The Weekend Post #15: Essie Absolutely Shore

I have been promising this post for a long while, so here it is – a picture of Essie Absolutely Shore on the nails. It’s the only polish that has adorned my nails over the past few weeks, I simply adore it. Less neon and bright than Essie Mint Candy Apple, but with similar greeny tones with an added hint of grey. Pastel enough to be considered a Spring nail polish, but subtle enough for my boring old tastes. Now don’t think that everything is fine and dandy with this polish, unfortunately it takes a longtime to apply, consuming four coats to get opaque coverage, hence why it’s featuring as a ‘Weekend Post’ – I need a fair amount of time to apply this, it certainly isn’t a slap-on and go colour. But it’s completely forgiven once it’s on the nail! For reference I use the OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, and I find it lasts about five days with minimal tip wear before I need to repaint them.

You can get Absolutely Shore for £7.75 from BeautyBay. I also hear on the grapevine that an Essie diffusion line will be making it’s way to larger Boots and Superdrug stores over the next few weeks. There will be around 70 of their best-selling shades available, priced at £7.99 and with a larger, easier to use brush. Essie are by far my favourite brand of nail polish so it’s great news that they will be easier for people to get their hands on. Who’s excited?


  • Rhiann_j

    Dont you worry about the harmful chemicals in the seche top coat?! Im too scared to use it!

  • Ying Cheung

    nice colour~ and it isn’t too pale, usually when i use really light colours, it looks like i have either tip-ex or horrible paint on my nails lol. Thank you for sharing this colour, it’s a shame that its really sheer and needs a lot of coats to get this colour~

  • Pinkchickclaire

    Gorgeous colour and looks so spring like and happy! I’m dying to look at the new line in SuperDrug too!

    Happy Easter!



  • Anonymous

    I have been popping in to Superdrug and Boots on a weekly basis just to see if they have been launched yet. I am super excited to try them. I am not one to usually ‘splurge’ on nail polishes but might have to make an exception. 

  •  this is gorgeous! x

  • Ellie

    This is such a gorgeous colour i hope it gets released to boots, as i know there are some Essie polishes in marble arch superdrug but they aren’t a very wide variety! Xo

  • I have this polish on too and i LOVE it :) 

  • This looks absolutely gorgeous Anna! Seriously hope this, or similar, is in the Essie diffusion line (:

  • Charlotte Obsessions

    Ahhh I love this colour it has been all I have been wearing lately! But… 4 coats??? I found two coats enough.Hope you haven’t got a dodge bottle?x

  • Lucy

    i love Essie polishes- the pastels and neutrals especially.

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  • Such a lovely colour! The Essie diffusion range is on already (just search Essie on the site to find it!) and sadly this hasn’t made the cut! But there’s only 30 at the moment so more may be added at a later date? I hope so as it’d be nice to get this polish for a couple of pounds cheaper! x

  • Kellinas Thoughts
  • wow, this colour looks so much better than Mint Candy Apple. Really pretty!

  • that is such a delicate colour

  • This looks lovely – I always aodre Essie Spring shades! I’ve been planning to get my hands on Mint Candy Apple for a while now, but at the moment I have been enjoying Navigate Her, the green out of the new Spring collection.

    Next up for me is To Boy Or Not To Buy! 

  • Anonymous

    Oh that’s really very pretty. I’ve picked up some gorgeous Essie nudes of late, you can’t fault their formulation x

  • Jessica96

    LOVE IT! Very excited, love your nails, please could you do a manicure video asap, mine need sorted hate them!xxxx<3

  • Hope

    love that colour! yes, its true… a couple of weeks ago i purchased essie ‘ballet shoes’ from superdrug in oxford st, i was so excited to see the essie stand there! the choice of colours wasn’t too limited either x

  • Love the color! I´ve never tried Essie, but always wanted to.. Beeing a student you just don´t really allow yourself too splurge on a nailpolish.. I´m living in norway.. and it´s twice the amount.. :s 

  • I love this colour too! Have you purchased anything from Beautybay before?

  • Gorgeous color! 
    I was wondering if you could do a review on the new benefit hello flawless liquid foundation, 
    I’m thinking about buying, but wondered if it had a long-lastig power? 


  • Elise Anonym

    So pretty! I have also looked at that shade on BeatyBay, but I want to wait to buy it until I find some more products to purchase 😉

  • unicornsandflowers

    This is soso nice! i have tryed Barry M -Blue moon but it doesn’t last long without chipping. I can’t wait for essie to be sold in boots!


    Amazing color!!


  • Avjbeauty

    Wow they look great! Good to know they will be coming into larger boots and superdrugs, gives me an excuse to spend my money!! xx

  • Anonymous

    want to try this BADLY. it’s simply to die for. I think i’m inlove with it. I’m so excited for Essie nailpolishes to arrive in Boots. Hope this one will be 1 of the 70 shades making its way over. Viviana you are one powerful enabler. Has anyone ever told you that? I’d be so surprised if no one has said that before. 😛

    It’s just that whenevr you talk about Essie nailpolishes it always leave me wanting to rush and buy some for myself. I was fortunate to win 1 Essie nailpolish in a giveaway. I have it in power clutch. A nice matte grey. But now I want spring/nude shades. 🙂

  • omg that colour is sooooo gorgous! but when i hear that a nail polish takes 4 coats to apply im a bit put off because I have a similar essie shade (navigate her) which can look a bit streaky and messy if you dont take your time whilst applying it. I’ve seen the Essie varnishes on the boots website already aswell! eeek im excited to buy some! What you say about the brush being bigger and easier to use, thats interesting and i definately hope thats the case!

  • beaut! I’m sure i’ve got a colour like this by rimmel, will have to dig it out x

  • Sara

    I’m glad to hear that the range going in Boots will have a bigger brush. I love Essie colour but their brushes are crap, too thin so they apply polish really streaky.

  • Allaboutthegirl

    Love love love that colour!! xx

  • Sheila O’Riordan

    i ordered this and OPI Skull & Glossbones from Amazon only last week 

  • Anonymous

    Good article! Thankyou!

  • kjaskunaite

    Ohhh! This colour is lovely! Will defo pick it up! 

  • Christin

    Hey Vivianna! i follow you for years 🙂 your blog is amazing :) 
    This color of nail polish is beautiful, i wish have it.

  • Jennyanne

    oh wow! do you paint your nails yourself?  or get them done? its just that they look so neat…i always get bunches of polish on my cuticles :/

  • Essie’s Da Bush is similar — a little more earthy, a little  less blue-green.  It’s a dream to apply though!

  • claire

    Georgeous, I actually own this colour i’ve just not got around to using it yet ops lol, I will now though.  🙂

  • Clay Beauty

    Such a pretty shade, I really like pastel colours ! xx

  • laura cohu

    If you had to pick one or two favourite essie polishs, what would they be? I’ve never used them before so i want to pick a couple up when they come out in boots near me!

    Laura x

  • Madss

    Love the post I’m excited!! I’ve already picked up a Elsie nail polish from boots yippeeee! X

  • i love Essie! i have this color on my toes for the spring!! super cute

  • Really pretty. Wish I could wear this color without my skin looking way pink 🙂 Pretty on you though.

  • This shade is stunning.. love it.. I will grab one in boots.