Why BECCA Have Got This Whole ‘No Makeup’ Thing DOWN



In terms of ‘No Makeup, Makeup’ brands, I always think of the usual Space NK suspects; the Laura Mercier’s and Chantecaille’s of the world. But recently I’ve come across a brands that has got that parred-back, super subtle look even more down that I ever could have possibly imagined. Say hello to BECCA. Before we get into the nitty gritty, fans of high-intensity, pigmented colour click away now as there’s nothing but sheer and sheeny textures to be seen here…

BECCA is an Australian beauty brand, founded by MUA Rebecca Morris Williams. I remember first seeing it in use on a Pixiwoo video where Sam used the Shimmering Skin Perfector, which was followed by a month-long manhunt to find that product for myself. It used to be a bit difficult to source in the UK, but now it’s handily stocked online and in some stores at Space NK. If you’re in to the beach babe, kinda bronzed, always dewy aesthetic then you’ll feel right at home here. I’ve tried a few bits over the years: the aforementioned Shimmering Skin Perfector (which still remains one of my favourite liquid highlighters), their Ultimate Colour Glosses, Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflés and Coverage Concealing Cremes, but today I thought I’d chat though my three favourite tube-housed products which together can quickly whip out all the colour you need for a barely there look.

First up, there’s the Bronzing Skin Perfector, which is kinda like a sun-kissed, shimmer-free version of the Shimmering Skin Perfector. Seeing as I haven’t tanned for yonks, it’s a welcome addition to my makeup line-up right now. It’s not orange at all, it just imparts more of a warmth to the complexion and I either use it under my foundation, mixed in with it or alone if I’m having a good skin day (a.k.a not today – hello majorly covered up forehead pimples!). It’s worth noting that I don’t find this drying either as I have in the past found some bronzing products to bit a little too matte for my tastes.

Then let’s talk the Eye Tints. These are another product that I’ve had on my shopping list for years thanks to seeing them in an early A Model Recommends video. I now own four shades: Vicuna, the coppery Gilt, the taupe Romanticism and my favourite and the one I’m wearing in the picture above, Baroque. Seeing that I do have the world’s oiliest eyelids I do have to prime my lids before wearing these and I’ve definitely found that less is more, but it’s the ease of these that I love the most. The other day I smudged Romanticism all over my lids with just my finger in the passenger seat of a car, put on a bit of mascara when we were at a red traffic light and that was my eye makeup done. They layer well under shadows, but I prefer them on their own as a very sheer (emphasis on the ‘very‘ here) wash of somethin’ somethin’.

Finally there are the Beach Tints (I must admit that even just for the name alone, I love these). Little tubes of multi-purpose colour that can be smudged over cheeks, lips, whatever, with a finish that begins quite dewy, but dries down to a satin-y texture. There’s some real stunning shades here and there’s something for everyone, but my colour of choice? Fig. A tawny pink that doesn’t look too much, but gives a pinch of natural colour to my apples. I’ve also got the amazingly bright, but swoony Dragonfruit, though I’m waiting for a particular pale and grey day to crack out that one.

See. Extremely subtle, ‘No Makeup, Makeup’ sorted.