Why Marc Jacobs Have Pencil Products DOWN



When it comes to Marc Jacobs’ beauty line there isn’t much I’ve given a go. In the past I’ve picked up a few of his Nail Polishes and they were nice enough, but aside from that I think the only other thing I’ve tried from him has been his pencil products and you know what? They’re bloomin‘ fab. Some of the best I’ve tried. The Highliner Gel Eye Crayons have a vast range of colours like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and the longevity and no-budging properties of the Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencils and the (P)outliner Lip Liners have the staying power of the MAC Lip Pencils but with a creamy, easier to blend texture. Let’s discuss…

I’m a fussy ol’ wotsit when it comes to eyeliners. Anything that smudges, has big chunks of glitter in, is too creamy, not creamy enough – is out. I also can’t stand formulas that drag and pull on the lid no matter how pretty the colour. Oh look at me getting on my soapbox here. With my long list of wants and needs when it comes to lining the lashline there are few that make the cut, but as I mentioned the Highliner Gel Eye Crayons are up there with my favourites. The feature that pushes these to the top of the pile are the fact that they are retractable, which means no messy pencil sharpenings smearing into your carpet and to stop things getting too ‘stubby’ on the nib there’s even a little pull-out mini sharpener at the top so you can mould you pencil back into a point if you so wish. Genius. I have the shades Brown(Out) and Ro(Cocoa) which though look completely different on their Sephora-generated swatches, they’re pretty similar in real-life. Both a deep brown chocolate shade, Brown(Out) has just a tad more shimmer running through it (don’t worry it’s not enough for me to shun it). The thing with this formula is that is DOES. NOT. MOVE. You have a minute or two of blend time when you first apply it, but then that’s it – it ain’t going nowhere. The rest of my face can end up looking bare after 12 hours wear of makeup, but look closely and the eyeliner is still there. It’s the last man standing.

Equally long-wearing, though not as impressive in the colour range stakes as there’s currently just three to choose from, is the (P)outliner Lip Liner, which I have in the shade Honey(Bun). It’s retractable too (though lacking with the genius secret sharpener – boo!) and houses a creamy textured pencil that makes other lip liners look seriously uncooperative in comparison. There’s no dragging or difficulty in applying this and in fact it goes on so smoothly that I often just draw this all over the lips; which 9 times out of 10 ends up being a great idea because this long outlasts the lipstick I put over the top and I otherwise end up with a peachy ring around my lips. Good look, right?

I think next on my shopping list is the lip liner in (Nude)ist which looks rather up my street from swatches I’ve seen online. Any other shades of the eyeliner formula you’d recommend? I sense a trip to the trip to the Marc Jacobs counter in their London store happening soon. Oh yes – just threw that one in there, didn’t I? Apparently there’s a Marc Jacobs Beauty concession in their Mount Street store. I’ve yet to visit, but I’ll report back…