Why Glossier Rocks My Socks

…and Mark’s too


It’s a very rare occurrence that Mark makes a comment about the contents of my makeup bag, but when he spotted me twisting up the Glossier Generation G in Cake ready for an application he said ‘Glossier? I’ve heard of that. That’s the brand that has 10,000 people on a waiting list for a brow product’. True story apparently and yes, I was one of those people. I still have no idea how he came across that fun fact, but it’s fair to say that Glossier have been making serious waves in the beauty industry since its launch two years ago.

I’ve been a fan of Into The Gloss for years, so when its founder, Emily Weiss, turned her attention to skincare and cosmetics, I was signed up, ready and waiting, debit card in hand. Unfortunately the brand currently doesn’t ship internationally (BOO!), so over the years it’s been through friends and fellow bloggers that I’ve been able to get my hands on some to try and this time round I have to send some big love to Tamira for hooking a girl up. THANK YOU! Having tried their skincare in the past and being pretty impressed, it was the release of their capsule collection of everyday makeup essentials – ‘Phase 2’ – that really got me hot under the collar and boy am I in love.


If ‘no makeup, makeup’ is your beauty jam then you’re in for a real treat here. I’ve been using all three products daily since I’ve got them and they’ve sorted me out for everything; from our city break in Barcelona to a prosecco-filled hen party. Everything is light in texture and natural in finish and it’s just one of those ranges that makes me feel like a real cool cat whenever I use it (of course me saying the phrase ‘cool cat‘ means that I am one MASSIVE nerd). Let’s have a talk through everything.

I was practically having heart palpitations over the thought of getting my hands on the Stretch Concealer and I’d say out the three that it’s my favourite product. But wait! The brow stuff is so soft to use and the lipstick is the perfect matte texture…ah screw it, I love it all. If you’re in to slicking a shedload of a heavy concealer under your eyes then this probably isn’t up your street. The texture is dewy and the finish light coverage, but it’s easy enough to build up and the slight sheen it leaves on your skin is great for under the eyes. I tend to smoosh it on with my finger and use it on any patches of redness, darkness or blemishes on lazy makeup days, pair with the other two Glossier products and be done. The shade Light is the perfect match for me.

Next up is Boy Brow. The name! The packaging! The formula! Everything about this is bloomin’ awesome. It comes in three shades (I use Brown) and it’s a wax-gel formula that adds a bit of colour and beef to your brows without leaving them crispy at all. In fact when I run my fingers over my brows when this is in them, they just feel a little thicker. It somehow manages to keep my brows pinned down, so they don’t dangle around in my eyes and it’s basically the only product I’ve used in my brows since they were last tamed, tinted, threaded and waxed by the lovely Jamie. Jamie and Boy Brow are the perfect combination.


The Generation G Matte Lipstick is the product that makes me want more. It now comes in six shades, but I can’t see me loving another colour as much as I love Cake. It’s like a peachy nude that just looks polished. The bullet is small and thin so it’s easy to apply and the formula is like a balm/wax that goes on matte with a very light wash of colour, so it’s one of those things that you can reapply throughout the day without too much fuss. Think of it as somewhere in-between a classic, colourless lipbalm and a matte lip pencil. I don’t find it to be the most hydrating lip product ever, but it’s certainly not drying and I like the effortlessness that a matte finish gives to the lips. I want to say ‘cool’ again, but that’s so uncool.

So, now is the time to sweet talk your U.S based friends and family. It’s time to package up and swap some Yorkshire Tea and Dairy Milk for the ultimate ‘no makeup, makeup’ range.