

    Gorgeous healthy hair! Would love my hair to be shaped like yours it’s beautiful, but I have to use extensions which never give the same effect!!

  • Lindsay McMullen

    Keep up the middle part! It looks fab on you and not many people can pull it off. Also, I was the one that commented a few weeks ago and asked what my boyfriend’s mom should pick up for me in England. She brought me the 17 lipstick in the shade Beehive and I have worn it everyday since! I love the Barry M nail paints too. Thanks for the suggestions. xoxo

    • Thank you love! So pleased you liked my recommendations! xx

  • Mariana

    Looks AMAZING! I would kill for your hair haha.

  • Makeupbyrubina

    Waw i love your hair doll, it looks very healthy.

  • charlotte_queen

    the center part looks so good on you 🙂 i recently changed to middle part as i wanted to switch it up without doing anything too drastic. your hair always looks so healthy, so glad you share your secrets with us!  


    Hair looks gorg! i’ve just done a review on a cheaper alternative of moroccan oil… check it out 🙂

  • It looks great, I have no patience for doing a decent blowdry, I suck! I love how it feels after and how long it lasts though!

  • Anonymous

    i’m not going to lie, i’ve looked at this post about 4 times because i can’t get over just how gorgeous your hair looks. love, love, love the centre parting, how shiny it is and the amount of volume you’ve got! you do realise posts like this leave you with a lot of envious readers!! 😉 xx

  • Ooh you look gorge! I’m a bit jealous though as I’ve never quite mastered the blow dry. I love the effect it gives when I get it done at the salon, but when I give it a go I ALWAYS end up getting the brush stuck in my hair and then nearly crying at the thought that I’ll have to get it cut out ha. A video of how you get it looking so lovely would be quite nice?xxx

  • Looks amazing, definitely keep the centre part!

  • Your hair is such a gorgeous length, very envious! x

  • Your hair is so shiny, it’s gorgeous. Unfortunately shine is pretty much unattainable for blondes! You should keep the centre parting, it really suits you! x

  • Nicola McGregor

    You are beautiful! x

  • Jay Anne

    Gorgeous hair! I love your hair color and the cut is very nice too.

  • You are absolutely gorgeous and as unbelievable as it is, your hair is even more so! I didn’t pay enough attention to you hair care video, but I think I will go back and mimic your every step!

    Oh, and I REALLY like the center parting on you. You pull that off very well!

  • elly.has.msn

    Your hair goes on forever! I’m very jealous :p

  • Katie Ann

    Your hair is amazing so long and shiny !! I can sympathize with you when it comes to the  arm-aching mission of blow drying as my hair is naturally curly but I wear it straight, blow drying is gruelling!!

    Katie xoxo

  • jenniferhunt0

    Your hair’s looking silky smooth as always – soo jealous! xx

  • Arena17_2003

    Your hair is seriously gorgeous, as are you!

  • Alice Byers

    Wow! I wish I had the talent to get my hair looking like this – impossible! You look lovely xx

  • nikkiturnbull

    Your hair is beautiful! I’m feeling very jealous and off to giving my own hair evil stares in the mirror! xoxo

  • Lipstick-fridays

    I love the top your wearing in this post – Ive been looking for that exact colour – could you tell me where you got it ? xx

  • Oh-So-Zoe

    Wow, you’re hair is gorge, and SO shiny! v.jealous, but you look lovely :)  xo

  • melissa

    Hey hun! I noticed in a twitpic that you were using the phytovolume shampoo. What do you think of it? Its super liquidy isnt it, pretty hard to apply! Unless mine is a duff one?!! What do you think also of the phyto volume spray in the pic?
    Ps. LOVE your hair length now you’ve had a cut, looked lovely before but now it really frames your face more, really pretty hun!

    Melissa xx

  • Cina767

    I can sympathize with you when it comes to the  arm-aching mission of blow drying as my hair is naturally curly but I wear it straight,
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  • Francesca

    Hey! You have AMAZING hair! I was just wondering, how often do you get it cut? x

  • Chris Andy

    I love your hair with a midle parting! Why dont you wear it more? Your gorgeous anyways though 🙂