What To Wear Out if You Haven’t Been Clubbing in Yonks

The fact that I drop off the radar on Twitter at 10.30pm every night is not a planned ‘switching-off’ occurrence, it’s because it’s bedtime and I’ve probably been tucked up in my PJ’s devouring the final stages of my Friends box set for an hour already. It’s rare to see me out past dusk; I’m like the opposite of a vampire, when the sun does down I retreat. So a night out on the town isn’t very high on my agenda. But when a besties birthday rolls around I’ll make an exception, throw on my glad rags and limber up for some serious shape pulling moves. Back in the day I’d clothe myself in as little as possible, but these days I require something a little less belly baring so I thought I’d put together some tips for those, like me, on what to wear if you haven’t been clubbing in yonks along with what I actually decided on after many, many outfit changes:

  1. Keep it in your comfort zone. Now is not the time to rock out your sequin, slashed back, one shouldered, mini dress that you picked up in the sale. If you don’t feel good, you’ll feel like an overly embellished lemon.
  2. Wear those shoes that still have the tags on them. Because when else will you crack them out? This snippet of advice may appear completely contradictory to the first one, but if you feel badass in them then it really doesn’t matter if by the end of the night you’re trying to source a comfy seat so you can readjust your blister stickers.
  3. Don’t feel the need for a clubbing-specific shopping trip. The chances are that the outfit you’re looking for is already hanging out in your wardrobe, perhaps it’s just a combination that you wouldn’t put together for daily wear. Pop on a pair of heels. Done.
  4. Always take a jacket. Unless it’s August. Things might seem balmy when you head out at 8pm, but by 2am when the wind is blowing up your skirt and it’s decided to rain it’s a completely different story. By then the £1.50 to cloakroom it seems like a bargain.
  5. Keep it simple makeup-wise. Here is where I always go wrong. As a night out is such a rare occurrence I tend to want to apply all of the makeup. Glitter, lashes, bold lips – the lot. Instead I propose a slight tweak on your everyday makeup. This time I did my usual look with an amped up smokey eye courtesy of By Terry’s Ombré Blackstar in Brown Perfection and a red lip thanks to NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square.

After practising what I preach I plumped for my Whistles Lace Insert Top with River Island Faux Leather Trousers (an all-black outfit, a.k.a my comfort zone), ASOS Hoxton Heels (painful shoes that I never wear, but adore), a Whistles Clutch and a Topshop Cropped Jacket. You can see it in action around 9 minutes into The Weekly Vlog #2. Loved the outfit, loved the night out – but same time next year, yeah?

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