Welcome To ‘The Wardrobe Edit’ & My Substack Recommendations

Think if Blogspot & a newsletter had a baby…

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So I joined Substack! When Mark and I went away a few months ago, I felt like I was in danger of sitting on a sun lounger and just rotting my brain away with one big long continuous scroll through Instagram and TikTok. Have you ever had the ‘You’re all caught up with all posts from the past 3 days‘ notification on Instagram? BECAUSE I HAVE!! Multiple times. Oops. So I deleted the apps off my phone and saved a load of articles from my Substack app that I’d just downloaded and wanted to read and well, I had a great time. It takes me back to the old school blogging days – you know Blogpost?! What a throwback. All your old favourites, and some new voices sharing their thoughts and it just feels like a really enriching experience. Like the anti-rotting scroll.

I couldn’t help myself and I jumped straight in upon my return and created ‘The Wardrobe Edit’; a twice a week newsletter where on Sundays I share an outfit diary of everything that I wore that week, and on a Friday I show you my ‘Weekly Wishlist’, an edit of the 10 best style items I’ve seen online in the past seven days. I’ve been sprinkling other style related posts on there too, I can’t get enough. Every time I have a spare moment I’m like ‘Maybe I’ll write a Substack?‘! It feels fun and friendly and is so nice to have a space online where it doesn’t feel so polished and is more real-time. Plus I really love the writing to balance out all the video creation I do – it’s always nice to have that balance. There will still be style posts on here too – sometimes the format just lends itself to a blog – but if you want to see my daily outfits or have a weekly shopping edit from yours truly, Substack is where to head. If you haven’t checked it out then the link to subscribe is below, but I feel like the real heart of Substack is recommendations as they make it so easy to discover new writers, so also below you’ll find my top 11 Substacks that have me glued to every single post…


Every Body Gets Dressed – Liza’s Substack is VAST. She does a bit of everything style-wise – from shopping guides to capsule wardrobe edits. But my favourite things that she shares are resources – think an education on what fabrics to buy or how to adapt your style as you go through life. It’s so educational. Thank you for putting this out there Liza!

PIGPEN – Ahhhh Heather. Do you follow Pigmami on TikTok!? Well this is her Substack. She has such a whimsy way of writing about style and I really love her mix of high-street, designer and vintage. She is the preloved Queen!!!! This is a really good post to start with.

Trouping – If you’re looking for minimal style inspo then look no further than Reva’s Substack. She’s a stylist who shares her daily looks and also outfit formulas multiple times a week. I find myself screengrabbing her looks so often. She gets me excited to be a little more experimental with my choices.

True Style – Just like Liza’s Substack, Lakyn’s is literally a book online. She dubs herself the ‘Sustainable Stylist’ and shares her tastes on dupes, capsule wardrobes, what to do when you hate everything in your wardrobe – you get the gist. It’s just a Substack that you can learn sooooo much from. SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW!

Earl Earl – Laurel is coooool. I just want to be her, ok?! Whilst her style might be way more exciting and fun than mine, I really like her take on personal style and how her mind thinks when it comes to outfits. Whenever her ‘Saturday Snack’ arrives I will always pause to have a read immediately.

5 Things You Should BuyBecky’s newsletter is like THE style Substack to subscribe to and I can see why. She just has fun playing with her wardrobe and it shows. Lots of inspiration, lots of new ideas and her posts are meaty. I always come away feeling like I need to go and try on a new outfit immediately.

Inside Out – This is a new one for me because I’ve become a bit Esther fangirl thanks to her TikTok. She always mentioned that she’s just posted a Substack so I went to check it out and it’s just such a great curation of all the things I like – from basic white t-shirts, to denim. That girl is detailed and I’m here for it.

Jane On Jeans – When I first saw this newsletter I thought ‘how much can be written about jeans?!?‘ and the answer is A LOT, especially by someone like Jane who knows her stuff (and it turns out she’s the owner of the brand who made that preloved cream boiler suit I bought last year). She knows her stuff and absorbing this newsletter will make you a far better denim purchaser FOR SURE.


Life Update – I just love Lucy’s content. She posts such thoughtful and creative YouTube videos, her TikTok’s are beautifully done and her Substack is no different. She posts a variety of topics, from fast-fashion analysis’ to Drake’s new album – oh and she podcasts too! I just love being in her brain, so thanks for sharing Lucy!

Bitches Gotta Eat – I will happily gobble down on Samantha Irby’s content wherever she posts it online and she recently moved her newsletter over to Substack so I gladly followed. She’s just funny. It’s pure comedy, ‘laugh until you toot’ humour – and I feel like this post from her sums it up best.

Kitchen Projects – This was the first ever Substack that I stumbled across and subscribed to. Someone shared Nicola’s profile on IG and instantly I was hooked. Like if you want value for money and LOVE cooking then THIS IS IT. She posts two stacks weekly – one recipe that she shares with free subscribers and one for paid subscribers that goes into depth – think food science, testing, interviewing experts. It’s detailed. But when I have a chance to really sit down and read it it’s wonderful.