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It’s worth the hype…

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As you can imagine, when I’m chatting to friends and family about beauty – I’m often the one giving my spiel. However, when it comes to Beauty Pie, the roles have always been reversed. Friends, family members, even colleagues have waxed lyrical, hit up my DMs with their recommendations and basically insisted that I sign up. So I did. And now I’m sold and I’m well and truly on the Beauty Pie bandwagon and wanting to test out *all* the new things.

Here’s the bottom line. Beauty Pie offer hi-tech, luxury formulas, developed at some of the world’s leading labs, but sold direct to the consumer – therefore cutting out the retailer (a.k.a the middleman) and offering the consumers the best products for the best price, without the retail mark-up. It’s a monthly members club for beauty lovers *raises hand*. Some of my mates use it to restock on their favourites, others prefer to find new discoveries and a handful share their memberships with their siblings, parents or friends. It’s super flex and up to you how you use it.

AND if you’ve been on the fence about signing up, then I have just the thing that might push you over the edge. If you sign up and use the code ANNAEDITSENTME, you get an extra £50 or $50 spending allowance. Need that explaining a bit more? Don’t worry I have my powerpoint presentation at the ready…


I can’t lie, I’ve always been a bit flummoxed by the membership aspect. And every time a mate gave me their referral code and list of their favourites I had a scroll, found some bits I wanted but ultimately left it there feeling a bit confused by the whole thing. But thanks to actually READING THE WEBSITE – surprise surprise – signing up myself and filling my basket, I well and truly get it and am here to share the knowledge…

Let’s break it down. There are four membership tiers:

£5 a month – you can shop for up to £50 of luxury beauty products each month. Perfect for if you just want to dip your toe in.

£10 a month – you can shop for up to £100 of luxury beauty products each month. Great for if you’re ready to take a deeper dive.

£20 a month – you can shop for up to £200 of luxury beauty products each month. What you want if you’re ready to go ALL IN.

£99 a year – you can shop for up to £100 of luxury beauty products each month. This is basically the same as the £10 a month tier, but you save 17% by paying annually and you get yourself early launch access too when new products arrive. This is the tier that I’ve signed up to – nice and easy.

The FAQS on the website are super helpful, should you need anything else clearing up.


So you’ve added your membership to your basket – what next? Well it’s time to fill it. A few things to point out. Your spending allowance is calculated on the ‘typical price‘ of a product (find out more on their cost transparency here), although as you add things to your basket a handy bottom bar will appear on your screen and do the maths for you as you go. Any unused spending allowance rolls over to the next month – super handy so you can buy what you actually want instead of trying to balance your basket. Of course you’re going to reach a point where your allowance is maxed out (although you can upgrade should you wish to increase your allowance); at that point it’s time to use the ‘wishlist‘ function so you know what you want to grab next month. It’s all about the long game here.

Here’s an example of what I’d recommend filling your basket up with for your first month, using the membership tier that I have, factoring in the cost of your membership and the delivery too, so this is the total cost of what you’d pay that month…

You’ve signed up to the £10 a month tier (or the £99 yearly tier)… 

Feather Light UVA/UVB SPF50 Sunscreen & Primer (typical price – £45, members price £10.35) + Super Healthy Skin Tinted Moisturiser (typical price – £28, members price £6.73) + Wondercolour Cream Eyeshadow Stick in En Taupe (typical price £22, members price £5.80) + Good Hands No Rinse Cleansing Gel (typical price – £5, members price – £2.84) = £100 worth of product for £25.72

TOTAL: £25.72 + £10 membership + £3.36 delivery = you pay £39.08 for £100 worth of product 

(This actually works out at £37.31 if you signed up for the yearly tier)


Right, that’s my explainer out of the way – I feel like I did my GCSE Maths Teacher proud there. Now onto the best bits. The highlights from Beauty Pie that are the whole reason why I’ve fallen hook line and sinker for this brand. If you’re on a lower tier then the makeup is more within your spending allowance and you’ll have to skip a couple of months of buying to have access to items that are over the £50 marker – which tend to be the skincare and fragrance related bits. However there are great products across the board to pick from…


All-In-Wonder Illuminating Primer (members price £6.84). Oh this primer brings the juice. Without a hint of glitter it washes the skin with an evening-out layer of glow. Personally I’d wear it on it’s own for no makeup days. If you’d rather something without the tint try the new WonderFilter Brightening Primer.

Sheer Tinted Moisturiser Oil-Free SPF20 in Light (members price £6.73). This feels like an instant classic to me. It does what it says on the tin and looks even better when mixed with the Illuminating Primer. I take a dollop of both and blend them in all over.

Futurelipstick Luxe Shine in Nude Blush (members price £6.83). The perfect balance of a balm and a lipstick – it sits somewhere right in the middle – and because it’s so sheer this shade will look lush across a tonne of skin tones. No need for a mirror when you’re applying.

Wondergloss Collagen Lip Oil in Nude Nectar (members price £7.73). I had to mention this, if not only for the smell because it smells like cake and it makes me so hungry. Plus points for the fact that it’s not gloopy or sticky at all.


Super Pore-Detox Black Clay Face Mask (members price £8.69). It’s a classic clay mask that leaves your skin feeling clean without feeling squeaky. I’d been really slack on the mask front recently and my skin is thanking me for introducing this for sure.

Japanfusion Bio-Ceramide Moisture Mask (members price £10.50). I’d say this is one of the star products for me. You know the pricey clear, leave-on, ‘never go on a plane without it’ masks? This is so, so similar and a fraction of the price. Incredible. I actually tend to just use a pea-size amount of this and apply it is a rich moisturiser whenever my skin is particularly parched.

Feather Light UVA/UVB SPF50 Sunscreen & Primer (members price £10.35). I’m always here for a decent SPF and this one ticks all the boxes for me. It’s sheer and clear, absorbs well and doesn’t ball up under makeup or whatever you apply over the top.


Redcurrant & Fig Luxury Scented Candle (members price £17.73). I actually can’t get over the candles and I feel like couple of months down the line I may just be using it as a candle restocking service because the members price of this feels like an absolute steal. It might just be my top pick of everything.

Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea Eau de Parfum (members price £21.67). The high ‘typical price’ of this might mean that it takes you a month or two to save up for, but it’s well worth it in my eyes. Lime? Yes. Fig? Yes. Tea? Yes please. It’s the perfect summer fragrance.

Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Sugar Scrub (members price £10.73). If you speak to anyone who has signed up to Beautypie then will tell you that this is the hero product to use your spending allowance on. It’s BRILLIANT. Not only does it smell like heaven quite frankly, it gets the job done and is wonderful at scrubbing off old faux tan and prepping for a new layer.

…and don’t forget to use my code ANNAEDITSENTME for an extra £50 or $50 on top of your spending allowance when you sign up.


Photos by Mark Newton