Why Charlotte Tilbury Had Got It Down When It Comes To Eyes

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Whenever you spot an A-lister looking seriously hot on the cover of a magazine with something smokey going on in the eye area then you can bet your bottom dollar that Charlotte Tilbury was the lady who smudged and blended her way to the ‘come to bed’ eye perfection. Because if there’s one thing that Tilbury knows, it’s how to make women’s eyes look bigger, brighter and more badass and so you’d expect the peeper products in her line to tick off those three ‘B’s and you know what? They bloody do. In fact from all the bits I’ve tried from her range, it’s the eye offering is where it’s really at. So today, I’m talking you through my favourites…

The first thing I purchased from her line were the Colour Chameleon Colour-Morphing Eyeshadow Pencils in Bronzed Garnet and Amethyst Aphrodisiac. Shadow sticks you’re hooked up with depending on your eye colour that are designed to enhance and compliment and are available in both a day and night option (Bronzed Garnet being the day pick for green eyes and Amethyst Aphrodisiac being the evening choice for green eyes). The formula of these is buttery but with a bit of waxiness thrown in to help them stick around. Personally I like these for placing a thick ring of colour around the lids and blending out, but you can just pop these all over in a cream eyeshadow fashion, though I find the pigment gets a bit patchy this way so it takes a bit of getting used to and building up. But used in an Olsen twin kinda way? I love ’em.

In terms of looking aesthetically pleasing you can’t argue that the Luxury Palette Colour-Coded Eyeshadow in Dolce Vita is a thing of beauty. The packaging and set-up could not be anymore spot on. Of course it’s what’s inside that accounts and housed in here are four shadows ranging from a subtle shimmer formula to a full-on glitter that can be dialled up depending on the time of application. The cream and bronze make for a nice everyday eye option, but it’s the red in the top right corner that gets me. Just look at that. Also the pressed pigment glitter laid over the lids with your fingertip takes any look from good to glam.

Finally, let’s address the very battered, but well used Rock ‘N’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencils. In terms of eye kohls that I love these have to come out on top. They’re pigmented, creamy, blendable for just the right amount of time so you can get them looking nice and smudgy but then they set and they don’t come off until you tell them to. They’re pretty much perfect. My favourite, quite surprisingly, is the jewel-toned navy blue Marlene Midnight which gives an unexpected hit of colour to any eye look (and also looks awesome paired with a bronze wash on the eye). Eye Cheat, the flesh coloured pencil comes in next with the black-but-not-black Verushka Mink placing in third. Then there’s Elizabeth Violet which given my green eye possession I should really crack out more. Barbarella Brown is next on my list and then my C.T eye clan will be complete…