Why Three Eye Brushes are All You’ll Ever Need


Over the past year I’ve graduated from an occasional eyeshadow wearer to a daily lid wash kinda gal. This is due to my realisation that a touch of something swept over my sockets can make me look more awake, an understanding of formulas and finally finding the right shades that work for me, but mainly it’s down to tools. I’ve found that it’s just three brushes that I reach for daily and they might just surprise you…

First up there’s the classic, ‘been using this type of brush since I ditched sponge applicators’ brush – the MAC 242. If you haven’t got this exact model in your collection, then you’ve got a similar flat, synthetic, sorta square brush hanging around somewhere. Not only is this category of brush the one I go to when it comes to packing colour on the lid, they’re also handy with all formulas – Pigment? Cream? No problem – the top of the brush can smudge out liner like a pro or add somethin’ somethin’ on the lower lash line. You get the gist – it’s a fab multi-tasker.

A brush edit isn’t a brush edit without the MAC 217 getting a mention, is it? All-over lid depositor, crease colour extraordinaire, all-round eyeshadow good guy there’s not much that this brush won’t do. I’ve had mine for years and it still washes up well and gets the job done and when it comes to adding a touch of oomph in the outer corners there isn’t anything else that I even contemplate reaching for. If you pick up one brush from this trio, then make it this one. 

The final addition to my three eyeshadow amigos is a bit of a weird one, but hear me out. It’s the Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush. At about twice the height and width of the MAC 217 you might be wondering what exactly its use is; if the 217 takes care of the crease and the 242 does the same for the lids, then where does this fit in? Well it’s one of the those items that I can’t quite exactly put my finger on what it does or why it’s so awesome but it just works and does a move that makes it a game changer. Here it blends out colour to where even the naked eye can’t tell where it was first applied, it’s like taking your eye makeup from everyday to HD. Plus it may just be the softest thing ever and I can often be found swirling it over my eyes just for the very fun of it. And that’s enough justification to add it here, non?