The I Woke Up Like ‘Dis Edit

Working from home on your own means that it is completely, 100% OK to spontaneous burst out in song whenever you feel like it much to neighbours amusement annoyance. My favourite tunes to crack out come courtesy of Beyoncé’s self-titled album – no I’m still not over it – and the best line of all to bellow has to be ‘I woke up like ‘dis‘ from Flawless. You know, it’s mainly a morning thing but I do it on an hourly basis almost like a chiming clock. For reference I wake up looking like ‘dis, but it got me thinking; what products would I bring into play for a more polished, slightly refined, celeb selfie ‘I’m not wearing makeup’-esque version (I jest, I jest)? I decided that just six products could do the job:

THE FOUNDATION – I’ve got a few foundations in my arsenal that when put under inspection in a close-up mirror in direct sunlight don’t give away their presence, but the latest addition to that crew is one of the best I’ve come across – Dior’s Airflash Foundation (I use the shade Ivory). If it’s thin enough to pump through an spray system then it’s going to be invisible on your face and trust me this stuff blends in like a super sleuth with coverage. 

THE CONCEALER – My suggestion is to go for something light and illuminating here that can double up as a cheek highlight, circle cover-up and blemish buster. It’s a tough act to fill, but Guerlain’s Precious Light does the job acting as a radiance booster where needed and a concealer everywhere else.

THE CHEEK COLOUR – The key here is to go creamy. Easier to blend and more difficult to detect a buttery blush is the way to go here. I love Josie Maran’s Argan Colour Stick in Coral – dot on the fleshy bits of your cheek, move into place with your fingers and throw some on your lips too if you’re in the mood for a dash of colour.

THE BROW FILLER-INNER – When I want things to look real subtle with the brows I reach for an eyeshadow. It takes a little longer than my usual Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil routine, but the texture means it’s easier to correct a heavy hand. MAC Eyeshadow in Omega is my go-to and could be for a lot of people; a grey-based brown it fills in spare areas without adding too much more.

THE MASCARA – My bevy of mascaras are pretty hardcore in the volume and length department and sporting something so heavy on the lashes is a telltale makeup wearing sign. So I went for something a little lighter in formula and used Clinique’s Lash Power Feathering Mascara. Its curl-holding properties weren’t fab, but it added natural definition, stayed put and removed easily with just hot water.

THE GLOSS – Skip opaque textures and plump for something that’s barely there like Maybelline’s Coloursensational Shine Gloss in Coffee Kiss that fits the bill; washing the lips with a light coating of colour and dew. I like to apply and then pat down into the pout for a more natural ‘my lips just shine naturally like this’ look. If you’re feeling something pinker Cashmere Rose is your guy.

Learn the dance routine too and then you’re practically Beyoncé before you know it.

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