Vivianna Does Not Do Makeup

There was once a time when the only trip out I deemed safe to attempt makeup free was a quick nip down the Co-op in my uni days. I even managed to plaster some sort of face on for 9am lectures; I may have been layered up in my PJ’s under my big coat, but hey at least I had mascara on. Nowadays I’ll happily prance around town barefaced probably partly to do with the fact I’m no longer harbouring alcopop and student-diet pumped skin, getting older and learning not to give two hoots and some (not so much now) top-secret prep work…

You didn’t think they’d be no products brought into action for this one, did ya? Well you know my feelings on a touch of sun bestowed glow, an every other nightly application of St Tropez Face Tanning Lotion* is my current warmer-upper of choice. Not as HG-status worthy as my Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner, but it gives a kick more colour. The other product is a slick of balm – but surely that doesn’t count as makeup, non? I’ve got my favourites, but AERIN’s Rose Lip Conditioner* is topping my rotation at the moment. There’s a touch of By Terry Baume de Rose about it, but in a ‘top-up-on-the-tube’-friendly squeezy tube.

Falling more into the tools category there’s a tamer and crimper that come to the forefront. My brows need a comb in the morning, even more so than my hair. They just have a habit of gravitating towards my forehead leaving me looking a bit Mad Professor, but a quick smooth over with a spoolie sorts that. Then for lashes, I can’t help but give them a little curl. The Shu Uemuras, of course, come out to have a play, a quick squeeze, done.

Two products, two tools, a lack of alcopops in your diet and you’ll be werking the barefaced chic in no time.

*PR Sample


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