What’s In My Bag

Ah my new Zara bag – I love it so much I think I could write an ode to it. In fact I even took it to the Fish & Chip shop the other day, completely unnecessary but I just can’t seem to not have it by my side! With a new bag of course comes a Youtube classic – a ‘What’s In My Bag’ video! As always click on the ‘Watch On Youtube’ tab on the video for all the additional bits that are in the information box. Enjoy!


  • Annie Nurse

    ahhhh, that bag is to die for! xoxo

  • wow, that bag is gorgeous! I definitely need to invest in something similar I’m thinking! xxx <– please check out my new fashion and beauty blog!

  • That bag looks lovely, I will watch the video in a min. x

  • ElliePatterson

    The bag is gorgeous! Zara has to be one of the best places to get bags, they’re all so classy and simply gorgeous. I like the idea of answering tweets and comments on the train on your Ipad, best way to past the time? haha. Also, the Caudalie Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixir, do you think it actually effects how you feel or do you think it is the psychological association with that product and feeling better? Either way, it sounds interesting!
    I have to admit, I love your blog and you are such an inspiration to me. Great post, yet again!

  • Thanks for the video !
    Love the mini pocket, very helpful trick for the future… 

    Hope you had a nice Easter. 



  • Kelly Westra

    I’ve loved that bag for so long, and seeing it now all over your blog makes me just want to assault my bank account and purchase it. I want want want it!

  • Seeing this post was the thing that put me over the edge… I have been stalking this bag on the zara website for ages! Going on to buy it immediately! Love your blog btw:)

  • Nicola

    Can’t wait to watch this! Saw the bag in your latest post! Id love it in black 

  • Liz Neo

    awww….I’m so in love with this new color. I had the original tan one, but it broke after a year…..ever since then I argued with myself whether to buy it again or not…but seeing this video made me wanna buy it again immediately <3
    btw. just found your channel last night and spent the last few hours browsing through your blog and channel – totally in love with it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just thought you should know, I’m using this video as a “revision motivation tool”. If I write another lecture’s worth of notes I get to watch this video! 😉

  • Rachel

    ah i need this bag so so much! such a classic x

  • tbroadway

    Jealous! Such a beaut of a bag!

  • Lucy

    it is a lovely bag! i wish i was as organised as you when it comes to handbags…i find wrappers and gubbins all the time!

  • I just got the pleated version of this and am also totally in love with it! Does the detachable bag bit in the middle stay attached? Only problem I’m having…x

  • Clay Beauty

    This bag is really nice, I love the size of it ! xx

  • Love the bag. Where’s your necklace from? It’s so pretty x

  • Samanthas Secret

    So sad i missed out on this bag, its a beaut.xx

  • Krissy

    Just bought this bag in beige and black 🙂 I love it so much and it’s my treat for passing my final exams.