Winter Skincare Routine Video

Over the past year skincare is something that I have really got into. Before that I would just use baby wipes to take off my makeup, splash my face with some cold water in the morning and pop a blob of Oil of Olay over my face and that was it! Although I have always been quite lucky in the spot department, my skin was very sensitive and red and the texture of it left a lot to be desired – baby bum soft skin it certainly wasn’t. So since I brought a kit from Liz Earle last year with all the basics in and I have chopped and changed and added in other products that I have discovered and found the perfect skincare routine (for the Winter anyway) for me…

That’s it from me video-wise until Christmas! Although I will be popping up a December Favourites and a 2011 round-up of my favourite beauty products of the year as well, hopefully before New Year so I won’t be gone for too long! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve Eve and I’ll be back tomorrow with a festive post!
Much Love,
Vivianna x


  • Anonymous

    I have quite dry skin, however, I do get the odd spot, but they tend to be those awful blind ones that are more like lumps on your face so I think I may purchase some of the Origins spot gel soon. Merry Christmas darling, love all your videos x

    • Oooo yes the Origins Spot Remove is amazing on ones like those! Hope you had a lovely Christmas 🙂 xx

  • Hey babe! Thanks for sharing 😀 have a great CHRISTMAS! 😉

    • Thank you hun! Hope you had a lovely Christmas 🙂 xx

  • koren

    i have asked for a lot of these goodies for xmas so fingers crossed that santa (aka the hubby) gets them for me!! have a great xmas!! xx

    • Hope you had a lovely Christmas hun! xx

  • Thanks for the advice, I’m definitely going to give the Liz Earle products a try once I gather up the funds!

    • Ooooo yes Liz Earle rocks my socks! xx

  • Emily

    I love the liz earle hot cloth cleanser! I have done a review on my blog! 🙂

  • Becca Mckenna

    Just ordered the Origins Super Spot remover and got a free GinZing eye cream sample that I was thinking of buying anyway 😀 Delighted haha xox

    • Oooooo – hope you like them as much as I do 🙂 xx

  • Why don’t you use the avene cleanser to remove your face makeup anymore? 🙂

    • I do still like it and use it when I am wearing a lot of makeup, but I’m too lazy to use it everyday – baby wipes are so much quicker and easier to use! xx

  • Gem x

    I have quite a similar routine to yours – i hate getting the muslin cloths all dirty and covered in makeup so I like to remove the majority of my face using wipes.  I’m so fond of the Liz Earle products and have just went ahead and purchased some of these treats from the Origins website. 

    Check out my new blog… 


    • Oh Liz Earle and Origins – my favourite! xx