The Weekend Post #81: Coconut Cream Facial

There are two reasons why I’ve taken procrastination to new levels when attempting to pen this post. One, the product in question is almost too epic, which leads us to – Two, I fear it’s going to be a long post which rivals my dissertation in length. Sit comfortable and grab a refreshment. Sorted? So, coconut cream, coconut oil – whatever you want to call it; after months of various people pointing me in the direction of it I finally threw a tub of the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream into my Cult Beauty basket. High in levels of the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial Lauric Acid and a known natural anti-oxidant it’s a little bit of unrefined heaven in a pot. Now really any unrefined, 100% organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed (so it’s still got all the goodies in it!) coconut oil will do, which when picked up from any health food shop turns out to be a much better deal – heads up for next time. But let the ode begin…

My prime use for it is as a mask – it may sound a little strange to load up what is essentially an oil as leave-on, wash-off thang – but it really does the ticket. After cleansing, I layer a thick slick of this on which is a very entertaining experience that mimics the feeling of what I can only imagine your face being melted off is like. I then busy myself for 10 minutes trying not to drip anywhere, rinse off with the help of a flannel, and pat dry. Nourished, happy skin is revealed – dry patches seen to and oily areas balanced. It reminds me of a quick fix  (and stripped back, obviously) version of Origins Drink Up Intensive. I go ahead with my usual routine and finish off with another, thinner, layer of the stuff as a moisturiser.

You ready for the list of other beauty tasks this gets roped in to cover? A waterproof eye makeup remover (not as tough as the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, but much cheaper), as a conditioning mask on the ends of my hair, or applied post-wash über sparingly as an oil, it makes a great little lubricant for shaving, mixed with a spoonful of sugar can be whipped into a scrub in minutes *inhales* gives a shimmer-free glow to the face when dapped along the high points in a Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream-kinda way, it’s a nice mixer to use with the RMS ‘Un’ Cover-Up to sheer out its application, melted into a bath it works as an oil and makes the water smell of coconut oh and you can use it in the kitchen.

I’m sold – can you tell? Now for an evening of pampering courtesy of one little tub of the good stuff…