Why Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is Awesome

Five reasons why Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation has weaselled its way to the top of my face base charts:

1) It’s not too matte, nor too dewy – it sort of sits in the middle of the finish spectrum leaving the complexion with a polished, but skin-like ‘I swear I’m not wearing any‘ texture. And it lasts all darn day.

2) The coverage can be varied. Massage in with fingertips for a lighter everyday-friendly end result, or layer on with a buffing brush for a no-nonsense finish for evenings out.

3) It’s available in a whopping 21 shades. I lean towards the shade 4* in my non-tanned state, and 6 when I’ve been lapping up the faux glow; for in between periods I blend together a bit of both.

4) It contains no SPF, which does mean you have to layer it up with a base of sun protection during the day, but in the evenings it equates to no moomin-esque pictures when flash photography is used.

5) It’s got one of those ‘magic pumps‘ – you know the type that dispenses out the peeeeerfect amount of product? One press down is all you need to cover your face on an ok skin day.

I could wrap it up there, but I’ll continue for those who wish to procrastinate a little longer in the beauty blogging world. I first picked up a bottle of Giorgio Armani’s much-loved base yonks ago. I liked it, but I was still in the mists of my Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation phase (and still am, I’m saving my last few squeezes for a special occasion, weep). But since Light As Air’s discontinuation, I’ve been forced back into the big scary world of foundation hunting and after giving umpteen formulas the full face base test – you name it, I’ve tried it – this is currently sitting pretty on top for the reasons noted above. The only negative interjection I would have is that this fluid is more suited to the normal to oily skinned among us, drier complexioned peps may want to give this one a miss. To view it in action check out here to see it do its lighter coverage thang, here for more full coverage conditions or here to see it being sported in a video.

It’s not the cheapest foundation in the realm at £34.50 from House of Fraser, but when I picked up a bottle of the stuff the staff were babes and gave me a mini sample to use before I cracked open the big version to check that the colour was good fit, incase I needed to return it. Nice touch. Ode over, normal beauty bumf programming will resume later today.

`*PR Sample